Streamlining the Process: Building and Publishing Apps Across the Microsoft Cloud
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Publishing apps across the cloud can be a complex endeavor. In our recent webinar, "Building and Publishing Apps Across the Microsoft Cloud,” attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from guest speaker James Anderson, CEO of Akouo. He shared his company’s firsthand experience in developing multi-faceted solutions for Microsoft Teams across various Microsoft Cloud products. Akouo has developed two products: one integrates simultaneous interpretation for meetings and webinars on Microsoft Teams, while the second is a 100% Microsoft-powered multilingual caption generator for Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars.  It enables bi-directional conversations with multilingual captions.


James Anderson shared some key points from Akouo’s journey in building and publishing apps across the Microsoft Cloud:

  • James shared Akouo’s experience in building solutions utilizing various Microsoft components such as Teams, Power Platform, Automate Pages, Dataverse, React UI Libraries, and Graph APIs and the complexity involved.
  • Experience in publishing to the Marketplace and the support received from Microsoft throughout the process.
  • Publishing both transactable (metered product) and non-transactable solutions.

Microsoft’s Anirudha Bakore, Principal PM Manager, and I, Sudi Naidoo, Principal Product Manager, discussed Microsoft's approach to addressing challenges encountered by Akouo and other ISVs when building and publishing applications:

  • From an ISV Developer perspective, Microsoft is exploring a Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB) solution as a packaging mechanism, which would be cloud-agnostic. This approach would enable developers to create one package and directly publish it to the commercial marketplace.
  • From a customer viewpoint, Microsoft is exploring a way for customers to discover entire solutions spanning across Microsoft Cloud in one place and then deploy in one-click fashion across all components of the Microsoft Cloud such as Power Platform, Azure, Fabric etc.
  • Microsoft is also working on enhancing the Cloud Solution Center, the existing portal for deploying industry cloud solutions to customers' environments. These enhancements aim to provide a more streamlined experience for selecting and deploying solutions that involve multiple cloud components.
  • Microsoft aims to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to discover and deploy solutions from ISV developers as well as their customer’s point of view.  By streamlining the process of building and publishing apps across the Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft and ISVs like Akouo are working towards making cloud-based solutions more accessible and efficient for both developers and customers alike.

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