Interactive data storytelling with Power BI in PowerPoint



Hi, Office Insiders! Camille Birch, Product Manager on the PowerPoint team is incredibly excited to share that PowerPoint now supports embedding live, interactive Power BI reports right into your slides! 

Interactive data storytelling with Power BI


By embedding live Power BI reports in your slides, you can tell interactive, data-focused stories. No more copying and pasting inevitably out-of-date screenshots or switching between your PowerPoint slides and your Power BI report during a presentation. You can now build narratives around your data and drive meaningful conversations through interactive reports right in PowerPoint.  


This feature is a long-standing customer request. We are happy to bring it to you and support your growing needs for data storytelling in increasingly data-driven workplaces and cultures. 


How it works


  1. Open a new or existing presentation in PowerPoint. 
  2. To insert a Power BI report in the current slide, select Insert > Power BIIDS_2-1024x310.png


    Find out the rest here in the blog post!



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