Tell your story with video recording in PowerPoint


Hey, Office Insiders! Ridhima Gupta, Program Manager on the Office Video team, is excited to let you know about a new way to bring your presentations to life, enabling you to asynchronously tell your story with video recordings in PowerPoint for Windows.


Video is perhaps the most influential storytelling medium. In an era when coworkers are often scattered across many different locations and time zones, and the ability to meet synchronously is frequently limited, recording your own videos in PowerPoint can serve as a powerful tool to tell a story your way.


With the new Record experience, you can easily create and share videos of your presentation, getting your message across in your own words. This includes the new Teleprompter view, which enables you to look at the camera and refer to notes at the same time, delivering your message with confidence. You can also blur your video background to eliminate distractions for your audience.




Take a look at the full blog post here.   



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I am excited about this new feature.