emf slide export resolution from power point too low

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Hello, I would have a question to emf slide export from power point.
I try to export a graphic (a foto with overlayed annotations) from power point with good resolution and with the notations sustaining as vectorgraphic elements. I tried to export the slide as emf with increased resolution as described here:


Whereas the resolution increase works for png and jpeg perfectly, it is not working for emf, despite emf is mentioned in the above link as a possible output file format after changing the registry. There seems to be a limit for emf's.

The ultimate goal is to bring the emf into word and to make a pdf. The graphic should have the foto with good resolution and the annotations as vector graphics. What I get now, is a foto with heavily reduced pixel size / reduced resolution. The vector graphics format of the annotations remains correct, that is fine. 

Could anyone help, to export an emf with better resolution?
Thanks a lot!

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