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I am not getting alerts in Insider risk Managment

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Hi Have setup and created policies in insider risk management. But not getting any alert  

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Hello parveenspref, If you have set up and configured policies in Microsoft Insider Risk Management but are not receiving any alerts, you may want to check and troubleshoot the following:

1. **Policy Configuration:**
- Ensure that your insider risk management policies are configured correctly. Double-check the criteria and conditions set in your policies to make sure they align with your organization's needs.

2. **User Activity:**
- Verify that the users you expect to be monitored by the insider risk management policies are indeed active and performing activities that match the policy conditions.

3. **Policy Scanning Frequency:**
- Check the frequency at which policies are set to scan for activities. It's possible that the policies are not configured to scan frequently enough to capture relevant data.

4. **Alert Settings:**
- Review the alert settings in your insider risk management policies. Confirm that alerts are configured to be triggered for the specific activities you are monitoring.

5. **Incident Review:**
- In the Insider Risk Management dashboard, check for incidents or alerts related to your policies. You should see a list of incidents that match the criteria set in your policies.

6. **Logging and Auditing:**
- Ensure that logging and auditing are enabled for the necessary services and applications. Without proper logging, the insider risk management system may not have the data it needs to generate alerts.

By thoroughly reviewing and validating these aspects, you should be able to identify potential reasons for not receiving alerts in Microsoft Insider Risk Management. If you encounter any specific challenges during this process, feel free to provide me more details for further assistance.

Have a great day parveenspre!