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Where are Sticky Notes in tablet app

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Google Play Store states that Sticky Notes have been added to the Android version but I can't see them?  This is a key feature as I use sticky notes on my Windows 10 desktop and want to access them on my tablet.  For some reason I can see them on my Samsung phone as it has a Sticky Note icon at bottom of OneNote, but not on a Samsung tablet - why?

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@Darren Rose 

I can't find it either. Sticky notes are available in phone app but not in the tablet.


Sticky notes can be found in the One Note application. There is a special tab for them. Also, if you use Microsoft Launcher they are on the left side panel.



Yes on a phone there is a tab for them on OneNote, BUT NOT on a tablet - hence the question!

Just checked. You are correct, I can only find my notes from Microsoft Launcher and not in One Note. I agree that it needs to be added back to One Note for Android Tablets.
Thanks for confirming I was correct - I knew that if not I wouldn't have asked the question in the first place...

I have further bad news. I have just replaced my android phone and the tab you seek  in OneNote 16.0 is not there. The 3 tabs are now Home, Search and Notebooks, the Home tab has your history where the sticky notes reside.

Yes they have been missing for a while now, think from about May time I noticed it

July 2022 and still not any better.

This is wierd and crazy, Microsoft.

The same Android app, and the UI difference between the phone and the tablet is incredible. And the tablet has NO StickyNotes, still.   Mine you, I'm not a fan of the current implementation of StickyNotes on the phone, either.

Anyone got an idea of how we can get this issue more prominence?

Anyone got an idea of how we can get this issue more prominence?
vote for and comment on the sticky note suggestions in the feedback forum -
Sticky Notes on tablets · Community (

on my z fold 4 it does not appear but does on s21 ultra phone, i am surprised. they need to build this feature in

@Diane Poremsky - if you dont already have it, I found the notes are available on my Android tablet in the Microsoft Office app - Microsoft 365 (Office) - Apps on Google Play


@jmossanz I Had the same as above .So I went into "sticky notes" by droidveda try might help