New on Microsoft AppSource: January 19-25, 2024
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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 138 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Brilliance Financial Technology - DPX Pricing: Brilliance Financial Technology offers DPX, a cloud-native platform that combines pricing, rates, and profitability management to help banks improve profits, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver pricing transparency. DPXesg, the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) component, empowers banks to evaluate ESG risks and manage the transition to net zero.
CopilotBuilder by Stratus Innovations Group: This platform simplifies the creation of OpenAI generative AI-based copilots for any organization and business workflow. It includes a collection of large language models (LLMs), in-house developed plugins, and tools for extending LLMs to use custom data. The platform guides users through the process of deployment and offers professional services for on-site assistance.
CRM for Poll Campaign Management: Pollshark is an AI-driven CRM for election campaigns that offers public engagement, advanced analytics, and multi-channel marketing. It helps widen voter base communication, enhance party positioning, and deliver real-time campaign insights. Pollshark's AI integration aids in identifying influencers, creating content, and optimizing campaigns.
DeeSha Customer Helpdesk System V1: DeeSha Customer Helpdesk is a user-friendly and cost-effective app for businesses seeking an efficient customer support system. It offers ticket management, real-time notifications, customizable workflows, an integrated knowledge base, and performance analytics. The app enhances customer satisfaction, improves operational efficiency, and ensures data security and compliance.
inogic item added manually.png DeDupeD: Detect, Prevent, and Merge Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365: DeDupeD from Inogic is a powerful data-cleansing app made for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Use it to swiftly identify and manage duplicate CRM data. DeDupeD ensures data accuracy and quality by effortlessly detecting, preventing, and merging duplicate records within any out-of-the-box or custom entity.
Emission Sentri: Emission Sentri is an enterprise platform that uses data and AI to drive emissions reduction through employee engagement, capacity building, and behavioral change. It integrates with carbon accounting data, automates engagement with employees, and offers insights in Microsoft Teams. The platform also provides generative AI recommendations, awareness training, and gamification.
Epson Bridge for Universal Print at Home: Epson Connect allows printing to home printers while connected to a VPN, with encrypted communications to prevent information leaks. Administrators can remotely monitor employee printing status, and setup is easy without changing network settings or installing drivers. Epson network-capable printers and multifunction printers released in 2011 or later support Epson Connect.
FieldOS as SaaS: FieldOS is a SaaS solution that streamlines field operations and interaction. Its mobile app allows for real-time management of requests, tasks, assets, and locations, while its embedded AI engine and machine learning algorithms can automatically schedule and dispatch workers. The platform also offers customizable work orders, digital evidence tracking, document generation, checklists, IoT integration, and customizable dashboards and reports.
Finastra Payments to Go: Finastra Payments to Go is a SaaS payment hub that offers end-to-end processing for all payment types. It provides visibility and traceability of payment flows, maintains compliance with payment scheme requirements, and offers analytics capabilities to unlock operational and business insights. The platform is scalable on demand, with a simple subscription pricing model based on the number of clearings and payment volumes.
IDOS Digital CFO: IDOS is a platform that automates accounting and financial transactions, providing accurate, reliable, and compliant data for liquidity optimization. It empowers businesses with powerful reporting capabilities and real-time analysis, enabling growth and profitability.
iTOMS: Infyz's iTOMS is a software solution that streamlines and optimizes terminal operations, providing real-time visibility, workflow optimization, and seamless integration capabilities. It emphasizes data-driven decision-making, cost reduction through automation, and scalability.
iyarn App: iyarn is a digital platform that allows people in schools and workplaces to check in about their well-being and manage issues such as stress, sleep, fitness, and mental health. It provides fast, simple check-ins that are designed to be repeated on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The platform has been operating in schools and organizations across Australia since 2018.
Manage Worker Compliance: offers an automated compliance monitoring platform for up to four users from compliance, risk management, or human resources departments. The platform identifies key risk indicators from existing data to prevent injuries and claims resulting from noncompliance, reducing the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits.
MySafeDrive: MySafeDrive helps businesses achieve decarbonization and safety goals by monitoring and measuring scope 1 and 3 emissions, sustainability objectives, and ESG targets. It also measures driver safety, which can result in additional benefits like reducing engine wear and tear and lowering insurance costs. The platform uses advanced data science and OEM data to generate metrics and classifications based on driving behavior and journey type.
Opinum Data Hub EMS - SaaS: Opinum Data Hub EMS is a comprehensive solution for energy service companies that offers advanced data visualization, algorithms for application enhancement, comprehensive data integration, customizable reports and alerts, and an accessible API for development.
Playground by Elqano: Playground is an enterprise-grade business chat tool for Microsoft Teams that assists with daily tasks like content creation, article summarization, and paragraph translation. It finds internal and external information through its intelligent search feature, which connects to Microsoft SharePoint.
Project Changes Tracker: Advaiya's app, designed for Microsoft Project, allows users to track and record changes in project metadata and schedules. This can provide valuable insights into project progress and identify any problems early in the process. The app also helps with scope management, risk assessment, and contingency planning.
Races Sales Hub: Races Sales Hub is a customizable solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales and after-sales needs. It's intended for service industries, manufacturing companies, and the trading sector. The solution tracks every ticket and service call, provides customer insights, and can be integrated with other Redactor Cloud products from Races Solutions.
Surveys by Udyamo: Surveys by Udyamo is a SaaS solution that allows users to create and conduct surveys within Microsoft Teams. The app offers intuitive survey creation, instant insights, advanced analytics, secure data protection, and customizable templates. It aims to enhance communication, teamwork, and decision-making.

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10-Day Deployment and Training for Microsoft Surface Go for Frontline Workers: Stark Solution will set up Surface devices and install Microsoft 365 F3 for your frontline workers so they can use tools like Teams, Excel, and Outlook. The devices come with case holders for use in cars or lorries, and workers will be trained on the Walkie Talkie app and on finding shift plans.
Avanade Process Mining MVP FY24: Avanade's MVP offers end-to-end process mining of source data for one business process, creating a process data model and map with default value drivers. Avanade will provide an introductory workshop to help organizations gain buy-in for investment in Microsoft Power Automate Process Mining.
Axians Premier CSM Service (12 Months): Axians offers professional services to help clients start using Microsoft 365 or expand their use of it. Monthly hours will be dedicated to supervision, problem-solving, and clarifications. Personalized training, continuous technical support, and automatic updates are available. This offer is available in Portuguese.
Bechtle's Explore Microsoft 365 Copilot AI Workshop: This AI training program helps organizations understand and integrate AI into their workplace. It covers generative AI, Copilot Pro, and Microsoft 365 Copilot features, as well as creating scenarios for productivity and creativity. The program includes a consultant-led workshop, presentation materials, and a road map for implementing Microsoft 365 Copilot. This offer is available in French.
COE for Power Platform: 1-Week Workshop: In this workshop, Celebal Technologies will focus on Microsoft Power Platform governance and operations controls for long-term support. Services in adoption and change management and in citizen and developer enablement are also available.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management: 2-Week Implementation: ProServeIT offers guidance for adopting Copilot for Microsoft 365, an AI-powered digital assistant that automates tasks, provides insights, and enhances productivity. The adoption and change management engagement includes customized awareness and benefits campaigns, onboarding support, and a flexible training plan.
Copilot for Microsoft 365: 3-Day Workshop: CANCOM offers an end-to-end journey for implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365, including an ideation workshop, a readiness check, technical delivery, and a user adoption assessment. In this workshop, CANCOM will analyze your existing infrastructure and provide recommendations and a cost estimate. This offer is available in German.
Copilot for Microsoft 365: 5-Day Workshop: CANCOM offers an end-to-end journey for implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365, including an ideation workshop, a readiness check, technical delivery, and a user adoption assessment. In this workshop, CANCOM will execute recommendations, create privacy and governance policies, integrate Copilot into existing IT infrastructure, and prepare data and processes. This offer is available in German.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 User Adoption Assessment: CANCOM offers an end-to-end journey for implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365, including an ideation workshop, a readiness check, technical delivery, and a user adoption assessment. The user adoption assessment will ensure effective integration into employees' work routines. This offer is available in German.
Copilot Studio Accelerate: 8-Hour Proof of Concept: Fusion5 Limited will showcase the potential of Microsoft Copilot Studio and its ability to create and deploy conversational agents using natural language understanding and generative AI answers. The proof of concept will involve building custom copilots, setting up generative answers, and presenting a demonstration of a specific use case within eight hours.
Cybersecurity Assessment: 3-Week Workshop: Exelegent will evaluate your cybersecurity posture and use Microsoft 365 security products to reduce your risk exposure. This will include vulnerability and data security assessments. The engagement will be delivered in your production environment.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service: 4-Month to 5-Month Implementation: Digia will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service so you can offer personalized customer service experiences, resolve issues quicker, and improve satisfaction by providing a unified view of customer interactions across channels. Digia has more than 20 years of experience in delivering Microsoft CRM solutions and a team of nearly 100 experts ready to help.
Future of Work Copilot: 2-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, you'll learn about Wipro's Future of Work Copilot, powered by Wipro Live Workspace. The AI-powered solution provides professionals with intelligent digital assistants, and it combines the advanced capabilities of Copilot and Azure OpenAI with a three-phase methodology to help businesses develop sophisticated AI strategies.
Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Penthara offers data migration services from Google Drive Enterprise to OneDrive for Business. Penthara will ensure data integrity, security, and minimal downtime during the migration process. Customers will need a valid Microsoft 365 subscription and license. They will also need to ensure that the total volume of data to be migrated does not exceed 500 GB.
Governance and Security on Microsoft Power Platform: 4-Week Workshop: In this workshop, Celebal Technologies will discuss best practices, security, and governance for Microsoft Power Platform. A knowledge transfer, administrator training, and a readiness assessment of current assets and strategies will be included.
it partner logo.png Initial Consulting/Discovery Session: IT Partner's consultation will help you take your first steps in cloud services. The session will include a Q&A about Microsoft cloud solutions and possible deployment scenarios. The session will be most effective if you prepare in advance a list of the issues and challenges your company is currently facing.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Consulting and Deployment Service: CloudCan's AI experts will assess your environment to identify your business requirements and data mapping needs, then create a plan to reach your desired state, including plans for environment readiness, remediation, and Microsoft 365 Copilot implementation.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: This workshop from Big Cloud Consultants will help organizations prepare for Microsoft Copilot by reviewing data governance policies and configurations. Recommendations will be supplied for configuring Microsoft security technologies to meet data governance requirements, resulting in a documented plan for deployment.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: Readiness Workshop: Noest's four-week program will prepare organizations for a successful implementation and adoption of Copilot. Participants will gain an understanding of governance principles, integration, use cases, and adoption.
Microsoft 365 Governance (4 Weeks): Noest will help your organization establish effective governance strategies for Microsoft 365. Participants will gain insight into best practices for managing and securing their Microsoft 365 environment, including user and group management, data classification and protection, compliance, and policy enforcement.
Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365: Workshop by CloudEdge: This workshop from CloudEdge will teach the core features of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. Participants will also learn time-saving techniques for document creation and explore case studies. Interactive group exercises will strengthen teamwork.
Microsoft Power Platform Governance (4 Weeks): In a series of workshops, Noest will introduce participants to the Microsoft Power Platform and its capabilities. This instruction will equip participants with the skills to build custom solutions within a well-defined framework of agreements and best practices. Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages will be covered.
Power BI: 5-Day Implementation: In this engagement, Radiante will help you visualize data using the DAX and M languages. Radiante will assist in designing a governance model for Microsoft Power BI reports, as well as creating reports. Other consulting services are also available.
Process Mining Discovery and Optimization in 8 Weeks: Capgemini will help your organization identify, analyze, and optimize business processes through its envisioning and discovery workshops. Data-driven insights from these workshops will enable you to boost customer satisfaction, increase productivity, streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and save money.
SharePoint Intranet Implementation: Transform your team's communication and collaboration with this SharePoint implementation service from Big Cloud Consultants. The service includes a customized design, a data migration, a governance plan, integration with Microsoft 365 tools, and training.

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Advanced Item Availability for Production Scheduler
Anveo EDI Connect: External EDI Service Provider
Aplex ERP
audius Report
Auto E-Invoicing: India TaxSync Suite
AuxiBot for Microsoft Teams
Avanade Migration Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365
BarcodeGen Pro
Brainbow: Automated Valuation Models for Residential Properties in Mexico
Copilot for Microsoft 365: 6-Week Technical Readiness Assessment
Copilot Readiness Assessment
COSMO Analytics for Manufacturing, Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365
COSMO Analytics for Projects, Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Crew Finder
CS Docs
Definitive Choice
DesireInfoweb Products
DocEndorse for Microsoft Outlook
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Hour Discovery Session
e2grow - Strengths at Work
Ecodel Exclusive: Boligflow Integration
Edge and Cloud Business Support from Fujitsu
elba Phishing Simulations
Elgin Tarot Resolutions for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
Elgin Tarot Resolutions for Microsoft Teams
EY Data Mesh
GROW - SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud
HCL/IBM Connections Migration to Microsoft 365
HRSimplified Subscription
IM Warehouse Advanced
iMerit Annotation Solutions
Infinion Briefing (PVA with ChatGPT)
Inventory Aging Analytics
Invoice Workflow 365
Jive to Microsoft 365 Migration: 2-Hour Briefing
KrispCall For Dynamics 365
LeBit Core
LOCKTERA SHARE: Secure File Sharing
Maia: AI Coach for the Leadrly App for Microsoft Teams
Meeting Canary
MetaOPT - Optimization as a Service
mfloow Task Management for the Employment Cycle
Microsoft Power Platform: 5-Day Technical and Process Assessment
Microsoft Power Platform Assessment
Multilingual (Language Packs) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Multilingual (Language Packs) for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Multilingual (Language Packs) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
Multilingual Localization for Web Applications
Multiship DHL Express
Neo Notification Service
Onesait Flexibility
Paradigm WBC Energy: Web Auction Solution for Energy Purchases or Negotiations
PatentAI Assistant
PointFire Translator Express
Post Dated Check
Progressus for Binary Stream MEM
QESuite (MSO Version)
Queue Auto Assign
Reservation Quota
Retail Integration Service
Sales Insights for Sage 300 by ZILLIONe
Sales Report
Shared Calendar
ShareDo - Case Management SaaS Platform
Silect Operations Portal MI
SMART Payroll for Georgia
SmartBOL Shipping Documentation System for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Stacked Insights
STARC Timesheet Solution (Basic Package)
Swirl Metasearch 2.0 Contact Me
Symity Consulting Service for Copilot for Microsoft 365
Symity Hub
Syncberry - Time Tracking
TANSS X: Create and Assign Tickets from Emails 
Taxxon Enhacement Pack for Inflation Adjustment
Torpedo’s Newsletter Web Part for SharePoint Online
Torpedo’s Profile Web Part for SharePoint Online
Trivia Engine Social
Uniserve Reach Digital Engagement Software
Visitor Management
Welsh Language Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Welsh Language Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance


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