Afficher url sas de chargement réseau

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depuis 2 jours de je dois importer des mails mais l'url ne s'affiche pas 

la page reste bloquée 



malgré changement de compte, changement de pc, de navigateur


on peut y faire quelque chose ?


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Just checking that the Mailbox Import/Export role has been added to the accounts you are trying to use for this as per -


I'm guessing that the answer to this is yes as you usually need to do this step even before you can create an Import job from the Security and Compliance Center, but I thought it was worth doubled checking.



yes I haded this role in administrator role

I created an other administrator account with the admin role to but same problem




OK, very odd.  Have you opened a support ticket with Microsoft for this?  I think this is the next logical step for you.