New on Azure Marketplace: October 14-20, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 138 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Asgardeo for B2B: Asgardeo for B2B unifies the authentication experience across multiple B2B applications and provides secure identity and access management. It streamlines user onboarding, integrates with enterprise IDPs, and offers role-based access control. The platform also allows for delegated customer self-administration and multi-level organization hierarchy. 
Asgardeo for B2C: Asgardeo for B2C provides secure authentication flows for customer-facing applications, enabling Single Sign-On and identity federation. Its scalable, self-service interface reduces support overhead and enables you to create seamless login experiences in minutes. Asgardeo also offers conditional and multi-factor authentication, user management, and consent management.
Asgardeo for B2E: Asgardeo for Workforce Identity (B2E) helps you unlock employee productivity while enforcing organization wide security policies for internal applications and services, such as Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Salesforce. It offers user management, single sign-on, identity federation, conditional and multi-factor authentication, self-service capabilities, and consent management.
Ayfie Personal Assistant: The Ayfie Personal Assistant simplifies document management and AI interaction. Users can upload documents or chat directly with the AI, which quickly extracts vital information, and promptly delivers clear and concise responses or offers writing guidance, enhancing productivity and efficiency in document-related tasks.
AZ-500 Workshop: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies: Opsgility's workshop will show you how to you implement, manage, and monitor security for resources in Microsoft Azure, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure. The workshop includes hands-on exercises and a one-day hackathon and can help attendees prepare for the AZ-500 certification exam.
DataMask: SoftServe's DataMask is a PHI/PII deidentification and depersonalization tool that shields patient data from exposure and helps healthcare enterprises comply with data regulations, data privacy, and security protocols (HIPAA, GDPR). It supports various data sources and offers over 30 masking algorithms.
Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Azure: Integrated with Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics, Delphix Compliance Services automatically protects sensitive data in analytics pipelines, ensuring compliance with privacy and industry regulations while unblocking data movement. It can mask and transform sensitive values governed by privacy or industry laws into synthetic data.
DocuSign Private Offer: DocuSign uses Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform to streamline agreement processes and identify signers beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link. You can choose from over 400 pre-built integrations and easily connect DocuSign with third-party apps to centrally manage users and accounts for greater security, scalability, and oversight.
Nautical Systems Comprehensive Maritime Fleet Management Solution: ABS Wavesight’s fleet management software for maritime clients provides proprietary technology, third-party integrations, and comprehensive insight into fleet operations to improve the reliability and performance of shipping operations. Key features include asset, workforce, and compliance management.
NTT Group Smart Management Platform: Ideal for real-time data processing and analysis in manufacturing, transportation, and utilities, NTT DATA’s platform leverages Microsoft Azure products and services to provide contextual awareness and insight through sensors, edge computing, predictive analytics, and AI. The platform incorporates robust security measures and compliance with regulatory standards.
Pentaho Data Integration: Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) server provides code-free data transformation design, native connectivity to common data sources, and support for advanced analytics models. PDI reduces implementation time by 50 percent, improves pipeline quality by 3x, and delivers data 50 percent faster by enabling seamless switching between execution engines. 
Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics: Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics server from Hitachi Vantara offers a single platform for managing data at scale, with native connectivity to common data sources, real-time data processing, and support for advanced analytics models. Its code-free design empowers faster productivity and seamless integration, reducing data management costs and creating business value. 
SC-900 Workshop: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals: Opsgility offers this workshop on Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals for up to 16 attendees, with coaching and logistics support. Participants learn the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity across cloud-based Microsoft services. This workshop helps prepare for the SC-900 certification exam.
ShieldForce Cybersecurity Subscription Service: ShieldForce is an AI-powered cybersecurity solution that offers anti-ransomware protection, vulnerability assessment, email security, patch management, URL filtering, and data loss prevention. It provides flexible pricing plans and cybersecurity awareness training to fortify businesses against cyber threats.
Templum Private Markets - Application Suite: Streamline and automate your investment offerings with an end-to-end solution for capital raising, secondary trading, and data with Templum’s award-winning product suite. It enables a continuous trading experience for investors, providing unmatched visibility and control across the entire asset lifecycle. 

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

4wardPRO - C-Level Intro to Generative AI: Available in Italian, 4WARD's engagement will provide a strategic overview of generative AI and AI governance, focusing on responsible implementation for innovation and competitive advantage. Leaders will explore the latest paradigm of generative AI using Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, with strategies and use cases for success.
Advisory Services for Microsoft 365 Copilot: 3-Week Workshop: Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI-powered tool that helps enterprises manage and optimize work processes. WinWire's Advisory Services offer evaluation and a roadmap to unlock its potential within Microsoft Azure applications. Key deliverables include an overall readiness score, implementation recommendations, and gap identification.
AKS Deployment: 2-Week Implementation: Mayasoft offers a ready-to-go Kubernetes infrastructure on Azure Kubernetes Service that is tailored to your needs. The experts from Mayasoft will analyze your environment, determine needs, and install microservice software on appropriate infrastructure in a scalable and ready-to-use manner.
App Landing Zone Blueprint: This application landing zone blueprint from Assembly will help migrate your applications to Microsoft Azure with reduced costs and higher developer productivity. It includes a review to elevate your Azure foundation, precision Azure landing zones, and a clear roadmap for a seamless transition.
Application Innovation Compass Framework: 1-Week to 6-Month Implementation: Valorem Reply will help your organization accelerate an intelligent product strategy on Microsoft Azure with its application innovation compass framework. It will help design, architect, and deploy applications on Azure and ensure they are both highly performant and deeply engaging for your customers and users.
Azure Cloud Governance: 2-Week Implementation: In this engagement, the experts from SoftServe will deploy cloud governance minimal viable product (MVP) via their own accelerator to your Microsoft Azure environment in audit-only mode. That accelerator comes with a pre-defined list of compliance policies based on the practices of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework.
Azure Foundation Accelerator: Assembly will map its processes to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to provide a speedy and cost-efficient migration to Microsoft Azure. Their experts will help you smoothly transition to a flexible, cloud-native setup with minimal interruption, facilitate quick workload deployment, and amplify the return on your cloud investment.
Azure Migration Blueprint: In this customized offering, Assembly will identify the ideal Microsoft Azure migration strategy, informed benefit-risk analysis, and precision-engineered solutions aligned with your business goals so you can make a transformative leap toward cloud excellence. A detailed migration roadmap with clear timelines will be provided.
Azure OpenAI Minimal Viable Product: 4-Week Implementation: OpenAI's suite of tools and technologies integrated with Microsoft Azure Security helps businesses understand and apply AI and ML to their industry. Coretek's team of experts will ensure a seamless adoption of OpenAI, including a secure Azure environment, data migration, and optimization of modeling workloads. 
Microsoft Azure Serverless: 8-Week Implementation: TL Consulting's implementation will guide your organization through a seamless transition to serverless computing using Microsoft Azure Serverless. Deliverables include application analysis, high-level application serverless design, and implementation of CI/CD pipeline. The Azure serverless capabilities include scalability, innovation, and operational efficiency.
Azure Virtual WAN: Proof of Concept: Zenith will help deliver network as a service (NaaS) for global transit networks utilizing Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN. Learn how you can enable secure and seamless data movement, connectivity, and integration to implement a global hybrid cloud strategy with this proof of concept. This service is available only in Korean.
Cloud-Scale Analytics as Code: 2-Week Implementation: MobiLab will help you deploy cloud-scale analytics compliant data platforms with its intelligent Infrastructure as Code templates. The implementation comes with prebuilt deployment pipeline templates for Azure DevOps and GitHub allowing your data platform team to provide automated deployments for any number of data product teams.
Microsoft Power BI: 6-Week Implementation: Blazeclan will utilize Microsoft Power BI to transform your reports and dashboards from legacy BI tools into Power BI reports. The offering includes data assessment and mapping, report redesign and transformation, security and access control, user training and testing, deployment, and post-migration support.
Data Protection as a Service: 8-Week Implementation: This managed service by Tech Mahindra includes modern data protection solutions with unified data management, cyber resiliency, disaster recovery, and cost optimization. Services range from consulting, assessment, deployment, and managed support following ITIL best practices and utilizes Microsoft Azure native virtual machines, Azure Kubernetes Services, and more.
Collective Bargaining Agreement with Generative AI: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Affine's Eryl generative AI-based contract management solution uses Azure OpenAI to automate contract creation, streamline approval workflows, and ensure labor law compliance. In this proof of concept, you will learn how to transform your Collective Bargaining Agreement processes with customization and integration of Eryl, contract rule automation, user training and test run.
AKS Enterprise Container Platform: 6- to 8-Week Implementation: HCLTech's enterprise container platform service will deliver production grade Azure Kubernetes Services environments integrated with essential building blocks including application and platform observability, security and governance, backups, cost management and more. The platform automates provisioning and management of the entire AKS platform along with seamless integration with your IT ecosystem.
Azure Kubernetes Services: 2-Week Implementation: Dell will help you leverage the benefits of containerization and accelerate containerized application development with the implementation of Azure Kubernetes Service using Azure Stack HCI. The experts from Dell will help you learn relevant skills, practices, and tools on-the-job. This service uses agile methodology and is available in stackable two-week sprints.
Metaverse Development Services: In this engagement, Audax Labs will provide a comprehensive range of Metaverse development services integrated with Microsoft Azure. From conceptualization and design to development and deployment, you will learn how to create and develop immersive virtual worlds, 3D environments, interactive experiences and virtual marketplaces.
Microsoft AI Accelerator: Rapid Circle will help you co-create a strategy for the responsible and secure use of AI in your organization with platforms like Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Power Platform, Bing Chat for Enterprise, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. The accelerator includes AI fundamentals, governance, strategy, information security, technical implementation, and change management.
Migrate to Microsoft Azure: Wizard IT works with organizations to give them guidance throughout their cloud journey. In this engagement, Wizard IT will conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, workloads, and applications to determine their readiness for migration to Microsoft Azure. Help your business innovate and grow efficiently with scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud services.
Azure OpenAI - Creative Workshop: MiCRONOS’ hands-on workshop will show you how to leverage Azure OpenAI applications for solving real-world challenges. You'll learn what Generative AI is, write effective prompts, and present your solutions to a jury of stakeholders. This workshop is for business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in the creative potential of Generative AI.
Pay as you Go to CSP Migration: 10-Hour Implementation: This offering from iSSC provides seamless resource migration to CSP subscriptions with minimal downtime. Deliverables include cost savings, flexibility, enhanced support, compliance and security, resource management, billing and reporting, licensing, long-term partnership, Microsoft Azure expertise, and simplified procurement.
Smart Manufacturing: 4-Week Proof of Concept: HARMAN's offer is designed to enhance asset performance and reliability by integrating Azure-based services. This 4-week proof of concept will show you how to unify machine data, analytics, and real-time action using Azure IoT Hub, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Stream Analytics for improved performance predictions and minimized downtime.
Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: 2-Day Workshop: Available in German, PHAT consulting’s offer will design and improve sustainability solutions with data driven ESG management, national and EU reporting requirements, and identification of relevant data sources. Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Azure are used for proof of concept and data visualization. This service is only available in German.
Unified Analytics Platform on Azure: Implementation: Cloud IQ will deploy a unified analytics framework customizing configuration based on specific data sources identified during baselining of your current BI environment. The new platform built on Microsoft Azure AI & ML services will enable your organization to make faster decisions, improve revenue streams, and outperform the competition.
Workforce Admin Reporting: 6-Week Discovery: Peak Indicators (now TPXimpact Data & Insights) will provide an end-to-end analytical reporting solution to track leavers and joiners so you can map workforce turnover across your organization. Utilizing Microsoft Azure Synapse pipeline to automate data flow you will learn to transform incoming data and create new data models in Microsoft Power BI.

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DocuBot Pro by EIGO – Chat with Your Data
Emojot Customer Experience Management
Emojot Employee Experience Management
FactoryTalk DataMosaix
FortiAnalyzer as a Service - Hosted by FirstNet
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Fortinet FortiPAM - Privileged Access Management
Generative AI: 4-Week Strategy and Introduction Advisory
GreyNoise Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Sentinel
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Kondukto - AppSec Orchestration & Posture Management
LambdaTest - Testing Acceleration Pack (TAP)
LambdaTest - Testing Lite Pack (TLP)
LambdaTest - Testing Starter Pack (TSP)
Linux Stream Minimal with Mail Server Nginx
ListBurst Charts & Dashboards
LoyaltyOS (Managed App)
Managed Microsoft Sentinel SOC Service
Microsoft 365 with Cloud Intel: 4-Week Assessment
Mimecast Audit Logs for Microsoft Sentinel
Mimecast Cloud Gateway MTA
Mimecast Cloud Gateway Targeted Threat Protection
OmniConnect Data Cloud
OpenProject Secured and Supported by HOSSTED
Orion and Labkit
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Debian 10
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Debian 11
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Linux 7.9
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Linux Stream 8
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 18.04
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 20.04
PostgreSQL Server 14 on Ubuntu 22.04
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Debian 10
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Debian 11
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Linux 7.9
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Linux Stream 8
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Ubuntu 18.04
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Ubuntu 20.04
PostgreSQL Server 15 on Ubuntu 22.04
Power Framework Background Services Sphere 360 (SaaS)
Red Hat Subscription Support Registration (EMEA)
Red Hat Subscription Support Registration (non-(EMEA)
Roadmap to Modern Datacenter: 3-Day Assessment
Rocky 8 with Docker CE
Serialization, Aggregation, Track & Trace (SATT) Platform for Pharma
Scenera’s MAIstro (SaaS)
Secufortress XDR
Serendipity 2.4.0 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04
Spirion Enhanced Analytics (SEA)
Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher
SQL Server Migration to Azure
Stibo Systems Supplier MDM
SuiteCRM 7.14.1 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04
SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.5 ARM64 - (BYOS)
tde proNova for Rig Performance Optimization
Test Genius
ThreatConnect Solution for Microsoft Sentinel
Tikiwiki 24.3.1 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04
Turning Insights into Action: Data-Driven Strategy Assessment
Uplevel (SaaS)
Vtiger 8.0.0 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04
webMethods 10.15 Red Hat Image Self-Hosted
Worklogs Sync to Tempo
Zero to NetZero Jumpstart: 2-Week Assessment


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