What installed OneNote 2016 on my computer without my permission?

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Today, my Windows 7 64-bit crashed with a BSOD while I was selecting a directory for a PDF download in the Chrome browser, giving a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, BCP1 = STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.


I sorted my "Programs and Features" list by date installed, to see if any new drivers had been installed recently. The only thing that had been installed recently was OneNote 2016, which had been installed yesterday.


No one but me ever uses this computer, or even enters this building.  I installed OneNote 2007 on this computer in 2013, but have never actually used it.  I certainly didn't install or use it yesterday.


There is a OneNote icon on my taskbar, which I think previously pointed to my OneNote 2007.  Now it points to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\ONENOTE.EXE.


(It's impossible to tell where my Office 2007 is installed, since all the shortcuts for it refuse to say where they point to--the link Properties just say "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", greyed-out to indicate that Windows is for some reason not willing to tell me where the shortcut actually points to.)


There are many other files in this Office16 directory; some installed yesterday, some installed as long ago as 11/17/2016.  I've never had Office 16, but I see "Microsoft Office 16 Tools" was installed on 11/17/2016, and additional components installed on 7/18/2018.  I don't know what "Microsoft Office 16 Tools" is.


Glancing at C:\Program Files, I see there are also components for Office12 (MSOHEVI.DLL, ONFILTER.DLL, VISSHE.DLL) and Office 15 (IntegratedOffice.exe, OfficeClickToRun.exe), installed.  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office also contains a directory for Office14, which has just 5 DLLs, with names like GKExcell.dll and GKWord.dll.  I've never had Office 12, 14, 15, or 16.


So... what could possibly have installed OneNote 16 on my computer in 2016, and kept on updating it periodically without informing me, and uninstalled and reinstalled OneNote 16 yesterday?  What keeps installing all these various components for various versions of Office?

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