Office 365 Message center posts

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I want to give some way for users to access or read Message center posts post but without giving them 

Message center posts reader role in office 365 as it gives them access to other things such as users, groups, dir sync , license and so on which to me is a no go. What are the alternatives here ?

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I think that is a common concern about the Message Center reader role, not sure much can be done about it, except support UserVoice suggestions like this one - Message Center Role - should display only relevant information.


"Message Center reader - Monitors changes to the service and can view all posts to the Message center in Office 365 and share Message center posts with others through email. Users assigned this role also have read-only access to some admin center resources, such as users, groups, domains, and subscriptions

This role has no access to view, create, or manage support tickets."

If you are so concerned about this information (most of which btw can be accessed by every user in the tenant), you can always build a custom solution/page that fetches the MC posts via the API. Or use one of the 3rd party tools that offer this.

Is there any documentation on pulling this information via API.