Insert Data from Picture - Now available for all users for Excel Android (Enlish US/UK).


Now insert data onto your Excel sheets just by taking a picture (of tabular data) on your phone. 


How to use the feature:

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Can't find that button in excel. I am in México.

@Dhiresh Nagwani 



I just got a Beta-Tester for Excel for Android and I can't see the new button. 

I have version 1.0.1 (16.0.11425.20132) installed using a Galaxy S10 in germany.


I also noticed that my screen looks different than in the video. I still have the menu on top of the screen and not on the buttom.




Any ideas?

same like you,S10,no buttom toolbars,no ideas

@Dhiresh Nagwani 

Hi boss, Im from ITA cant see the new update!
Also I subscribe on the Office Insiders and im using the beta version of the app, but I didnt receive that update

Is there a way for excel to do this without a phone or tablet.

I will have a list of data that is 40 pages long that needs imported into excel. I often get the data in a PDF or a fax, and need to import it into excel. I am a very small company and do not have a subscription to adobe. Manual entry is the only method I have found.


@Dhiresh Nagwani