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for my company I'm prototyping an C# or Powershell Application to remove unused licences which may have been overlooked by the offboarding process for an employeer.

We are using AD-Groups to assign a license, if AD-User gets included in the AD-Group, an Office 365 E3 (Service "Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise") licence will be assigned to the user via "Set-MgUserLicense".


With Graph-Api I successfully receive the "GetOffice365ActivationsUserDetail"-Report which has the property "Last Activated Date".


I've some problems to understand how Last Activated Date works an when it gets set.

I looked for licences which are assigned for my user, the last activated date is 2024-01-04, I've used Word multiple times since this date, also yesterday and days before but still receive 2024-01-04 over the graph-api.


Or I understand "Last Activated Date" wrong and it gets set when I really "activate" i.E. Word, means when I'm doing a login in MS Word with my account (attached image)? I don't remember that I had to do a login within Word on 04-01 so it gets activated, the assigning of the license (my user added to AD-Group) was in Sep'23.




My subsequently question would also be if LastActivatedDate gets set too when one is using Outlook over the web which is included in "365 Apps" for the case if a user is not using/didn't started word application?


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