how to remove members from dynamic groups in Azure

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Can someone please shed some light on "how to remove members from dynamic groups in Azure". 
The group type:security membership type:dynamic user group is for a O365 license. The rule syntax adds members to an O365 license. Under Dynaminc membership rules>Validate rules, there is an option to Add users only. 
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To remove members from dynamic groups in Azure Active Directory, you would need to modify the dynamic membership rule so that it excludes the members you want to remove.

Here is how you can achieve this:

  1. Access Azure Portal: Log in to the Azure portal ( with the appropriate administrative credentials.
  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory: From the left navigation pane, click on "Azure Active Directory."
  3. Select the Group: Navigate to "Groups" and select the dynamic group from which you want to remove members.
  4. Edit Dynamic Membership Rule: In the group's overview page, click on "Dynamic membership rules."
  5. Edit Rule: Click on the "Edit" button to modify the dynamic membership rule.
  6. Modify the Rule: In the dynamic membership rule editor, adjust the rule syntax to exclude the members you want to remove. This can vary based on the specific attributes and conditions you use to include or exclude members.
  7. Validate the Rule: After modifying the rule, click on "Validate rules" to ensure that the rule syntax is correct and that it correctly excludes the desired members.
  8. Apply Changes: If the rule validation is successful, save the changes to the dynamic membership rule.
  9. Review Members: Once the changes are saved, review the members listed in the dynamic group to ensure that the members you wanted to remove are no longer part of the group.
  10. Monitor and Verify: Monitor the group's membership over time to verify that the members are no longer being added due to the updated dynamic membership rule.

Please note that the specific syntax for the rule will depend on the attributes and conditions you use for including or excluding members. Carefully test the rule changes in a non-production environment before applying them to your production environment.

Additionally, if you have a large number of members to remove or complex criteria, you might consider testing your rule changes in a smaller test group before applying them to the main dynamic group.

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