Outlook search not working properly in shared mailboxes

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We have people using shared mailboxes, their outlook is in cached mode for the main inbox but for shared mailboxes the cache is off. When they try to search in a shared mailbox, they are getting different results in "Current mailbox" and "Subfolders" even though the message that they are searching for is within the search scope in inbox.... when disabling cached mode for the user profile the search works fine.... It doesn't make sense because "download shared folders" unchecked means that there's no cache for shared mailboxes already so unchecking "Use cached exchange mode to download email to an outlook data file" shouldn't affect shared mailboxes.... Of course Microsoft support is so bad....

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Most of time it's seems, Cache Mode is not working fine with the Shared mailbox cases, That's the reason Microsoft recommend the Disable cache mode for the Shared mailbox.
For the quick resolve you can tried to delete your profile and re-create it. If the problem still persists you can check this article http://kb.naturalnetworks.com/article/outlook-2016-search-function-not-working-on-shared-mailboxes-5...

@ElbertGrace the link given is no longer active. Do you have another link with the workaround?


From my observations - this issue is created when switching to the 'Try the new Outlook' and then switching back.

Recreating the profile (not duplicate) does appear to fix this... but don't use the 'Try' feature again!

One of my machines fixed itself after a weekend and the shared mailbox seemed to have reset itself (opened blank and empty, then slowly repopulated) but I cannot find a way to force this fix on another affected machine.