Onenote Problems on Chrome OS/Chromebooks

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Can the Onenote for Android team give any info on the state of and plans for Onenote for Android on Chrome OS? I've noticed that even when on the same version number the Chrome OS approved version lags behind both design and feature-wise. For example the Chrome OS version doesn't have sticky notes even when you resize the window to phone size/aspect ratio. Also the typing experience is sub-par at the moment because unlike all the other Office on Android apps, Onenote doesn't accept mouse input except dropping the cursor on a spot on the screen. You can't drag to highlight, double click to highlight, right click for actions or copy/cut/paste functions anywhere in the interface. It makes the experience very unpleasant typing wise. I could use Onenote Online but the feature parity isn't there especially for pen input. It would be much appreciated if the team can speak to any of these concerns. Been an Onenote user since the Surface RT came out so I really want y'all to be great on every platform and dominate the market so please don't take this feedback as negative.

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@WilliamRichardson thanks a ton for your specific feedback on what doesn't work for you on Chrome OS like mouse interactions and Sticky Notes. We are working on understanding what are the top asks of users on these form factors and shall prioritize implementing them appropriately. However, we don't have any concrete timelines to share as yet. In the mean time, please do continue using OneNote Online to bridge these gaps, and stay tuned for improvements :)



I realize this thread is a few months old, but we (school district) are having the same issue. We cannot Move / Copy pages in the Onenote Chromebook app due to an error: "Can't copy page. Something went wrong. Please try again." Do you experience this as well? The issue persists in a Classroom Notebook, but also happens with a personal notebook as well. We cannot move or copy pages due to this error.

@Nakul Ashok 

I can't download OneNote at all on my new Chromebook. I get this error:


It's in Dutch, but it says that my device is not campatible with this version of OneNote. After a short Google session I figured that may Chromebook-users are facing the same problem. Are you guys aware of this problem? And is there a way to work around (a certain way to download an older version of OneNote for example?) and/or are you working on a solution?

OneNote Online is not sufficient in many cases, since often I don't have acces to the internet.


I really hope so, because I love using OneNote!! (I use it multiple times a day)


I've installed the Chromebook app on, thinking it would be better than the web version. Unfortunately, it's lacking some key functions necessary to my work flow (For example: Copy a page to another section) and some ease of use functions (highlight a section of text for copying).  Preferring to return to the web version that has these functions, I uninstalled the app from my Chromebook. Now whenever I try to open a notebook, Office insists that I install the app. It won't let me back into the web version. 


Two questions:


1) In the short term, where's the setting to allow me to use the web version of OneNote?


2) In the longer term, is there a plan to bring some of these essential functions to the app?


Thanks much for listening. 


Having the same issue on my Acer Chromebook 14 (CB3-431).


I can install other Microsoft Office apps without any issue (Word, Excell, ...), but for some reason the Onenote app says my device is not compatible.

It works ok (bit lagy) but I can't type using the onscreen keyboard! 





Yes same issues. It is confused if it is a tablet app or a laptop app. Mouse just doesn't work correctly.


It is about 100000000 time less usable then the web version (which I can't use as app always launches!) and also the iOS version.

+1 on this---> "You can't drag to highlight, double click to highlight, right click for actions or copy/cut/paste functions anywhere in the interface"

Clearly MS is not in a rush to resolve some of these basic items. OneNote is the best productivity tool in all of the suite. Yet, there has been very little effort to modernize it and allow for things like the ability to sort pages or allow for new pages to be created on TOP rather than bottom. Been using OneNote for years on both Windows and Chromebook. The Chromebook experience is (and has been for a long time) a very inferior experience. Hugely disappointing priorities of MS.