Document dialogue box has disappeared in Word 2019 for Mac – no access to margin controls

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Hello - I'm having an odd problem with Word 2019 for Mac. It has suddenly become impossible to open the Document dialogue box, where I set margins. I would normally do this by going in the menu to Format>Document; or by going to File>Page Setup, selecting "Microsoft Word" in the dropdown menu, and then clicking on the margins button; or by selecting the "Layout" tab in the ribbon, clicking on the "Margins" icon, and selecting "Custom Margins" in the dropdown menu. However, none of these methods now work! When I make the final selection, nothing happens - the document dialogue box which contains the margin settings does not appear. This is true both for all my existing documents and for newly created blank documents. FWIW, I can still access the ruler, and the controls on the ruler all work properly.


In all other respects Word seems to be operating normally. It's possible that this problem appeared after I updated to version 16.56; I just updated to 16.57 but the problem remains. I've tried trashing my normal template thereby causing Word to create a fresh one, but the problem remains. I've also tried booting into safe mode, but the problem remains. I'm on Mac OS 11.6.2, running on an M1 Mac Mini. Thank you for any suggestions!

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