powerpoint - MP4 conversion with both voice over and inserted video on same slide

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Goal: export MP4 from Powerpoint. Voice over's have been recorded on each slide using the internal PPT audio recording method. The videos (a minute each at most) have also been inserted correctly on various slides.


ISSUE: when I MP4 it - SAVE AS>MP4 the voice over and the video play at the same time, when both appear on a slide.

When its manual click through the deck they work well - its the MP4 conversion that screws it up

some slides only have voice over and in the MP4 they work fine

Some slides only have video and in the MP4 they work fine.

When both appear on the one slide they play simultaneously


I cannot engage the timings function or the animations>animations pane function will not let me separate them as two separate articles.


Im using Powerpoint on windows 10 with microsoft 365 for enterprise app



Microsoft live help couldnt help at all - have trouble shooted and done the change/quick resolve on the app still no joy. 

Am sure its a basic function thats been missedmicrosoft.png

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