Exchange password required message on every start

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Hey I have the message on every start of my Mac:


I tried an old solution in mail but it seems not to work. I know other people who have the same message on every start!

How can I fix that? I removed and readied the account already without any changes!


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Same problem. I managed to make it disappear for a few days by *completely* removing the account: remote it from account settings (from all devices), let the removal sync to other devices, reboot, and remove it from the sql accounts database:

/usr/bin/sqlite3 ~/Library/Accounts/Accounts4.sqlite 'DELETE FROM ZACCOUNT WHERE ZUSERNAME = "my@email"'

Then add the account again.

This worked for a few days. Now the popup is back again.

Hi, is there any hint available how to solve this problem? Few months ago I've had the same issue and found out that might be related to 2FA as the Mac doesn't support this feature. So I deleted the Exchange account, set up app specific password in the MS account and reinstalled Exchange entering the app specific password. This worked well for couple of months, but since few weeks the password requests returned and I cannot apply the above solution as the MS login on my Mac doesn't accept any app specific password anymore. Something changed? MS please provide advice, there are hundreds of users asking the same question in the web.