How to get SharePoint Online tenant storage quota?


Hi guys

Does anyone know how to get the storage quota info about office 365 tenant using powershell or csom?

I get tenant info through csom, but I can not figure out how to calculate that.

I want to know how to get 1049GB and 1042.11GB as below.

And also the storage quota, I use 10300-5691=4609, but I get from the GUI "resources of 5209 resources available"
Resource Usage quota is required

2016-12-13 17_20_36-Manage site collections - Internet Explorer.png


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Anybody know this?

Hey, I come again and does anyone know why it shows like this?

Thank you for your response, Paul. I want the tenant quota, not single sc.

If you would change the tenant context you should be able to get it check this url