Customer review: AnnounceBot connects teams by celebrating birthday and work anniversary events
Published Jan 29 2024 06:00 AM 1,063 Views

AnnounceBot Automated and Personalized Greetings, a solution published to Microsoft AppSource, helps companies celebrate special occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries, and welcoming new hires. With minimal setup and no calendars or manual work, AnnounceBot increases engagement, collaboration, and retention.

Microsoft interviewed Stephen Cornell, Service Director, Protected Trust, to learn what he had to say about the app.


What do you like best about AnnounceBot?
We absolutely love how easy AnnounceBot is to use! It is user-friendly, and setting it up was quick. Before using AnnounceBot, social media was our only way to track birthdays, which means some folks got left out. And work anniversaries were out of the picture. Since we started using AnnounceBot, we have never missed a birthday or work anniversary. It's all automatic now.

How has AnnounceBot helped your organization?
Keeping the team engaged became challenging when we transitioned into working remotely. AnnounceBot helped us rebuild team connections by providing a centralized system to celebrate special events. Now, everyone engages in birthday and work anniversary posts, makes jokes, and tells stories about times we were all together in an office. It is a small gesture that has made a big difference in our company culture.

How is customer service and support?
I wanted to know how to check birthdays that are getting tracked. The support team responded within an hour and provided the information I needed.

Any recommendations or insights for other users considering AnnounceBot?
My suggestion would be to set it up in a small team first, just to get the hang of it. Test it out there before you go big and use it for the whole organization.

On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), what is your overall rating for this AnnounceBot?
I would give AnnounceBot a 4.5 only because I think they should support Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) integration to make birthdate and joining date collection even smoother.

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