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Is there any way to format ALL ruby text within one MS Word document at the same time? I currently have to select each word (Japanese character) and format every one in the document separately - it takes too long. The attached file shows an example of the individual selections with red circles and the format I am wanting to change. I want to change EVERYTHING in the document at one time if possible rather than each one individually.

I did try putting the cursor on one bit of text content that I wanted to formatted then went to Home ribbon >Style pane>Select all but it selected everything else except the words I wanted so the Phonetic Guide was grated out.
See attached image.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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I think you are looking for a font style
Customize or create new styles - Office Support
Make sure you don't select "Paragraph" as type of style.
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Are you sure that works with ruby text? Formatting regular text is easy but I need to select multiple words (in my case Japanese character) and then format the ruby text above those words. I can’t see any way to do that from within the styles settings. As far as I can see the only way to format ruby text is by using the ruby text button on the home ribbon.
Am I missing something?
No, I'm just trying something. In HTML it are entities, so I assume (but can't prove nor test) it are also entities in Word...
Sorry, not sure what you are saying.

Can't seem to get any help with this problem.
Does anyone have any ideas.



Press Alt+F9

- this will show the code of all fields in the document. Pressing it again will hide the code and display the actual results back again.

Now, with the background code visible you can simply search and replace any part of the fields. Try to experiment to discover which part of the field does what. Do a backup of your document beforehand.


in my document I have this:

{EQ \* jc2 \* "Font:Times New Roman" \* hps12 \o\ad(\s\up 11(test),bla)}

but only "bla" is visible with "test" a phonetic guide.

If I search and replace Font:Times New Roman with something else, it will change the font in the phonetic guides in the entire document. You have to actually type or replace it in the field, formatting it will not do the trick as it is only the description of the field. Then I switch it back with Alt+F9 and it is done.


I can't thank you enough man!!! what a legend :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: