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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 170 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AI-Driven Structured Products Solution: IVM Markets' AI-driven software for wealth managers facilitates idea generation and optimization for structured products. It curates thematic indexes and stock lists to create optimal baskets and trade ideas in seconds. As electronic platforms and human distributors provide more access to structured products, IVM's AI provides search and recommendation capabilities to every player in the value chain.
BUILDFitters Vendor Management App: Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, BUILDFitters Vendor Management App is a web-based solution for the construction industry. It offers streamlined project management, efficient vendor selection, and a comprehensive view of vendor and subcontractor data. The app also integrates with external vendor systems and provides automated purchasing processes and centralized document storage.
Calendar+: Solutions2Share GmbH's Calendar+ is a tool within Microsoft Teams that allows users to manage their schedules and keep track of important events and meetings. It offers a variety of settings and choices, including different calendar views, appointment creation, and the ability to add emojis and colors. It aims to help anyone stay organized and increase productivity.
CentrePal Contact Center for Microsoft Teams: CentrePal offers omnichannel communication, intelligent routing, compliance recording, and more. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM and ITSM tools, and it offers actionable analytics and a drag-and-drop IVR flow designer. Empower your customer service and help-desk teams to handle customer interactions across voice and chat from the platform they already know and use.
Cuart Smart Lockers Extra ADD: This retail logistics solution offers a contactless click-and-collect experience with advanced IoT technology for keyless entry and real-time notifications. The user-friendly interface and customizable options make it ideal for personal and business use. It also contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for multiple delivery attempts.
CultureDNA: CultureDNA is a Culture Analytics tool that analyzes 17 key culture drivers to provide organizations with a comprehensive understanding of their culture in just 30 minutes. It compares organizational culture with the population and offers actionable insights to drive positive change and enhance performance.
Employee Birthdays: Maintain social connections and keep track of your co-workers' birthdays with this convenient tool from Powerverse. Get custom notifications (alerts, mails, or push notifications) and birthday reminders via a beautiful UI, then send virtual greeting cards.
Event Registration: MagiX Event Registration Module is a cloud-based solution for event management, providing features like registration, marketing, session management, check-in, and an agenda builder. The platform is customizable, cost-effective, and provides data-driven insights for future events. It operates through a single portal, simplifying the registration process for organizers and attendees.
ExactOnline to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Exact Online and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and avoiding delays. The platform handles API changes, monitors data pipelines, and rapidly develops new connectors. Dataddo offers quick setup and deployment, predictable pricing, and secure, compliant data handling.
FintechOS Platform for Digital Account Opening: FintechOS offers a solution for digital account opening that provides high-quality journeys and tailored products to attract depositors. Customers range from global companies to game-changing players, and partners include consulting agencies and firms. Results can be seen in weeks, not years.
FlowMax AI: OptimaFlow AI from Protasval streamlines business processes by identifying inefficiencies and offering recommendations for improvement. It helps businesses enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and gain a competitive edge by optimizing their workflows.
FRISS Investigations: FRISS Investigations, a case management solution for insurance investigators, helps them uncover fraudulent activities and embark on a journey toward reduced claims leakage and operational excellence. Investigative teams can collect evidence, analyze it, and report via advanced tools.
FruitPunch AI for Good Challenge: In this engagement, FruitPunch AI B.V. will crowd-source 50 engineers from its AI for Good Community to develop a functioning AI prototype for your organization. The engineers will go from data to a solution in 10 weeks. The challenge owner will need to provide a problem description and data, and will need to actively participate throughout the challenge.
Gantt+: This Gantt chart from Solutions2Share GmbH lets users create and manage tasks with attributes such as duration, progress, and dependencies. Tasks can be backdated or future-dated, edited, and deleted with in-line editing.
Google Search Console to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Google Search Console and 300 other data sources into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes. The platform will monitor and maintain data pipelines, as well as rapidly develop new connectors.
Imperium CRM Co-Managed Service (Enterprise): Imperium Dynamics LLC offers a co-managed support plan for businesses struggling to efficiently manage their CRM systems. The plan includes dedicated project managers, governance, coaching, and mentoring, as well as continuous improvement through support, training, and system enhancement. Bi-weekly health checks and enhancement planning are also included.
Imperium CRM Co-Managed Service (Premium): Imperium Dynamics LLC offers a co-managed support plan for businesses struggling to efficiently manage their CRM systems. The plan includes dedicated project managers, governance, coaching, and mentoring, as well as continuous improvement through support, training, and system enhancement. Bi-weekly health checks and enhancement planning are also included.
Imperium CRM Co-Managed Service (Standard): Imperium Dynamics LLC offers a co-managed support plan for businesses struggling to efficiently manage their CRM systems. The plan includes dedicated project managers, governance, coaching, and mentoring, as well as support, training, and system enhancements through configurations, customizations, and integrations.
Interactive Bill: Interactive Bill transforms B2B and B2C billing for telecommunications companies into a self-service experience, reducing costs and inbound calls to customer service centers. It integrates with any billing, payment, or CRM system, centralizing data and delivering insights. Reduce your call center volume by up to 60 percent and your billing-related costs by up to 50 percent.
InterestCalc Pro: Advaiya Solutions' InterestCalc Pro, an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, automates interest calculations for various financial instruments, tracks investments at a granular level, and ensures compliance with security measures and workflow setups. With InterestCalc Pro, users can optimize decision-making and unlock the full potential of their financial investments.
Invoice Automate: Invoice Automate is an AI-driven platform that streamlines the process of managing invoices, payments, and financial records for property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals. It reduces manual workload and minimizes the risk of human error by automatically generating and sending invoices based on predefined schedules or triggered events.
Key Automate: Key Automate is a platform that automates key management for properties, ensuring secure access for tenants, maintenance staff, and guests. It integrates with smart-lock technologies, providing real-time monitoring, access control, and history logs.
LUXIFER (Credits): LUXIFER from DigitalRISE optimizes digital product performance through user experience optimization. Receive monthly comprehensive reports from top UX designers, integrate with analytics tools, conduct ultra-fast testing, and collaborate directly with designers. Your data remains confidential and is used solely for improving your results.
LUXIFER (Lifetime License): LUXIFER from DigitalRISE optimizes digital product performance through user experience optimization. Receive monthly comprehensive reports from top UX designers, integrate with analytics tools, conduct ultra-fast testing, and collaborate directly with designers. Your data remains confidential and is used solely for improving your results.
LUXIFER (Yearly License): LUXIFER from DigitalRISE optimizes digital product performance through user experience optimization. Receive monthly comprehensive reports from top UX designers, integrate with analytics tools, conduct ultra-fast testing, and collaborate directly with designers. Your data remains confidential and is used solely for improving your results.
MagiX Event Registration: MagiX Event Registration Module offers a comprehensive suite of features, including registration, marketing, session management, check-in, and an agenda builder. The platform is customizable, cost-effective, and provides data-driven insights for optimizing future events.
Morrisec Risk Platform: Morrisec Risk Platform (MRP) streamlines governance, risk, and compliance processes with real-time analytics. It automates routine tasks, simplifies compliance management, and provides up-to-the-minute insights. MRP is ideal for IT and security professionals, risk and compliance officers, and business leaders seeking actionable insights.
Order Short Close: Advaiya Solutions' Order Short Close, an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, streamlines order management with automated short close actions and line-level enhancements. Seamlessly integrating with existing purchase order and sales order functionalities, it offers complete visibility into short-closed orders, validation controls, and data management.
PredictEquip Pro: PredictEquip Pro uses AI to predict equipment failures in real time, reducing downtime and extending machinery life. It's essential for optimizing maintenance schedules, improving efficiency, and minimizing unexpected repair costs in manufacturing and industrial operations.
Purchase Requisition App: Purchase Requisition App from NGenious Solutions streamlines and automates the purchase requisition process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It allows users to create and submit requests, consolidate items, define multi-level approval workflows, and generate detailed reports. Employees can request items not available in the store or warehouse.
QuickBooks to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates QuickBooks and 300 other data sources into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes. Use it to monitor and maintain data pipelines and to rapidly develop new connectors. The platform offers streamlined setup and maintenance, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.
QuickStart: Generative AI for Your Enterprise Data: Ikigai Labs' AI platform for tabular and time series data integrates with sales and operations planning workflows to provide more accurate demand forecasts. It works with any data type and helps teams make better decisions. The platform includes aiMatch for data preparation, aiCast for prediction, and aiPlan for scenario analysis.
RAMP: This AI-powered tool from Whale Technologies HK Limited lets businesses automate audit tasks, enabling compliance, visualizing store and auditor performance ranking, and validating audit and inspection processes. It's a scalable solution for businesses looking to improve quality and efficiency.
Shift Technology Improper Payment Detection: Shift Technology's Improper Payment Detection uses AI and enhanced data to identify fraud, waste, and abuse for health plans. It allows users to analyze behaviors and actions across multiple lines of business, maximizing savings for health plans.
SPIDER: SPIDER from Wellesley Cove Group helps telecommunication providers, consultants, and academic researchers analyze market scope, pricing trends, and prospecting options for U.S. schools and libraries in the E-Rate support program. Utilizing information from the FCC's Form 471, SPIDER provides a breakdown of expenses on telecommunications products and services, including internet and IT costs, contract information, and location details.
Taxadd - Tax Automation: CETAS Information Technology's Taxadd, designed for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365, simplifies tax calculation processes. It automates the computation of various taxes, offers a high degree of configurability, and includes a dedicated Taxadd Report feature for comprehensive tracking. Calculate GST, VAT, and other taxes.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

BOLDSuite Analytics: NetSuite & Power BI Connector: AlphaBOLD offers a NetSuite and Microsoft Power BI connector for real-time insights and data visualizations. The solution eliminates the need for manual exports and offers two options: direct data connector or data connector with data warehouse. The solution includes built-in dashboards and reports, and no additional NetSuite license is required for sharing data with external organizations.
Business Form to App: In this service, ARO will deliver a form replacement app so you can move from paper to digital. This will include a model-driven app for users and administrators, accessible via a web browser or via Microsoft Power Apps for mobile devices, and two corresponding security roles. The app can be deployed to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, utilizing Microsoft Dataverse for storage.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop: Elisa Oyj's workshop will explore how you can use AI to boost productivity using Microsoft products. Demos and practical examples will be provided for Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, and Excel. The workshop will also address Microsoft's commitment to sustainable AI.
Copilot Studio in a Day Workshop: Covenant Technology Partners will teach low-code citizen developers how to create chatbots using Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate. The course will cover basic chatbot creation, message and question nodes, system topics, and variable usage. The workshop can be held on-site or via Microsoft Teams.
Fabric or Synapse Data Warehouse: Prodata offers an out-of-the-box architecture and framework for building an enterprise data warehouse on Microsoft Azure using Microsoft Fabric or Azure Synapse. This engagement will cover analysis, design, sprint planning, platform building, deployment, testing, and managed support.
Fabric Proof of Concept: Prodata's team of experts will let you try out Microsoft Fabric, an AI-powered analytics platform, so you can see if it's a good fit for your organization. Prodata can answer key questions you may have and show you Fabric features working on your data. Each proof of concept can be slightly different depending on the target architecture and what aspects you want to see.

Fast Financials: 2-Month Implementation: Boyer offers a prepackaged solution for small businesses. In addition to two months of fractional accounting services and one year of Boyer ERP Connect IP, customers will receive five key reports, a financial dashboard, and configuration of software for general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and banking functions.

Go Live With Any Business-Critical Report in 4 to 6 Weeks: Ava Software can implement Microsoft Power BI to elevate your business intelligence capabilities in just four weeks. Ava Software's program includes in-depth analysis, a hands-on proof of concept, customizable solutions, and comprehensive training and support. Unlock the full potential of your data.
Intelligent Traffic Management Implementation: AW Latam will implement Intelligent Traffic Management, a solution built on Microsoft Copilot, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Power Apps, and Power Automate. Intelligent Traffic Management addresses traffic and related challenges in urban environments, and it integrates with multiple government systems. This service is available only in Spanish.
Interactive Collaboration Guide: 1 Week: The path to the cloud brings with it many collaboration tool choices, some of which might not be the best fit for your particular processes or workflows. In this exercise, nteam GmbH will help you select and implement the Microsoft 365 apps that make the most sense for your situation. This offer is available only in German.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Implementation and Adoption: CTAC will assess your Microsoft 365 environment, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized plan to implement and configure Copilot. CTAC's experts will ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations, and comprehensive training sessions will be provided for your users.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 4-Week Deployment: Click2Cloud will assist in evaluating, piloting, and deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365 in your organization. Ongoing support and monitoring will be included, along with demos and an implementation guide.
Microsoft 365 Security Accelerator: Energy & Resources: In this service aimed at energy and resource companies, KMicro Tech will deliver a rapid deployment of Microsoft 365 security features, including identity and access management, data protection, threat protection, and security management and compliance.
Microsoft 365 Security Accelerator: Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure: KMicro Tech offers a tailored approach to safeguarding your manufacturing and critical infrastructure operations. This accelerator addresses such cybersecurity challenges as OT protection, IP safeguarding, supply chain resilience, and regulatory compliance.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Baseline: SHI's technical experts will help streamline endpoint management and security with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft 365 E5. They will discover your current and desired state, architect a best-in-class onboarding process, implement a secure device deployment motion, and adopt at scale through pilot, testing, and training.
Microsoft Intune Deployment: ESTE Bilisim's service streamlines mobile device and application management, empowering organizations to adapt to remote-work demands while boosting collaboration and productivity. In this engagement, ESTE Bilisim will establish a controlled Microsoft Intune environment within your organization so your users can explore and evaluate the platform.
Microsoft Purview: 5-Day Fundamentals Workshop: In this workshop, eGroup Enabling Technologies will facilitate data discovery and cataloging across various sources, including Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft Purview helps organizations derive more value from their data assets while mitigating risks associated with data management and governance.
Microsoft Teams Phone Pilot: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Advania's proof of concept will let you try Microsoft Teams Phone, integrating calls into your standard flow of work and optimizing IT resources. An actionable plan will be outlined with potential workstreams and dependencies for scaling deployment and adoption.
NGO365 Kickstart: Wolkenwerft GmbH will furnish a rollout plan for Microsoft 365 that's customized to your company's needs. This will involve a technical assessment workshop, governance and organization support, and training for employees. Wolkenwerft's team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition. This offer is available only in German.
NIST 800-171 Microsoft 365 Accelerator-Guided Deployment: This service from KMicro Tech helps defense industrial base contractors achieve NIST 800-171 compliance within their Microsoft 365 environment. KMicro Tech's team will conduct a gap assessment, design a customized security architecture, and provide expert guidance for deployment. Ongoing support will be included.
Olinko Cybersecurity Awareness Program for End Users: Olinko's cybersecurity awareness program employs Microsoft 365 attack simulation training. It includes workshops, surveys, an analysis of employees' current cybersecurity maturity, and a phishing campaign. Employees will receive a certificate after achieving predefined performance indicators.
Organizational Change Management Consulting for Power BI: iLink Systems offers guidance for Microsoft Power BI implementation, stakeholder engagement, change management strategy, and deployment. iLink Systems will empower your end users to address concerns and pain points, and will create a process to encourage org-wide adoption and maximation of your Power BI benefits.
Performance Analytics Application: 8 Week Assessment: Protiviti will optimize your data pipeline, enabling quicker access to essential analysis and reports on mobile devices. A custom mobile application will use Microsoft Power BI and various Azure services to collect, manipulate, and analyze business performance data.
Power Automate and Central Error Management: inWorks' workshop will focus on implementing centralized error management for Microsoft Power Platform environments. Participants will receive guidance on setting up error management for Power Automate workflows. Training materials will be supplied for developers and power users, and integration requirements for help desk solutions will be discussed.
Power BI Adoption: Ava Software offers expertly crafted Microsoft Power BI adoption consulting services to empower your organization with robust data analytics and business intelligence capabilities. This four-week program covers all facets of your Power BI deployment journey, from strategic planning and governance to fostering a culture of adoption.
Power BI Discovery POC with BYOD: This service from Ava Software includes a one-week rapid deployment of Microsoft Power BI to showcase its transformative capabilities using your data. You'll receive customized dashboard creation and expert guidance from a team with extensive business intelligence and analytics experience.
RPA For Monitoring Processing: ADACTIM's proof of concept will demonstrate the benefits of automating business processes. ADACTIM's robotic process automation utilizes Microsoft technologies, and its experts will develop automation solutions that will permit customization from clients at each sprint of the project.
Sentinel 360 MXDR with Microsoft Copilot for Security: KMicro Tech's professional services will help you optimize Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Copilot for Security so you can bring enhanced threat detection and response to your Microsoft 365 environments. KMicro Tech also provides AI-powered threat hunting, incident analysis, and remediation guidance.
Start Your Gen AI Journey with NTT DATA: NTT DATA's advisory-led accelerated services will transform your business value chain with generative AI. NTT DATA uses calibrated and measurable steps to accurately gauge an organization’s people, process, and technology readiness for the deployment and rollout of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in a phased manner.
SVA Workshop: Adoption & Change with Microsoft 365 Copilot: The introduction of AI has caused a stir and has sometimes brought to light unrealistic claims. In this workshop from SVA, participants will explore AI technology, gain a deeper understanding of it, and develop competence in using Microsoft 365 Copilot. This workshop is available only in German.
SVA Workshop: Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness: Over two sessions, SVA will present a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Copilot for Security, a generative AI solution that helps organizations gain an advantage in the digital threat landscape. This workshop is available only in German and is intended for CISOs, SOC analysts, and administrators.
Tableau to Power BI Migration POC (4 Weeks): Ava Software will show you the benefits of Microsoft Power BI by migrating a specific dashboard from Tableau. Deliverables include Power BI dashboards and a user training guide. Comprehensive support will be provided.
Tableau to Power BI Migration: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Nous will provide feature-mapping checklists and other best practices to help your architects migrate Tableau reports to Microsoft Power BI. Pricing will vary based on report complexity. Deliverables include two re-created reports and a migration road map.
Teams Voice Pilot: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Computacenter will allow you to try the Microsoft Teams phone system without commitment or changes to your existing telephony system. The cloud-only service includes an operator console interface, call queues, and devices for evaluating multiple use cases. Reduce or eliminate your dependency on on-premises infrastructure and lower maintenance costs.
Teams Premium AI Readiness Workshop: In this workshop, One Diversified will showcase the capabilities of Microsoft Teams Premium, such as intelligent recap features and AI-suggested action items. One Diversified will help you build a plan for rapid deployment, with security, governance, adoption, and change management.

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