New on Microsoft AppSource: April 1-9, 2024
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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 255 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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1Page: 1Page is an all-in-one productivity tool designed to empower sales professionals within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365. It provides real-time insights, one-page summaries, and personalized engagement to streamline sales success. With seamless integration and proven success, 1Page offers significant returns within two weeks of use.
3-2-1-GoCheck: 3-2-1-GoCheck simplifies background checking with a modern approach that links clients, candidates, and third parties for a transparent process. The digital solution automates tedious processes, integrates with HR solutions, and offers real-time updates. The Microsoft Teams app allows users to request, cancel, and get status updates on background checks without leaving the platform.
Amazon Ads to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform offers instant access to analytics by integrating Amazon Ads and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI. The platform handles all API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and rapidly develops new connectors. It also offers quick setup and deployment, predictable pricing, and top-tier data security and compliance.
ArqSIGN: ArqSIGN is an electronic signature platform that simplifies processes, manages documents, and provides real-time notifications. It offers unlimited users, recipient verification via email and SMS access codes, and seamless integration with preferred tools using an all-in-one API solution. 
Atlassian JIRA to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Atlassian JIRA and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and avoiding delays. The platform handles API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and rapidly develops new connectors. 
Azure Managed Service Consultancy Credits: Agisko offers tailored services for Microsoft Azure, including bespoke project implementations, on-site support packages, and continuous operational assistance. Its team comprises three specialized roles to address the varied needs of Azure tasks and provides flexibility and timely support for both scheduled and urgent tasks, with a credit system for efficient service utilization.
ClaraOne: Chronic Care Management: ClaraOne is a chronic care management tool that simplifies program implementation and scalability for healthcare organizations. It tracks patient data, engagement, care plans, and transitions while providing robust audit trails. ClaraOne integrates with Microsoft 365, offers fair pricing, and adheres to industry standards for compliance and security.
DISARM Content Security for Email: DISARM is a content security solution that uses advanced content sandbox and content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology to detect and neutralize threats in documents, including PDFs and Microsoft Office files. It offers real-time inspection and faster scans than legacy sandboxes, with up to 10 times lower false positives and negatives. DISARM also provides statistic reports and alerts for blocked emails.
Ekara: Ip-label's Ekara solution offers comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and optimization of user experience on digital applications and services. It combines active and passive monitoring for all types of applications and devices and is compatible with all cloud platforms.
Enable 365 Templates: Enable 365 Templates simplifies the process of making Microsoft 365 templates available in Teams. The app's template selector allows easy access to up-to-date templates from a central location, ensuring everyone uses the latest versions. It's easy to use and can be added to relevant teams.
Engagy Comms Management Hub: Engagy Comms Management Hub streamlines the creation of Microsoft SharePoint Online intranet portals with its template management system. Its information governance framework and automatic reminders ensure up-to-date content, while analytics integration provides insights into portal usage. Membership recertification policies enhance security, reducing administrative tasks and boosting end-user trust.
ERP System: Clobbi lite: Clobbi is an all-in-one system that automates enterprise services, ensuring unity across all systems. It meets MRPII, MES, APS, and ERP standards.
ERP System: IT-Enterprise 2024: IT-Enterprise offers a comprehensive system for automating all enterprise services. It integrates all systems into a single entity, ensuring unity in information space and interfaces. The system meets MRPII, MES, APS, and ERP standards.
ERP System: IT-Enterprise Lite: IT-Enterprise offers a comprehensive system for automating all enterprise services. It integrates all systems into a single entity, ensuring unity in information space and interfaces. The system meets MRPII, MES, APS, and ERP standards.
ESG Consulting Dashboard: The MobiCycle Consulting Dashboard helps IT professionals and developers bridge IT prowess with ESG objectives to deliver fast, reliable, and repeatable reporting and analytics solutions. It enables companies to tackle Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, and pollution by offering tools for tracking, measuring, and enhancing ESG performance.
ESG Marketing Dashboard: MobiCycle's Marketing Dashboard offers a new perspective on environmental marketing by providing a narrative that goes beyond numbers. It guides organizations in creating communication strategies that resonate with critical audiences and emphasizes transparency and truth. The dashboard acts as a unifying force, bridging knowledge gaps within and between teams.
EzyPro Asset and Maintenance Management (AMM): EzyPro AMM streamlines asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and resource allocation. It offers features like corrective repair requests, preventive maintenance, and performance analytics. The software enhances efficiency, reduces downtime, and extends asset lifespan, leading to cost savings and improved productivity. 
Facebook Organic to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates over 300 data sources, including Facebook Page and Post, directly into Microsoft Power BI for instant access to analytics. The platform handles API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and develops new connectors within 10 business days.
Facilio Connected CMMS: Facilio Connected CMMS streamlines maintenance operations and maximizes asset efficiency with features such as work order management, preventive maintenance, inventory management, reports and dashboards, mobile-first CMMS, and integrations.
Google My Business to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Google My Business and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, monitoring and maintaining data pipelines, and rapidly developing new connectors.
Haptik - Interakt: Interakt is a conversational marketing, sales, and support platform that uses WhatsApp Business APIs to reduce customer acquisition costs, improve customer lifetime value, and drive repeat purchases. It offers features such as GPT-powered chatbots, AI-powered WhatsApp ads, and native payments. 
Ingreso: Ingreso is an intelligent office platform integrated with Microsoft tools, offering features such as user management, data permissions, AI-assisted reading, mobile access, and integration with the National e-Invoice System. It also provides extensive CRM features, including leave management and centralized firm data storage.
Instagram to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform offers instant access to over 300 data sources, including Instagram ads, stories, business data, and posts, directly into Power BI. The platform handles API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and develops new connectors within 10 business days.
Levin Assets: This web-based asset management software complies with all asset control and reporting requirements, including historical cost and fair value per US GAAP and IFRS, local tax, and insurable values. It offers multiple depreciation methods and valuation books, as well as budget and project controls for assets under construction.
LoadSpring Cloud Platform: LoadSpring offers secure, cloud-hosted project management solutions with over 200 applications hosted globally. The platform provides faster software deployment, improved support response time, and reduced help desk tickets. LoadSpring INSIGHTS delivers clean, accurate, reportable, and analyzable data for improving decision-making, enhancing team productivity, and gaining a competitive edge.
Mapa Polski: Available only in Polish, this application is a unique, efficient, and easy-to-use map of Poland with built-in administrative division. It allows for precise and interactive data analysis on the level of provinces, counties, and municipalities. The map is useful for commercial companies, government agencies, and local authorities.
MASTER Lite: Available in Ukranian, MASTER is an integrated system that automates all services of an enterprise, ensuring unity across information space and interfaces. It meets the standards of APS and ERP, making all enterprise systems a single entity.
Office Booking Hub: Office Booking Hub is an app that simplifies the booking process for office workers. It allows employees to reserve workspaces, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and company cars. The app sends automated notifications with reservation details and provides real-time maps of the office and parking lot.
Organizational Chart Web Part for SharePoint: The Organizational Chart Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint uses Entra ID data to create a clear and customizable display of organizational hierarchies. It includes enhanced search functionality and seamless integration with Insightful Profiles.
Pina Earth - European Climate Projects: Pina Earth uses AI and remote sensing data to create certified climate projects, including turning monoculture forests into mixed and climate-resilient ones. Supported by Y-Combinator, the German government, and the European Space Agency, Pina Earth has the potential to remove carbon on a gigaton scale.
ProBuild Needs: This application allows employees and administrators to request construction accessories and safety clothing, with a size preview module and recommendations. Administrators can process requests and view all information in a separate panel. The app is accessible on any platform and includes email notifications.
Service Management Automation X: SMAX by OpenText is an IT service management suite with machine learning and analytics capabilities. It includes out-of-the-box service management processes, self-service options, and codeless configuration. SMAX also offers automation, multi-tenancy, and deployment flexibility, resulting in lower ticket volumes, faster resolution times, and improved customer satisfaction.
Shift Technology Subrogation Decisions: Shift Subrogation Decisions uses AI to identify opportunities for cost recovery from third parties, generating actionable cases with insights. It improves on manual and rules-based processes, focusing on coverage, consistency, and precision. The result is reduced claim loss and improved deductible recovery, freeing the claims team to focus on resolving claims.
Shopify to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Shopify and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, data pipeline maintenance, and connector development. The platform offers quick setup and deployment, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.
Sight Machine Factory Copilot: Sight Machine Factory Copilot for Manufacturing centralizes manufacturing data into a single, AI-powered data estate, improving data management and decision-making processes. It combines Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service with Sight Machine's Manufacturing Data Platform to extract and contextualize factory data in real-time, enabling users to integrate datasets and run analytics on industrial data.
Stella PHB (Precision Health Billing): Stella PHB automates financial and administrative tasks in healthcare. It tracks income and costs, improving financial reporting and visibility. It also charges a variety of healthcare services to billing, reducing administrative burden and minimizing billing errors.
Stripe to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Stripe and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, data pipeline maintenance, and connector development. The platform offers streamlined setup and maintenance, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.
TikTok to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates TikTok and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, data pipeline maintenance, and connector development. The platform offers quick setup and deployment, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.
Twitter Ads to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform offers instant access to analytics by integrating Twitter Ads and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI. The platform handles all API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and rapidly develops new connectors. It also offers quick setup and deployment, proactive monitoring, and maintenance of data pipelines, and a predictable pricing model.
Vega: Vega by CloudLex is a cloud-based software solution designed for solo and small-plaintiff personal-injury law firms. It offers centralized matter management, streamlined document management, personal injury case tracking, and more.
Workstream: Engagy's Workstream is a visualization tool for Microsoft Power BI that simplifies project tracking. It displays tasks and stages in a hierarchical layout, making it easy to understand the project's road map. The tool is highly configurable, allowing users to tailor the visualization to their project's specific needs. It's ideal for monitoring project progression, identifying bottlenecks, tracking budgets, and managing timelines.
Xero to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform integrates Xero and over 300 other data sources directly into Microsoft Power BI, providing instant access to analytics and handling all API changes, data pipeline maintenance, and connector development. The platform offers streamlined setup and maintenance, predictable pricing, and secure and compliant data handling.
YouTube to Power BI Connector: Dataddo's no-code platform offers instant access to analytics by integrating over 300 data sources, including YouTube Analytics and YouTube Video, directly into Microsoft Power BI. The platform handles API changes, monitors and maintains data pipelines, and develops new connectors within 10 business days. Dataddo also offers quick setup, proactive monitoring, and predictable pricing based on the number of data flows.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI Adoption: 1-Day Workshop: Available in German, this workshop from AppSphere helps organizations integrate AI tools like Copilot for Microsoft 365 and ChatGPT to increase productivity. The workshop focuses on developing employees' AI competencies and creating a culture of learning and adaptability. The workshop addresses challenges such as competency building, sustainability, innovation, technical requirements, and regulatory compliance.
Automate Your Virtual Appointments with Teams Premium: Improve customer appointment experiences with a one-day workshop and training session from Magenium. Experts in Microsoft Teams Premium will help you create a custom-branded, on-demand scheduling system that allows customers to find available time slots. This system will help you provide better customer service without sacrificing other important tasks. 
Connected Field Service: Capgemini's Connected Field Service works with Microsoft Field Service, streamlining the service lifecycle by connecting teams and systems to manage and fulfill service requests. The solution optimizes service for the customer, asset, and environment, improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and achieving sustainability goals.
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop: The Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop from Akins IT is a three-phase engagement that helps organizations assess their needs, explore possibilities, and build a plan to implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 scenarios. The workshop provides resources, best practices, and community support to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills with natural language and AI capabilities. 
Copilot for Microsoft 365 Workshop EDU: Connection's workshop helps assess needs, prioritize Copilot scenarios, and define an actionable road map. It offers insight into readiness and optimization opportunities through targeted services that develop data estate, analyze and augment access, and maximize security. The workshop includes assessing, exploring possibilities, and building a plan.
Copilot for Security Architecture Design Sessions (ADS): Synergy Advisors' Copilot for Security Architecture Design Sessions offer a collaborative approach to empower organizations with knowledge and skills required for Microsoft Copilot for Security implementation and optimization. The engagement includes an architecture design workshop, assessing readiness, evaluating use cases, discussing security roles, exploring automation capabilities, and capacity planning.
Copilot Readiness Workshop for Microsoft 365: The Copilot Readiness Workshop from Appetite for Business helps organizations implement AI tools like Copilot for Microsoft 365. Phase 1 includes a permissions audit of legacy content, covering data security, identity and access management, endpoint and app management, and SharePoint governance. Phase 2 includes a readiness survey, onboarding and Copilot workshops, implementation, and ongoing development.
Copilot Workshop: Available in Polish, the Microsoft 365 Copilot workshop from T-Systems is designed to help clients understand and prepare a practical action plan for a Copilot solution. The workshop consists of three phases: assessment, demonstration, and planning. It helps organizations evaluate their needs, understand Copilot's capabilities, identify persona-based scenarios, and define a practical action plan.
Data Security Pathfinder: SCC's Data Security Pathfinder helps organizations identify and mitigate data security risks, assess potential risks posed by internal stakeholders, and evaluate their Microsoft 365 environment against established standards. The engagement provides actionable recommendations and a tailored plan to improve security strategy.
Exigo Tech: Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain: 1-Day Workshop: Exigo Tech's workshop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management streamlines procurement, inventory management, production planning, supplier collaboration, and logistics processes. The workshop provides practical knowledge and strategies to revolutionize supply chain operations and drive long-term business growth.
File Share to SharePoint Online (SPO) Migration: 2-Week Implementation: Efficiently migrate up to 5 terabytes of File Share data to Microsoft SharePoint Online in just two weeks with Penthara's comprehensive implementation service. The service includes an initial assessment, migration plan, secure data transfer, and two days of post-migration support.
File Share to SharePoint Online (SPO) Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Efficiently migrate up to 10 terabytes of File Share data to Microsoft SharePoint Online in just four weeks with Penthara's comprehensive implementation service. The service includes an initial assessment, migration plan development, secure data transfer, and five days of post-migration support.
G Suite (Google Workspace) to Microsoft 365 Migration: 1-Week Implementation: Migrate from G Suite to Microsoft 365 with expert services from LanTec. This offer includes mail, calendar, drive, and file migration, with additional options for Slack to Microsoft Teams and custom requirements. Assessment, planning, execution, and post-migration support provided.
HPT Copilot Assessment: 2-Day Workshop: The Copilot for Microsoft 365 Assessment Workshop offers a comprehensive approach to implementing Copilot. It includes assessment, exploring AI capabilities, and developing a detailed plan for integration. The workshop aims to drive meaningful transformation within organizations.
HPT Intelligent Security for Modern Workplace: HPT offers professional services for Microsoft 365, including enterprise consulting, technical support, IT health evaluation, and data protection. It also provides HCapollo, an intelligent security solution for digital enterprises, with features such as unified security management, digital transformation support, rapid threat detection and response, digital forensics capability, scalability, and high availability.
Intelligent Webinars with Teams Premium: 2-Hour Workshop: Microsoft Teams Premium offers advanced webinar features such as customized email templates, real-time language translations, and event call monitoring. It can help organizations improve their promotion strategy and appear more organized. This workshop from Magenium will show you the possibilities of Teams Premium.
Inventory App: 6-Month Implementation: Engage Squared will implement its Inventory App, a collaboration tool for managing stock levels in Microsoft Teams. Inventory App can integrate with existing stock systems or be customized for unique needs. The engagement has three phases: discovery and design, MVP release, and final solution release with translations.
Kickstarter: Supplier Relationship Management: This half-day workshop from Reply offers a low-code solution for efficient supplier relationship management. With Microsoft Power Platform, the workshop provides tailored features to optimize supplier relationships while reducing complexity. Participants will learn how to create a portal for suppliers and define specific requirements for a customized SRM solution. This workshop is only available in Germany. 
KSeF: KSeF from Sii is an ICT system for issuing, receiving, and storing structured invoices, mandatory for all companies in Poland. Sii's module automates settlement verification processes and includes functionalities such as automatic upload and retrieval of invoices, viewing status history, and importing invoices as XML files.
Managed Defender for Identity: Swiss IT Security offers advanced threat management solutions to protect businesses on-premises or in the cloud. Microsoft Defender for Identity, integrated with Microsoft 365, provides user and entity behavior analytics, threat intelligence, attack simulation, and incident investigation.
Microsoft 365 Advanced Deployment Guidance: 3-Week Workshop: Microsoft 365 Advanced Deployment Guidance from TechOne Global offers tailored guidance and resources for planning and deploying your tenant, apps, and services. The main objective is to provide a smoother deployment experience for IT pros, enabling efficient user management.
Microsoft Copilot Support Services: Copilot for Microsoft 365 is an AI-powered digital assistant that enhances productivity, creativity, and decision-making. This support offer from HPT offers a comprehensive knowledge base, video tutorials, technical support, training and education, account management, and security and compliance assistance.
Microsoft Intune Suite Pilot: 12-Week Proof of Concept: Maximize your investment in Microsoft 365 licenses with tailored consulting services for Microsoft Intune. Experts from Axians will assess your needs, plan and design an implementation strategy, configure settings and policies, streamline migration, provide training, and offer ongoing support to ensure you get the most value from your investment.
Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: 3-Week Workshop: Tech One Philippines offers a workshop to improve frontline workers' performance and productivity. The solution enhances communication, teamwork, and employee experience while boosting operational effectiveness and agility. The workshop includes discovery, design, and deployment phases to meet specific business requirements and expectations.
Modern Work and Copilot Engagement Program: NTT DATA will enable 25 or more users with cloud calling and advanced use cases, including auto attendant and call queues. The service also provides trial calling experiences and helps customers incorporate upcoming Microsoft 365 Copilot capabilities. 
Modern Workplace Advanced Security Acceleration: 1-Week Workshop: TechOne Global's Modern Workplace Advanced Security Acceleration solution helps organizations embrace Microsoft 365, providing secure and agile productivity tools. The solution offers comprehensive protection against malware, phishing, ransomware, identity theft, and data breaches. The implementation process can be completed in one week and includes assessment, deployment, adoption, and optimization.
Modern Workplace Deployment and Adoption (MOCA): 4-Week Workshop: Tech One Global's Modern Workplace Deployment and Adoption (MOCA) solution helps organizations maximize the potential of Microsoft 365 for collaboration, communication, and information management. MOCA prioritizes attention management and employee training, enabling digital culture change and increased productivity.
Modern Workplace Digital Workforce: 2-Day Workshop: The Modern Workplace Digital Workforce Workshop from Tech One is a two-day program that introduces Microsoft 365 to customers starting their cloud transformation. It helps envision agile work scenarios and enables employees to be productive and secure.
Modern Workplace Productivity Training: 1-Week Workshop: This workshop from Tech One helps organizations optimize their operations and empower their people to perform tasks in real time from anywhere. It provides training on how to use Microsoft 365 effectively and efficiently, covering various modules with different features and functionalities.
MTDS Microsoft 365 Deployment and Activation: Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive range of services and applications designed to improve collaboration, communication, and task management. MTDS provides customized services for businesses to analyze needs, deploy, migrate data, customize, train, secure, manage updates and licenses, integrate with other solutions, optimize performance, and migrate to the cloud. This offer is available in French.
MTDS Services for Microsoft Teams: MTDS offers consulting services to help organizations transform their team collaboration and project management with Microsoft Teams. The services include seamless integration, effective change management, and optimization of Teams features for increased productivity.
Next Level Meetings with Teams Premium: 12-Hour Proof of Concept: Microsoft Teams Premium offers new features for productivity and collaboration, including custom meeting backgrounds, personalized meetings, and live translated captions. This offer from Magenium includes user persona analysis, feature review, and live demos. 
OCM Consulting for Fabric Implementation: This implementation for Microsoft Fabric from iLink Systems involves assessing current state, stakeholder engagement, change management strategy, and deployment. The solution empowers end users to address concerns and encourages org-wide adoption.
OneShield: OneShield offers a comprehensive solution for risk assessment, deployment, and continuous protection using Microsoft security technologies. Upon acquiring the necessary Microsoft 365 technology, OneShield integrates the required remediations and configurations to deploy the tools (such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Intune, or others) outlined in the protection plan, in accordance with your strategy.
Optimized SecOps leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Security: Synergy Advisors offers a hands-on engagement to help IT professionals enhance their SecOps capabilities using Microsoft Copilot for Security. Participants will gain a deep understanding of Copilot's AI-driven insights and recommendations, learn to swiftly respond to cybersecurity threats, and explore practical scenarios to analyze risks and incidents.
PACE: Passenger Analytics and Counting Engine Implementation by Eviden: Eviden's PACE consolidates and validates raw data to provide precise figures of passenger movements, optimize train scheduling, and improve utilization. It offers easy-to-use dashboards and reports, easy integration of existing sensor data formats, and the possibility to utilize data in an internal data warehouse.
Passwordless Authentication: 2-Week Implementation: Microsoft Windows Hello for Business lets organizations replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. AHEAD offers a passwordless authentication solution with expert technical consultants guiding the deployment process.
Power Platform Enablement for Citizen Developers and IT Governance: 2-Day Workshop: Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of low-code tools for creating applications, automating workflows, analyzing data, and building chatbots without coding skills. This workshop from Visionet provides hands-on experience, expert guidance, and best practices for governance at scale with Power Platform.
Secure Data on Personally Owned Devices: 2-Week Implementation: Microsoft Intune application protection policies provide a middle ground for organizations allowing BYOD without requiring device enrollment in an MDM solution. CDI offers professional services for planning, deployment, and support of policies, including pilot solutions for up to 20 users.
SharePoint Online Migration: Synergy Technical offers a migration engagement to help organizations move to the cloud and experience the flexibility and innovation of Microsoft SharePoint Online. Synergy Technical will provide a demo of SharePoint's latest capabilities, a review of current sites, and a customized migration plan.
Teams Phone: 3-Month Pilot: Microsoft Teams Phone offers seamless collaboration for employees, partners, and customers. This pilot program from Magenium includes aligning objectives, configuring Teams Phone, and outlining recommendations for scaling deployment. Up to 50 users can test the system to guide a real project deployment.
Teams Premium for Meeting Organizers: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Microsoft Teams Premium offers tools to create and manage Teams meetings with organizational branding, meeting templates, and compliant meetings. It ensures proper protections are in place to keep meeting content safe. Apex Digital Solutions provides real-world demonstration and configuration of Teams Premium features.
Threat Protection Engagement: 5-Week Proof of Concept: The Threat Protection Engagement from Axians provides professional services to evaluate security infrastructure and overcome critical security obstacles within Microsoft 365. Customers receive a comprehensive assessment of their security landscape, tailored recommendations, and guidance on leveraging Microsoft 365's advanced threat protection features.
Thrive with Power BI: 6-Month Implementation: This Microsoft Power BI change management service from iLink Systems offers a readiness assessment, a customized road map, communication planning, governance frameworks, workshops, and office hours to help companies adopt Power BI and drive data-driven decision-making.
Windows 365 Enterprise: 4-Week Production Pilot: Microsoft Windows 365 offers intelligent security, risk-based controls, and deep integration with Microsoft products. Ravanty's implementation framework includes discovering business and technical requirements, architecting a path forward, and rolling out Entra ID-joined Windows 365 Cloud PCs for up to five users.
XDR and Threat Protection Acceleration Program: 4-Week Program: TechOne Global helps organizations detect and respond to attacks using Microsoft Defender XDR and selected Microsoft 365 Security products. The engagement includes analyzing priorities, deploying Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR, discovering threats and vulnerabilities, and presenting findings and recommendations.
XDR Service (Finland): Microsoft XDR products in the Microsoft 365 Security E5 Ecosystem help monitor and improve information security. Atea offers a service to monitor Microsoft XDR on behalf of the customer, reducing the attack surface and improving ROI. Atea's experts ensure optimal configuration and report monthly on identified development items.

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Smart Payment Record Application (ARPA)
App Library for Deployment Systems
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Copilot for Microsoft 365 Security: 1-Hour Briefing
Copilot for Security Readiness Assessment
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DocStash TAG Integration
DTX | MDR-SOC for Microsoft Defender
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: 2-Week Security Assessment
e2grow - Strengths at Work
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EnterpriseGPT by CogniSwitch
Event Check-in App for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Journeys
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Finastra ESG Service
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Global Template for Dynamics 365: 5-Month Assessment
Go4TMS - Container Transport
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GRAX for Excel
HedgeFlows Payments and Currency Management
HPT Managed Security Services
Human Resource Management for Dynamics 365
illumex Platform
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Integrated Pharmaceutical Management
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License Advisory Services
LMS with Dynamics 365
Localization Uruguay for Dynamics 365 Business Central
LS Express Hardware Station
LV Language Pack
Markup by DraftWise
Material Security
Mesensei Mobile
Microsoft 365 E5 Zero Trust Security Assessment
Microsoft Consulting Services - Copilot Enablement
Microsoft Consulting Services - Copilot Readiness
Microsoft Consulting Services - Device Management
Microsoft Consulting Services - Support Onboarding
Model Wiz
NashTech Data Solutions Accelerator
Navitrans 365 Transport Planning
NBT for Power BI
OfficeBot for Corporations
Omikron LeanMDM
One Tap Attendance Tracker App
oneclick PaaS - VDI and DaaS Provisioning
Pay-It with Stripe
People@Work for Power BI
Pexip Connect for Microsoft Teams
Pipelook - Embedded Portal for Power BI Reports
Power BI and Liferay Integration - SaaS offer
Premier Tickets Custom Portal SaaS Solution
PRIME Data Exchange Platform
PRIME Healthcare Provider Data Validation
PrintVis Apparel
QR Pay
Quality Management
REPAY Vendor Payment Automation
RPA Connect
Salesflare CRM for Outlook
Secure Exchanges for Microsoft 365 Outlook
Sii Copilot Program
Smart Gate Ahgora
Solution Assessment for Microsoft 365: 1-Day Assessment
solutioo Magento2 API Connector
SoviaRetail - KIRA
Sport and Event Enterprise Suite
Stock Counting App
SuperJane for Excel
Surveys by Udyamo
Task Management Report for Microsoft Planner
Tax Functionality Localization for Guatemala
TillPro RMS for Business Central
Time Tracking for Project Operations
TRASER DMS 365 x Continia Document Output
Unleash the Full Potential of Microsoft Teams Voice: 2-Week Assessment
User Feedback Capture by BI-Champ
UST Attachment Mover for Dynamics 365
UST Auto Assignment for Dynamics 365
UST Data Archival for Dynamics 365
UST Insurance for Dynamics 365
UST Workflow Scheduler for Dynamics 365
Utility Chatbot - Energy and Utilities Company AI Chatbot Solution
Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation Service
Video Social Listening for Brands
VOIP Business SMS
WeChat Connector
Wisefish Cross-Company
Wisefish Cross-Company Norway
Workheld Sense
Workshop and Assessment Copilot for Sales
XLAudit Spreadsheet Auditing and Error Analysis Software
YouLi Grow Subscription


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