Move Notebooks to SD Card

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Is there a future plan to implement this feature (choose where the notebooks should be stored/move data to sd card)? I mean, my tablet has very limited space and my notebooks are growing every day (I use Onenote to annotate my classes).


There are a lot of other features missing here, but this one is almost making me give up the app.

I also think this is at MS own interest, as Onenote notebooks also count as used space in Onedrive and this affects subscriptions to 365.

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Hey @cindix, thanks for this feedback, we will add this to our backlog and prioritize accordingly. We however can't make promises on the timelines. 

I totally agree. I was trying to clear some space on my AndroidOne phone to accommodate OneNote data growth when I lost all the notes data. I only had maybe 20 notes and not class annotations.