Cannot edit anything when PowerPoint is in Split Screen mode

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I don't know when this problem started, but whenever I put the PowerPoint app into Android Split Screen mode, PowerPoint becomes read-only and I cannot edit anything. When I quit Split Screen mode, editing immediately becomes available again. I have an active Office 365 subscription and I am properly logged in to the account in PowerPoint. Word, Excel and OneNote do not have this problem at all. I remember that when I last tried a few months ago, I was able to edit when PowerPoint was opened in Split Screen. My phone is a Google Pixel 2 running Android 9.0 Pie. Please rectify the problem.
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This is a real issue. 


Does anyone know why this hasn't been fixed yet?!!!


I'm trying to translate PowerPoint presentations from one language to another on a tablet, and not being able to edit while in split-screen mode is just a ridiculous UX bug that should have been fixed right away...