Word templates from SharePoint 365 asset library not showing on ONE client

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We mainly run Mac clients with Microsoft 365 desktop clients installed, all E3 and E5 licenses. For myself, I use the Preview channel. We keep organisational Office templates in a SharePoint 365 asset library, and it is generally working well. That is, until the 16.62 updates were released. Now the organisational Office templates for Word specifically are no longer showing up on one specific client computer. The computer was recently reinstalled clean (e.g. from a USB stick) with macOS Monterey (Intel). The templates still shows up in PowerPoint etc. It's only in Word they don't show up. That is, the company section under the templates does show up, but instead of containing a series of folders with all the different templates, it only shows the Blank template.


If I use a different computer (still a Mac) with my own user, I can see all the templates. I've tried reinstalling all the desktop apps but nothing helps. What can be the cause of this behaviour?

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