M365 updates with Servicing Profile hasn't updated in a week, with 1 day install deadline, why?

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Have machines that I am testing with M365 servicing profile.  These machines have been set up with servicing profile for probably 3-4 weeks at this point.  A new build of Office 365 Monthly Enterprise was released, version .20370 (2205) last week.  Only 3 machines of the 15 in here are shown as "completed", and the remainder just say "Not started" and these are still on build .20356 (2205)


1 of the devices was listed as "In progress" for 4 days before it reverted back to "Not started" - why?


Another device is still currently stuck in "in progress" for 2 days.


The remainder still say "Not started"


Aren't these supposed to update by now? With the 1 day deadline? Why aren't they doing anything and why do some stay stuck in "in progress" for days before reverting back to Not started?

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I am experiencing extremely slow rollout in my organizations. I am not even using servicing profile, I have it setup via MEM Device Configuration policy. Semi-Annual going from Version 2108 (Build 14326.21018) to I suppose Version 2202 (Build 14931.20604). In Monitoring I can see only about 300 devices updated since the 12.07.2022. I wonder if MS stopped the rollouts or slowed them down significantly?

@StillLearning2002 By default the Servicing Profile is staggering an update across four days. The deadline comes into play when the device received the command to update, but can't due to running apps. Then the deadline is counting. See https://youtu.be/YO6a3iNVXXI for a full breakdown of how Profiles work.


Regarding the "in progress" resets to "not started" behavior: This is not expected, please use the feedback button in the portal to contact engineering, include your email and we will check if we can see an issue on the backend.

@Rutziko: By default, the rollout of Semi-Annual using MEM is staggered across multiple days. This month an issue was discovered, which delayed further progressing with the initial update from 07/12. On 07/26 Microsoft released a new build which is addressing the issue (link below), you should see more devices updating in the next days with the throttling ramping up.

@Martin Nothnagel Hi Martin, thanks for the quick reply.  I went ahead and submitted feedback with my email address.  Not sure which option to select so I selected "I don't like something" - never got any automated emails that my feedback went through, so hopefully it went through successfully.

Hello Martin,
thank you for reply.

What I am seeing is about ~300 devices (out of 4k) got some update since 12.07.2022. I would expect they get at least the previous "bugged" update since then. Or does that mean once MS detected the version is bugged, the rollout was stopped by MS of that particular version?

I am just asking so I know the workflow of the update releases. I need to report this to our customer, as they are worried the integrated Apps patching is not reliable (unlike pushing update via SCCM).

@Ruzitko your assumption is correct. Once we detected the issue with the release from 07/12 (16.0.15225.20356 for MEC) and had a fixed release at hand (16.0.15225.20370), the Servicing Profile stopped triggering updates to the initial release. It automatically restarted to distribute the fixed released (around 07/26). That's why devices which were already flagged as 'completed' reverted to 'not started', as they did not have the latest release. Do you see satisfactory progress for devices which are in scope for the Servicing Profile now?