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Is there a way to lower the threshold for this alert? It is currently set to 10,000 emails and we would like to be notified at a lower level if there is an account that sends a bunch of emails out. If I cannot edit this one, can I create another that does the same alert but sooner?




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@ERockZab you can create a custom alert policy with the same conditions but a low limit to get alerts 





I have tried that, but I cannot find the Activity of "EmailSendingLimitExceeded" to create the alert policy.
Have you tried going to the Exchange Admin Center -> Alert Policies -> New Policy, and then choosing 'High' Severity' Mail Loop? Then you can choose the Daily Notification Limit
It isn't really a Mail Loop that we are looking to monitor though. In this case it was a compromised account that spammed a bunch of emails out. There wasn't a loop it was just a large number of emails sent out.
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Change the outbound policy

Hello ErockZab

Try setting the sending limit in the default outbound spam policy -> Policies & rules -> Threat policies -> Anti-spam policies ->Anti-spam outbound policy (Default)

On the Protection settings page, configure the following settings:
Message limits sections: The settings in this section configure the limits for outbound email messages from Exchange Online mailboxes:


I believed transport rules can address your concern

This is what I was looking for. I set the Daily Limit and then changed the "Over Limit Action" to Alert Only, so it will just notify me if someone sends a large amount of emails out. Thanks for the guidance.
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