Partner Spotlight: Leveraging AI in App Development, with Nikhil Sehgal
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In this new blog series, we highlight partners at the forefront of app innovation on the commercial marketplace. Throughout the series, we will be telling the unique stories of partners who are leading the way with AI in app development, who are building using multiple Microsoft products, and who are publishing transactable applications on the marketplace. In this article, I sat down with Neo’s Nikhil Sehgal to learn more about their story and partner journey.


About Nikhil: Nikhil is the co-founder and CEO of Neo, a leading AI solution to help managed service providers (MSPs) automate IT support workflows. He has a background in AI and machine learning, and has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and a Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2022 honouree. Nikhil also serves as Microsoft mentor for AI where he regularly educates the development community about how to utilise AI to significantly drive business value.


[JR]: Can you provide an overview of your application and how it works?

[NS]: Neo is designed to significantly assist Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and service desks. At its core, Neo retrieves and addresses tickets from ITSM tools using advanced natural language search capabilities. By providing suggested resolutions for tickets and streamlining IT processes, we aim to increase efficiency and accuracy for service providers. In the commercial marketplace, we've seen a growing demand for such AI-driven solutions, and Neo has positioned itself as a go-to tool for many organizations.


[JR]: How did you decide to integrate AI tools into your app's development process? What specific challenges or opportunities drove this decision?

[NS]: The integration of AI into Neo was a response to the intricate nature of IT support tickets. We realized that manually parsing and responding to such tickets was not scalable and often led to inefficiencies. The opportunity to leverage AI to automate this process, providing quick and accurate solutions, was a game-changer. We saw the potential to transform the way MSPs operate, making their services faster and more effective.


[JR]: Microsoft offers a variety of AI tools and services. Could you elaborate on which Microsoft AI tools you integrated into your app and how they have enhanced its capabilities?

[NS]: We chose to integrate with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI. This tool offered the robust natural language processing capabilities we needed to understand and process IT tickets efficiently. Azure OpenAI's vast learning models and adaptability allowed Neo to provide accurate ticket resolutions and continuously improve based on feedback.


[JR]: In terms of user experience, how has the integration of AI tools positively impacted your application? Are there any notable features or functionalities that were made possible through AI?

[NS]: The AI integration has been a game-changer for user experience. Users no longer need to sift through databases or manuals; Neo's AI-driven engine provides instant solutions. One of our standout features is the ability to understand complex IT problems presented in natural language and offer resolutions almost immediately, which was made possible through Azure OpenAI.


[JR]: Microsoft often emphasizes scalability and performance. How have the AI tools contributed to the scalability and overall performance of your application, especially in dealing with larger user bases?

[NS]: Azure OpenAI has provided us with a platform that scales effortlessly as demand grows. As our user base expanded, the AI capabilities ensured that the response time remained consistent and the quality of solutions was maintained. This scalability has been crucial in ensuring that our larger clients experience the same efficiency as our smaller ones.


[JR]: Could you share any specific use cases or success stories where the integration of Microsoft's AI tools led to remarkable outcomes for your users or customers?

[NS]: Absolutely! One notable success story involves a prominent MSP who previously had long ticket resolution times. After implementing Neo, powered by Azure OpenAI, their resolution times were cut in half, leading to happier clients and a more efficient service desk. This is just one of many success stories showcasing the transformative power of our AI integration.


[JR]: How has ISV Success supported you along your journey?

[NS]: From the outset of Neo's journey, ISV Success has been a pivotal ally for us. Their unparalleled resources, insights, and hands-on guidance have greatly expedited our product's trajectory in the market. For me personally, the collaborative ethos they bring has been a game-changer, enabling Neo to transform challenges into growth opportunities.


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