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Hi There,


I had created a Office 365 Group named "Events"

This group is shared to 10 employees (8 staff, 2 admin)


Main focus of this Group is to leverage on the calendar functions for the whole company but not all events created by the admin involves everyone.



Admin1 creates an event named "ABC1" on the 31 Jan 2020 via the Office 365 Group Calendar invites ONLY Staff1 to Staff 5.


Rightfully only Staff1 to Staff 5 + Admin1's personal calendar will show the event named "ABC1"

However, All 10 employees including those not involved in the Event nor invited to the event had the event added to their Personal Calendar.


Is this how it should work?


My ultimate goal is to have this Group Calendar to view the upcoming events for the firm, but not updated or added into each employee's personal calendar unless he or she is invited/involved in the event.


Anyone faces this issue?


Thanks in advance for any comments/help.



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This is depending if you have the group added to the reciepients or not! Make sure to not have the group among the invited.

Hi @adam deltinger ,


Thank you for your reply.


Do you meant I should not invite the employees (10 Pax) into the Office 365 Groups but instead get the Admin1 and Admin2 to create Calendar invites via the Event Calendar inviting those who is involved?


The above would solve the issue of the rest of the other 5 pax who is not involved not to receive an invitation or event updated into their personal calendar?


By doing the above, what is the option that I should set for the below:

1) Send copies of group conversation and events to group members (Yes/No) = ?

2) Privacy (Private / Public) = ?

3) Allow external senders to email this group = NO >> I would supposed external senders is referring to anyone outside my organisation.

In the group calendar, create a event but make sure that the group itself aren’t invited! Just the people you want! It will create an event in the calendar but an invitation won’t get sent out to all! You’d probably want want the “send copies” option enabled because when someone or the group is invited they get a copy