New on Azure Marketplace: December 15-21, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 151 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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CellTrust SL2 Enterprise Capture: SL2 Enterprise Capture by CellTrust helps organizations in highly regulated industries capture and archive electronic communications on mobile devices for compliance and eDiscovery. It separates personal and work data for BYOD, CYOD, and COPE, and is integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, BlackBerry UEM, Ivanti Neurons, and AppConfig. 
Ivanti Neurons for ITAM: Ivanti Neurons for ITAM consolidates IT asset data, allowing for tracking, configuration, optimization, and strategic management throughout the asset lifecycle. The solution offers a mobile app for managing assets and enables quick acquisition of financial and contractual information for optimized asset purchases. 

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AI Center of Excellence: 6-Month Workshop: Xoriant's AI CoE offers support for Microsoft Azure usage and consumption at all levels, with a focus on improving productivity and scaling AI capabilities. Its solutions optimize the use of Azure stacks and AI tools while aligning with business priorities. The framework guides customers from ideation to final product development.
Application Design and Development: Sii helps businesses digitalize internal processes, analyze and design systems, and redesign existing systems with new functionalities using Microsoft Azure. It offers flexible deployment models, reliable working environments, and benefits such as performance, scalability, data collection and analysis, monitoring tools, and security.
Azure Arc: 3-Day Jump Start Workshop: The Azure Arc Workshop by Noventiq offers a cloud-first approach to managing complex and distributed environments, from private and public clouds to data centers and the edge. The workshop provides a comprehensive range of cloud services from top-tier cloud providers and services for workload modernization, management, security, and transformation.
Azure Cloud Native Application Development: 4-Week Engagement: The App of the Future (AOTF) workshop by Optimus streamlines the process of envisioning and prototyping applications on Microsoft Azure. It offers a comprehensive solution by delivering detailed architecture designs and tailored Azure cost estimates, empowering businesses to bridge the gap between concept and execution.
Azure Landing Zone with Telefonica: 2-Week Implementation: Telefonica offers a cloud adoption framework for Microsoft Azure that includes a foundational landing zone with network architecture, security compliance, and automation solutions. With experienced architects and a validated framework, Telefonica can quickly deploy a reliable and scalable cloud environment.
Azure Migration with Telefonica: Telefonica offers a seamless migration process to Microsoft Azure with minimal impact on business operations. The process uses continuous replication techniques to ensure business logic remains active until the cutover window. The estimated cost is based on 15 servers and migration outside of business hours.
Azure Migration (CSP): 8-Week Implementation: Optimus Information offers an 8-week migration services package for Microsoft Azure that aligns business objectives with a tailored cloud adoption plan. The package includes a workshop to understand requirements and goals, in-depth analysis of existing workload, and a detailed proposal with timelines and costs.
Azure Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Optimus Information offers a comprehensive 8-week solution for organizations to smoothly transition to Microsoft Azure. The service includes workshops, analysis, migration plans, and cost proposals to ensure a streamlined and value-driven adoption of cloud technology.
Azure Modernization: 2 Hour Workshop: This workshop from Cloud Direct offers a 1:1 session to understand cloud-first and migration strategies. It focuses on building a Microsoft Azure modernization road map and bridging the gap between current and target state. The deliverables include expert guidance, business context discussion, clarity on next steps, and building blocks for the business case.
Azure OpenAI Service: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Optimus Information offers a 2-week proof of concept that combines the enterprise-grade capabilities of Microsoft Azure with OpenAI's generative AI model. The solution includes pre-trained generative AI models, customization of AI models with business data, built-in tools for data security, and enterprise-grade security with role-based access control. 
Azure Optimization: 2-Hour Workshop: This optimization workshop offers a 1:1 session on the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework and cloud strategy. It provides guidance on building an optimization road map and bridging the gap between current and targeted state. The workshop includes insight from a cloud specialist, two-way discussion, clarity on next steps, and building blocks for a business case.
Azure Solution Assessment: 1-Day Workshop: This service from TwinCap First offers a tailored system for businesses, including a comprehensive assessment and data-driven recommendations. It also provides a technical deep dive into Microsoft Azure solutions, helping businesses define goals, identify risks, assess software requirements, and create an implementation road map. 
Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This service from Cisilion provides a proof-of-value deployment for organizations to test and understand the benefits of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. The service includes setup and follow-up sessions to review feedback and agree on next steps. 
Build and Modernize AI Apps: Lantern's Build and Modernize AI Apps consulting services help organizations improve customer and employee experiences by integrating Microsoft Azure AI into their applications. It offers services for all stages of the digital innovation lifecycle, including advisory, strategy, envisioning, build and launch, and enhance, support, and optimize.
Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE): 2 Hour Workshop: The Cloud Centre of Excellence workshop from Cloud Direct helps build cloud maturity and aligns with security, compliance, and management policies. The workshop includes a two-way discussion, clarity on next steps, and building blocks for a business case.
Cloud Virtual Machine Service Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems' Bundle Quickstart offers Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop configuration services, including onboarding workshop, network setup, resource groups, host pool, app group, and workspace implementation.
Data and AI: 2-hour Workshop: The Data and AI Workshop from Cloud Direct offers a 1:1 session on Microsoft Azure data management services, including machine learning, Data Factory, Databricks, and Data Lake. It provides insight from a cloud specialist, two-way discussion, clarity on next steps, and building blocks for a business case.
Design Thinking for AI: 8-Hour Workshop: Intellias' workshop guides teams toward developing user-centric AI solutions with a focus on Microsoft Azure integration. The workshop is structured into distinct stages, including empathic exploration, ideation and brainstorming, solution drafting, and feedback and refinement.
Fabric: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from iLink Systems offers a rapid experimentation bench to showcase modern reporting infrastructure using OneLake with Microsoft Fabric and Power BI. It includes a 4-week implementation plan for creating data pipelines, semantic models, and data visualization, resulting in high-performance reports and adherence to BI best practices.
Fabric Data Modernization: This service from iLink Systems offers a three-phased approach to migrate and unify datasets from varied on-premises or other cloud systems for further processing using Microsoft Fabric. It ensures seamless communication between different data and analytics solutions, faster migration, and cost optimization. 
LLMOps: 12-Week Implementation: Spyglass MTG offers a 12-week program for efficient management and performance measurement of generative AI prompts. It includes monitoring, accuracy assessment, stability analysis, customizable alerts, and performance metrics. The program also provides a comprehensive operations review, LLM use case and usage review, LLMOps strategy, design, and setup and configuration of performance and prompt evaluation tools. 
Managed XDR for Financial Services: FIS uses Microsoft Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology to protect financial data from diverse threats. The solution aggregates security data from various sources and expedites incident responses. FIS' cybersecurity expertise ensures financial institutions benefit from advanced technology and security proficiency, safeguarding digital assets and sensitive financial data.
Market AI: 8-Week Proof of Concept: LTIMindtree offers a customizable solution for identifying and calculating the share of a target brand's SKUs visibility on the shelf in a store against the competition. It provides prebuilt algorithms, scalable MLOps and APIs, and prescriptive actionable alerts.
Microsoft 365 Azure Tenant and Entra ID Management: 2-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems' Bundle Quickstart offers Microsoft Azure tenant support with minimal configuration of Entra ID for testing requirements. Services include onboarding workshop, Entra ID user and group creation, license linking, and portal branding.
Microsoft 365 Azure Universal Print Management: 2-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems supports customers in configuring Microsoft Azure Universal Print for self-service testing. The bundle includes an onboarding workshop, implementation of one print queue and share, and one package for automatic deployment. 
Microsoft Fabric: 1-Week Proof of Concept: Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics platform for businesses that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. This proof of concept from InSpark will show you how Microsoft Fabric can transform your unstructured data from various sources into real business value.
Microsoft Sentinel: 5-Week Workshop: Advens offers a 5-week workshop to help organizations understand and protect against the risks associated with cloud usage. The workshop includes threat monitoring, analysis, and improvement planning using Microsoft Sentinel. Available in French or English.
NSEIT SQLake Framework: SQLake is a serverless, SQL-based framework that provides end-to-end data lake solutions for businesses. It addresses challenges such as data fragmentation, operational inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and scalability hurdles. The framework offers unified data management, enhanced security protocols, efficient error handling, transparent audit mechanisms, and adaptable code base.
NSEIT_ChurnWise (US): ChurnWise is a customer churn propensity ML model that analyzes and interprets customer churn by harnessing the power of demographic and behavioral attributes. It computes churn propensity scores and categorizes customers into high, medium, and low segments based on churn probability, offering directional insights into the importance of model attributes.
NSEIT_ChurnWise: ChurnWise is a customer churn propensity ML model that analyzes and interprets customer churn by harnessing the power of demographic and behavioral attributes. It computes churn propensity scores and categorizes customers into high, medium, and low segments based on churn probability, offering directional insights into the importance of model attributes.
Secure Your Microsoft Azure Multi-Cloud Environments: 5-Week Workshop: Hitachi Solutions offers an Azure Multi-Cloud Security Workshop that helps organizations identify threats and vulnerabilities in their hybrid and multi-cloud environments and develop a plan to improve their security posture using Microsoft Security solutions. 
Security Audit: 2-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Cloud Direct offers expert guidance from a cloud evangelist to enhance cloud security measures. It provides customized Microsoft solutions tailored to the organization's unique challenges and actionable insights for immediate security improvements.
Skygrade Application Modernization: 10-Week Implementation: Cognizant Skygrade for Microsoft Azure helps enterprises modernize apps and infrastructure at a rapid pace with cloud optimization built into the process. It uses Azure at the core of a multi-cloud architecture to accelerate modernization and reduce risk. 
Sunshine Migrate: 6-Week Implementation: Sunshine Migrate from LTIMindtree accelerates cloud migration on Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, reducing manual efforts and risks. It automates source discovery, schema conversion, and data migration using native capabilities or Azure Data Factory. The tool supports object, data, and script migration, and offers an automated validation toolkit.
Zoi Cloud Native Foundations Service: Zoi offers cloud native foundation services to accelerate your company's cloud adoption journey. Its approach focuses on delivering value by providing reliable Microsoft Azure infrastructure, migrating and modernizing applications, and collaborating with Azure experts. The services include cloud native architecture, migration, security, and automation.

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Agrotools Solution
AI-Powered Online Compiler
Alvaldi Edge Module
Apache Spark and TensorFlow on CentOS Stream 9 with Finance-Related Python packages
Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 20.04
Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 22.04
Application Modernization: 2-Week Assessment
Aspen RMS
AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Platform
Azure File and Backup Implementation Service
Azure Management Assessment by CBTS
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Deployment
Azure Well-Architected Framework (AWAF) Assessment
CIS Hardened Images on Oracle Linux
Cloud Adoption with Telefonica: 6-Week Assessment
Cloud Security Operation Center by glueckkanja
Control Room for Power BI by BI Samurai
Copilot Readiness Assessment
DAC7-X SaaS License
Data Discovery: 1-Day Assessment
Data Envisioning Workshop
Data Governance with Microsoft Purview: 3-Day Assessment
DataGenie - Your Business Smart Watch
dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL
Digital Twin Consulting Services: 1-Hour Briefing
dotConnect for Dynamics 365
Easy Stay Guide
Eigen - Intelligent Document Processing and Data Extraction
Enlighten Custom Visual License: Dev Environment
Enterprise Data Platforms in Azure: 1-Hour Briefing
eXperts Hybrid Project Management Service
EY Digital Identity Solution Supported by Microsoft Entra
Ezy Commerce
GitHub Copilot with Cloud Intel: 4-Week Assessment
GlobalRapide for Endpoint Management for Teams Rooms
Greenfield Landing Zone Deployment
HARC Assessment Service: 4-Week Evaluation
HAWK: AI Transaction and Customer Monitoring
HiddenLayer Machine Learning Detection and Response (MLDR)
HiddenLayer Model Scanner
Ivanti Connect Secure
Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access
Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access
Jenkins on Windows Server 2016 Powered by Globalsolutions
Kanboard Server on Debian 10 Minimal
Kanboard Server on Debian 11 Minimal
Kanboard Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
Kanboard Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
Landing Zone Assessment
LimeSurvey on Windows Server 2016 Powered by Globalsolutions
LimeSurvey on Windows Server 2019 Powered by Globalsolutions
Loop ++ by Centific
Multifactor and Passwordless Authentication (MFA)
NielsenIQ Activate
Niramai Breast Screening
NIS2 Assessment
ODBC for Azure SQL
ODBC for Azure Synapse Analytics
OmniAnalytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central
ONNXRT - Ampere Optimized Framework on Ubuntu
Ontinue ION MXDR Service
OpenVPN Server on Oracle Linux 8.6
Oracle Linux 6.9
Oracle Linux 7.5
Oracle Linux 7.6
Oracle Linux 7.7
Oracle Linux 7.8
Oracle Linux 7.9
Oracle Linux 9
Oracle Linux 9.2 Minimal
OutSystems Platform
Pentaho Data Catalog
Python Connector for Dynamics 365
PyTorch - Ampere Optimized Framework on Ubuntu
PyTorch on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Qiskit on Windows Server 2016
Qiskit on Windows Server 2019
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 Minimal with Trac System Server
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security and Management for Kubernetes Subscriptions on OpenShift (US)
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security and Management for Kubernetes Subscriptions on OpenShift
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9
Rocky Linux 8.9
Rocky Linux 8.9 Generation 2
Rocky Linux 8.9 LVM-partitioned
Rocky Linux 9.3 Generation 2
Rocky Linux 9.3 LVM-partitioned
RustDesk Server on Debian 10 Minimal
RustDesk Server on Debian 11 Minimal
RustDesk Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
RustDesk Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
SAS CloudOps Platform
Security and Compliance Assessment
SharePoint Metadata Sync with Dynamics 365 Using Dataverse
SmartDocumentor Cloud (with Azure AI Document Intelligence)
Spectra by Fosfor
StandUps by Udyamo
Studio In a Box: 1-Hour Briefing
Tampnet Offshore Private Mobile Network (4G/5G)
Techila Distributed Computing Engine
Technical Break-Fix Support
TechSafe Solve
TensorFlow - Ampere Optimized Framework on Ubuntu
Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal with Trac System Server
Videospace Video Search as a Service (VSaaS)
Wipro GenAI Investor Onboarding
Wipro GenAI Loan Origination
Wipro Live Workspace Cognitive Automation
Zero Trust Transfer Gateway
Zscaler Internet Access


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