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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 194 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting Package Extension: This enhanced API from JourneyTEAM connects Microsoft Power BI to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide a single, user-friendly interface and expand your data access to previously inaccessible tables and columns within Dynamics 365. The extension saves time and resources, provides deeper insights, and drives smarter business decisions while maintaining data security and integrity. 

Cloud-Based Compliance Recording & Intelligence Plugins: IXCloud is a cloud-based interaction recording solution developed by Numonix. Built on the runtime service fabric of Microsoft Azure, IXCloud empowers users to record with integrity, providing instant hyperscale, security, and compliance, plus the benefits of data sovereignty. Uniquely architected for Microsoft Teams, it can securely encrypt and centrally store all recordings and guarantee compliance.  


Definely: Definely is an end-to-end contract lifecycle solution that allows lawyers to create, draft, and review legal documents in one place, with one tool. The platform is popular among large law firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations and offers a suite of solutions that allows users to create bespoke contracts and insert precedent clauses where needed without leaving the tool.  
Dynamicweb eCommerce for LS Retail: Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform combines web content management, e-commerce, product information management, and marketing in a single platform. It supports multiple languages, currencies, and sales tax, and offers features such as promo codes, gift cards, and subscriptions. The platform also includes powerful user segmentation and robust content management capabilities.
FarEye Last Mile Delivery: FarEye is a customizable SaaS platform that helps enterprises optimize their logistics operations by providing real-time track and trace, driver allocation, and digital proof of deliveries. It offers pre-integrations for 40-plus logistics partners and can handle scale with ease. FarEye has helped leading global enterprises achieve operational excellence and increase courier productivity by up to 15 percent.
JNCTN – Secure Workforce Credential Verification: This platform from JNCTN Limited automates onboarding, permits to work, and builds a prequalified workforce. It saves up to 10 percent on training costs, streamlines compliance processes, and reduces hiring costs. The platform ensures interoperability and synchronization with internal data, HR, and learning management systems. It also creates lifelong learning records and personal digital wallets for individuals.
Linear Gauge: Powerviz's Linear Gauge is an advanced visual tool used for project management, performance tracking, and monitoring key performance indicators. It offers various gauge styles, templates, scales, targets, data colors, and more. The tool is useful for sales performance tracking, project milestone monitoring, financial KPI analysis, manufacturing quality control, and customer satisfaction metrics. 
Marketing Analytics with Microsoft Power BI: This offer from Maya Insights is a marketing analytics solution that collects, stores, analyzes, and visualizes startup data from multiple sources in one place. It offers customizable reports, data clustering, and holistic insights for marketing executives, business users, BI engineers, and data engineers. Maya simplifies business intelligence, making it efficient and effective for retail organizations.
Proff for Dynamics 365: This Breathe IT solution automates and updates business information from Proff to Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing real-time insights and improving customer management. It offers high-quality data for companies in Scandinavia, accelerating business decisions and eliminating manual entry.
Project Management System: Gain valuable insights into project milestones and resource allocation with this offer from Cloudserve Systems while identifying bottlenecks to keep projects on track and within budget with Project Management System's suite of powerful tools. Enjoy effortless task management within your familiar Microsoft Teams environment, eliminating the need to switch between tools and enhancing workflow efficiency. 
Symbol Chart: This offer from pbi-berater is a flexible Microsoft Power BI chart visual that creates stunning charts connecting to real-world objects. Pre-installed symbols and custom symbols with formatting and layout options ensure flexibility. Horizontal or vertical multiples allow for comparisons and quick creation of multiple charts. A color legend increases informative value.
Tranxfer Room: Tranxfer Room is a secure virtual data room for sharing confidential information during business transactions or collaborations. It offers customizable permissions, traceability, and DLP measures to ensure data protection. The platform allows for detailed tracking of document access and offers an additional layer of security and control at each stage of collaboration.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Microsoft Power BI Strategy: 2-Day Workshop: This workshop by drjve AG, available in German and English, will help you implement and integrate Microsoft Power BI into your business processes. Participants will learn to develop a customized Power BI strategy that fits specific business goals. The workshop can be conducted virtually or on-site and covers planning, rollout roadmap, and training strategies.   
Microsoft Power BI Report Makeover: 2-Day Workshop: drjve AG's workshop will analyze your current reports and offer Microsoft Power BI design customization, content optimization, and other visual elements to improve your report's quality. The workshop can be conducted virtually or on-site and is available in German and English. 

Copilot for Microsoft 365: 1-Day Technical Readiness Workshop: WM Reply will collaborate with your IT personnel to test your Microsoft 365 tenant readiness for Copilot. They will assess network traffic, tenant configuration, policies, sensitivity labels, audit settings, and compatibility with Microsoft 365 apps. A detailed report with recommendations will be provided.  

Copilot for Microsoft 365: 18-Day Standard Workshop: Designed for Microsoft E3 license holders, water IT Security's workshop will help your organization get a clear understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Purview solutions in the context of Copilot for Microsoft 365. The workshop includes modules on data security, loss prevention, insider risk management, and more. 

Copilot for Microsoft 365: 26-Day Readiness Workshop: The experts from water IT Security will you securely implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Purview. The workshop ensures full visibility and control over your organization's data estate while increasing productivity and efficiency. It includes modules on data security, loss prevention, lifecycle management, insider risk management, communication compliance, eDiscovery, content search, and more. 
Copilot for Microsoft 365: Security Accelerator: KMicro's workshop offers hands-on engagement to boost security posture and maximize the use of Copilot for Microsoft 365. The workshop includes technical security assessment, guided configuration, incident response strategies, and automation of routine security tasks. The outcome is a personalized strategy for maximum security investment, expertly configured Microsoft 365 tools, and practical knowledge to confidently leverage Copilot. 
Copilot for Security: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Interlink Cloud Advisor's Copilot for Security uses AI to help security teams respond to threats and complete tasks within their Microsoft Security stack and third-party integrations. It requires a well-deployed security architecture and comes with a readiness assessment and proof of concept workshops.
Hybrid Workplace: Capgemini's hybrid workplace approach helps organizations assess their current workplace capabilities and implement a Microsoft 365 strategy to optimize hybrid working models. The approach includes conducting user research, defining long-term goals, piloting Microsoft 365 solutions, and scaling initiatives while tracking KPIs and employee experience metrics. Benefits include better talent acquisition, increased productivity, improved wellbeing, work-life balance, and employee satisfaction. 
Dynamics 365: 1-Day Workshop: Get a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365, including core functions, data management, customization, workflow automation, and CRM/ERP integration in this workshop by Arvato Systems. Participants will gain practical skills and insights through a mix of theory, exercises, and Q&A sessions. The workshop is tailored to individual needs and can be customized. 
Dynamics 365: 2-Week Proof of Concept: The experts from Arvato Systems will evaluate the feasibility, efficiency, and business value of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation in a controlled, low-risk environment. This proof of concept includes setting specific goals, scenario-based demonstrations, data integration and migration testing, customization and configuration exploration, user acceptance and training, performance and scalability testing, and feedback collection and analysis. 
Dynamics 365: 8-Week Implementation: With expert guidance from Arvato Systems, this engagement enables a seamless and efficient integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your business operations so you can optimize processes, increase productivity, and gain a real competitive advantage. The project includes requirements analysis, system design, data migration, customization, user training, testing, go-live support, and post-implementation review.  
Enterprise Cloud PC Starter: Experts from Devoteam M Cloud will guide your organization through the successful deployment of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Microsoft Dev Box. Services include use case assessment, design draft, implementation workshops, Microsoft Azure automation for secure landing zones, end-user and admin training, and comprehensive documentation. 
Envisioning ESG Reporting: Workshop: Cluster Reply offers a customized ESG reporting workshop to help companies consolidate their own and external data for transparent ESG reporting. Utilizing Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability as a data and reporting platform you will learn to meet regulatory requirements and align with strategic goals. The workshop includes a pre-meeting, big picture analysis, roadmap development, and results discussion. 

Improve Digital Employee Experience with ControlUp Edge DX: The experts from AHEAD will implement the ControlUp Edge DX platform for your pilot devices. Training will be offered to ensure a seamless transition of ownership and integration of Edge DX and Microsoft Intune will be demonstrated with the ControlUp Enrich browser extension. DEX platform tools collect and measure key metrics on applications and devices to provide granular visibility into performance issues on endpoints.

Loyalty Suite: 1-Day Workshop: Arvato Systems' Loyalty Suite is an end-to-end solution that enhances customer loyalty. It offers features such as rule-based collection and redemption processes, fraud management, and customizable configuration. The suite simplifies the work of employees and boosts customer satisfaction. 
Loyalty Suite: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Arvato Systems' Loyalty Suite is an end-to-end solution that enhances customer loyalty, simplifies employee workflows, and boosts customer satisfaction. It features rule-based collection and redemption processes, a customizable status system, dynamic point conversion, data separation, integrated promotion and gamification engine, fraud management, and more. The suite can be configured to meet specific needs and is implemented through a proof of concept process.
Loyalty Suite: 8-Week Implementation: Arvato Systems' Loyalty Suite is an end-to-end solution that enhances customer loyalty by providing efficient tools for employees and improving customer satisfaction. It includes features such as rule-based collection and redemption processes, fraud management, and customizable configurations. The implementation process involves workshops, system requirement checks, installation, language packs, user access setup, configuration, and training. 
Microsoft 365 Optimization: Half-Day Workshop: The experts from Kerv Transform will review your current technology stack and licensing commitments, focusing on end user compute and Microsoft 365. Based on your needs and usage they will make recommendations for efficiencies and optimizations in identity, operating systems, security, and productivity suite. 
Microsoft Cybersecurity Assessment: 4-Week Workshop: KMicro offers a cybersecurity assessment workshop to help organizations understand their readiness for common security threats. The assessment provides insights into cybersecurity threats, analysis of alignment to cybersecurity goals, visibility into endpoint health and Microsoft 365 data, and long-term recommendations from Microsoft experts. 
Migrate to Microsoft 365: Helixstorm's service will help your organization migrate workloads to Microsoft 365 so you can enhance productivity, security, compliance, remote access, scalability, real-time collaboration, and cost savings. With a dedicated team of experts offering round the clock support, Helixstorm delivers customizable solutions and provides assessment, planning, integration, migration, security enhancement, training, adoption, and post-migration support. 
Modernize Communications: Workshop: NTT DATA's workshop will guide you through the process of deploying and adopting Microsoft Teams Calling as your telephony solution. The workshop covers evaluation of your current telephony needs, workload analysis, and showcases the reliable, high-quality, end-to-end Teams Calling experience.
Development and Support Service for Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate: This support service from SoftBank offers one-on-one guidance for creating apps and flows, as well as specifications for Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate. The service, offered on-site, empowers your team with the knowledge to tackle business solutions, streamline processes, and create low-code apps.
Microsoft Power Platform: 3-Week Proof of Concept: IT RBLS will work with your organization to develop a custom solution using the Microsoft Power Platform for solving business challenges. The solution is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. At the end of the project, you will have a working solution designed to meet your business needs and a clear understanding of the platform's capabilities.

PwC Sales and Marketing Ready: Learn how you can integrate AI recommendations and reporting to accelerate time-to-value, improve productivity, increase deal size, and lift gross margin. PwC's platform utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Copilot, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys and Power Platform so you can effectively engage with customers across multiple touchpoints and incorporate data-driven decisions in your sales and marketing strategy.  

Security Operation Services: Barikat Security Operation Services offers continuous monitoring and management of cloud security with a flexible delivery model. They support a range of vendor platforms and devices, including Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Sentinel. The service includes round the clock monitoring, evaluation of system logs and policies, and coordination for regular updates and maintenance.
Teams Calling and Meetings: 3-Day Workshop: This workshop from Cloud Direct will help identify your calling and meeting requirements to enhance collaboration and productivity. It includes persona and workload analysis, Microsoft Rooms and Devices optimization, and service mapping. The workshop provides a clear roadmap for migration to Microsoft Teams Calling and a detailed summary of findings.
Threat Protection: 2-Week Workshop: Orange Cyberdefense's threat protection engagement is designed to help organizations improve their security posture. It includes analysis of cybersecurity threats, visibility into vulnerabilities, and actionable recommendations on how to utilize next-generation Microsoft Security tools to mitigate potential attacks and upgrade your security posture for the long term.

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