Unlock success in the commercial marketplace with Mastering the Marketplace
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Hi! I’m Michael McClary, a Principal Program Manager in the Commercial Marketplace Services team, where we work with Partners daily for certification, onboarding, payouts, and many other marketplace operations.  


We are excited to announce the availability of a comprehensive set of resources, webinars, and workshops designed to help you simplify and accelerate your adoption of the commercial marketplace. Our goal is to ensure your success by providing valuable information and support throughout your entire marketplace journey.


Introducing Mastering the Marketplace, a program featuring:


  1. Learning Library (aka.ms/MTMlibrary:( A self-serve, on-demand learning platform that offers videos, hands-on labs, and sample code to enhance your marketplace knowledge.
  2. Webinars (aka.ms/MTMwebinars:( Stay up-to-date with live and on-demand business and technical webinars. Register for the latest sessions, sign up for next month's core business and technical webinars (aka.ms/MTMcore), and explore post-publish content to grow your business on the marketplace (aka.ms/MTMppsvcs).
  3. Workshops (aka.ms/MTMworkshops:( Gain a deeper understanding of essential marketplace topics through instructor-led, immersive training sessions and proctored hands-on labs.
  4. Office Hours (aka.ms/MTMofficehours) : Get your questions answered by marketplace subject matter experts in these Q&A sessions. Share best practices and learn from the experiences of others.
  5. Technical Accelerators (aka.ms/MTMaccelerate:( Utilize key enablement tools and building blocks to speed up your marketplace technical implementation needs, with open-source resources available via GitHub.


We encourage you to explore these resources and take advantage of the live and on-demand learning events that are tailored to your needs. Mastering the Marketplace is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools required to publish your solutions in the commercial marketplace successfully. Whether you are new to the marketplace or looking to expand your knowledge, don't miss this opportunity to achieve greater success in the commercial marketplace.


Register today for our live webinars, explore on-demand resources, and join us in the journey towards a thriving marketplace experience. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way.


Happy learning and best of luck!

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