I have an 'On Click' Animation problem (On Click does nothing); I need to know the fix, Please(?)

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Jeffry L. of the Help Desk solved an 'On Click' animation issue for me on 1 of 26 slides (the On Click did nothing for the final slide) yesterday & I need to know how to fix for another file (a copy of the same presentation).  He said he had to fix a setting for the slide, but didn't say specifically what was done.  Help, please!  It seems your help desk is down today (as in common IME) and I need to send a .ppsx out this afternoon.  Thx!

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@BrettA343 - Further to this problem, I'll note that pressing <Enter> does in fact bring up the animation.  It's only the left click that fails.  Hope that helps - I'd still like to know the fix, please!    Cheers, BrettA343.