New transactable offers from OrientDB Ltd., PathPresenter, and SAP in Azure Marketplace
Published Jun 01 2020 08:19 AM 1,005 Views

Microsoft partners like OrientDB Ltd., PathPresenter, and SAP deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:

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OrientDB Enterprise Edition 2.2: OrientDB Enterprise is a multi-model, master-master distributed NoSQL graph database. This version includes all Community Edition features along with professional enterprise tools, such as a query profiler, distributed clustering configuration, auditing tools, metrics recording, a live monitor with configurable alerts, and nonstop incremental backups.

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PathPresenter Education: PathPresenter's web-based service connects pathologists, radiologists, clinicians, and life science researchers so they can share medical data and build tools for enhancing medical education and patient care and management. The PathPresenter environment helps clinicians learn, teach, present, and practice better medicine.

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SAP HANA, express edition: This streamlined version of the SAP HANA platform includes an in-memory data engine with advanced analytical data processing for business, text, spatial, and graph data. The software license allows for non-production and production use cases, enabling you to quickly prototype, demo, and deploy next-generation apps.

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