Introducing Private Azure Marketplace collections feature
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At Microsoft, we are focused on building the best customer experiences in our commercial marketplace. We know our customers want to use the Azure Marketplace catalog to offer hand-picked apps to their employees. We are launching the collections feature of Private Azure Marketplace which is aligned with how our customers want to manage and govern apps in their organization.


Private Azure Marketplace enables the marketplace admin to regulate costs and controls by selecting the apps that comply with organizational policies and standards. The selected plans associated with each app can then be deployed by employees. The new feature also allows subscription-level governance of these apps and associated plan as opposed to just tenant-level control.


Collections are flexible and can include one or many approved plans associated with an app and can allow these plans to be assigned to one or many subscriptions. Once your organization creates a collection in Private Azure Marketplace, employees can then easily find and deploy these pre-approved apps or even request plans to be added. Customers with an Azure consumption commitment can deprecate their commitment by purchasing eligible apps through Private Azure Marketplace.


Add a new collection (marketplace admin)

The marketplace admin can add a new collection to Private Azure Marketplace and create multiple lists of approved plans available for each third-party app. These approved plans will then be available for different subscriptions throughout the organization.



Browsing Private Azure Marketplace (end user experience) An authenticated user (employee) will see the specific plans (both public and private) approved by the marketplace admin. There are three ways to buy or deploy in Private Azure Marketplace


1.  When an employee selects a combination of an approved plan and an approved subscription, the “Create button” is enabled:



2.  If marketplace admin approved one or more plans but the selection does not appear on the product details page, then a banner notes which plans are approved and the “Create button” is enabled:

(See below: “Approved plans are: “Free, Platinum, Silver”)




3.  When an employee selects a non-approved plan or subscription, a banner notes the plan as not approved for the selected subscription and the “Create button” is disabled.  The employee can still click on “Request to add” the plan to the approved list. This will open the Access request form for the employee to fill in details, including justification. The marketplace admin will accept or deny the request.



Cloud marketplaces are transforming the way businesses find, try, and deploy applications to help their digital transformation. We hope these improvements make your experience with Private Azure Marketplace more aligned with your business needs.


Check out Microsoft Azure Marketplace to find thousands of industry-leading apps and services from Microsoft and our partners, all certified and optimized to run on Azure.


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