Servicing profile( Changes reflecting after a day)

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Hi Team,


I am in check with the "Servicing profile" by Azure AD group approach with limited users. All function works! But, any action performed(Rollback,  Pause, adding device to the group  etc) takes a day to reflect in servicing profile.


Is it an standard behavior or  any suggest for improvements?

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Hi Nivas, check out our best practices listed here:

Adding devices > A delay of up to 24 hrs between adding a device to a group and it being picked up by profiles is expected.
Pause > Pausing a profile should be reflected in the UI immediatly. Within a short time, the service will stop sending new update commands to devices. But devices which already started the update will finish this process.
Rollback > Similar to pause: Within less than 12 hrs the service side processing should be completed and you see the new status in the UI. But then the device has to check in with the service to learn about the pending rollback, which happens roughly twice a day.