when I Insert an image from the OneNote mobile app text is not searchable by default

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I use the OneNote mobile app alot to take pictures of documents to put in my notes.  I want the document text searchable in OneNote.


When I copy and paste an image on my computer into the OneNote desktop app note file, it automatically Enables the text to be searchable on the image, but when I insert the image from gallery OR take a picture of the document and insert through the mobile app and sync to the desktop app, the text being searchable is Disabled by default and I have to right click on every image and enable it, which is very annoying... especially if I am inserting multiple page documents.


Is this intended for some reason?

Is it a bug?


How do I make this Enabled by default?




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Which mobile platform are you using?

Android OneNote App... latest version

@Michael Waters I just tried it on my Samsung Note 8, and it takes a few minutes, but mine found text in a picture I input on a page.  I think it was probably at least 3 minutes...maybe 5...but it found it without me enabling OCR.