Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 58
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 73 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



999eye: 999eye allows people contacting emergency services to stream live footage from their smartphone's camera by clicking on a link sent from the dispatcher via email or text message. The video footage can then help the dispatcher assess the situation.

Acceptto Continuous Behavioral Authentication.png

Acceptto Continuous Behavioral Authentication: Acceptto’s continuous authentication solution measures risks before, during, and after authorization, removing the need for legacy passwords when accessing Azure resources.

Advanced Process Analytics Suite.png

Advanced Process Analytics Suite: Designed with the rich engineering knowledge of Silesian Catalysts' chemistry experts, Advanced Process Analytics Suite provides an industry 4.0 platform for analyzing process data from production installations.


Agridata: Agridata reduces the costs of farming by combining the automatic registration of field work with the ability to track plant production processes. This app is available only in Polish.

Air Compressor Remote Monitoring.png

Air Compressor Remote Monitoring: Developed using Microsoft Azure IoT services, the KAISPE Air Compressor Remote Monitoring solution enables customers to track the performance, efficiency, and location of their air compressors.


Alcide: Alcide's security platform gives you a single view into your distributed and cloud-native environments, providing real-time detection of advanced threats and anomalies.

Apache Guacamole Certified by Bitnami.png

Apache Guacamole Certified by Bitnami: This image offered by Bitnami contains Apache Guacamole, a clientless remote desktop gateway that lets users access their computers from anywhere while providing administrators with a way to configure, manage, and control access to remote desktop connections.

Arabesque BCDR.png

Arabesque BCDR: Arabesque Group's business continuity and disaster recovery offering helps enterprises and small businesses alike protect their IT systems by utilizing Microsoft Azure services, including Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

Ataccama ONE- Data Quality Management.png

Ataccama ONE: Data Quality Management: The Ataccama ONE platform lets data scientists, data engineers, DevOps workers, and other business users employ automated metadata discovery algorithms to analyze and understand critical patterns.


BRaVS: BRaVS Library and BRaVS Platform enhance spatial recognition and data analysis, bringing the recognition accuracy of deep learning technologies closer to that of human judgment. BRaVS (Bridging the Real and Virtual Space) is available only in Japan.

Cayosoft Administrator.png

Cayosoft Administrator: Cayosoft Administrator is a complete solution for granular delegation, visibility, and optimization of Microsoft Office 365 licenses and assignments.

CentOS 6.5 Cloud Ready.png

CentOS 6.5 Cloud Ready: This image offered by Cloud Whiz Solutions contains CentOS 6.5. CentOS is a free and community-supported enterprise-class Linux distribution.

CentOS 8.0 Cloud Ready.png

CentOS 8.0 Cloud Ready: This image offered by Cloud Whiz Solutions contains CentOS 8.0. CentOS is a free and community-supported enterprise-class Linux distribution.

ChainTrail Data-Interchange.png

ChainTrail Data-Interchange: is a data interchange for blockchain that empowers users, accelerates transactions, and provides network validation. Build a trust ecosystem by bolting on top of distributed ledger technology.


CheckedID: CheckedID provides a quick, safe, and privacy-friendly way to verify the authenticity of any original identification document and its holder. CheckedID covers more than 200 nationalities and works with any smartphone.

ChurchCRM on Ubuntu 18.04.png

ChurchCRM on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains ChurchCRM on Ubuntu 18.04. ChurchCRM is a web-based customer relationship management tool that helps churches stay connected with their members.

CloudVector API Detection and Response.png

CloudVector API Detection & Response: CloudVector is a full-featured API threat protection platform that goes beyond the gateway to provide shadow API prevention and deep API risk monitoring and remediation.


Coresuitev8L&P: CoreSuite, a platform for the life insurance industry, addresses insurance providers' needs across all their lines of business and distribution channels. Simplify complex management processes and increase customer engagement.


cryptoblk_atlas: ATLAS from CryptoBLK Limited is a trade finance platform that provides a suite of digital solutions to banks, financiers, and corporates. ATLAS incorporates blockchain technology and requires minimal manual interaction.


DEInamics: Measure and improve your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion with DEInamics from Diversity Equity & Inclusion, a division of Lideranca Group Inc. DEInamics provides the analytics, training, and consulting needed to bring about meaningful and measurable change.

Dynatrace - Software intelligence for the enterprise cloud.png

Dynatrace - Software intelligence for the enterprise cloud: With artificial intelligence and complete automation, Dynatrace's all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users.

eSkola - Educational Data for Governments.png

eSkola - Educational Data for Governments: eSkola helps field teams, nongovernmental organizations, funding institutions, and others collect and access data about their country's educational ecosystems.


EventPod: EventPod, a mobile-centric event management platform, helps businesses or individuals manage large corporate functions and other gatherings. Capture and preserve key moments with EventPod's digital wall and image gallery.

Fitness BI.png

Fitness BI: Fitness BI uses Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Power BI to provide a comprehensive business management and reporting suite for the health and wellness industry.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.8.00.png

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.8.00: GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running on Microsoft Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks (VNets).

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.8.00 - Hourly.png

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.8.00 - Hourly: GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running on Microsoft Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks (VNets).

Holomedicine VSI.png

Holomedicine VSI: Using mixed-reality glasses, VSI Holomedicine displays MRI, CT, and many other image types in 3-D inside Microsoft HoloLens. This helps physicians make more precise diagnoses and better prepare for surgery.

Inssue Car - an Insurance 4.0 solution.png

Inssue Car - an Insurance 4.0 solution: Inssue Car monitors sensors installed in an insured vehicle to detect hazardous events. It then sends information to the insurance company or other defined recipients. This app is available only in Polish.

Istech Azure Managed Services.png

Istech Azure Managed Services: Istech Cloud Managed Services from Data Market provides monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery, and more for your cloud environments.

Konnekt- Companion to OneDrive.png

KONNEKT | Companion to OneDrive: KONNEKT lets you work natively with your Office 365 data on your desktop – no synchronization required – and it's compatible with Citrix and terminal servers.

LiveCloud Admin.png

LiveCloud Admin: Processor Informatica S.A.'s managed services can administer your cloud environment with round-the-clock support and optional migration of your legacy environment.


MiTERAS Job Visualization: MITERAS Job Visualization visualizes the working conditions of each staff member to help businesses ensure labor management compliance. This app is available only in Japanese.

Objective ECM on Azure.png

Objective ECM on Azure: Effortlessly manage your content, build powerful business processes, and empower users to achieve desired outcomes with Objective ECM, an enterprise content management solution from Objective Corporation.

OpenJDK for Azure - Java 11 on Debian 10.png OpenJDK for Azure - Java 11 on Debian 10: This image offered by Gatling contains an OpenJDK-based runtime with optimized kernel for load testing. OpenJDK is a free and open-source implementation of Java.

OPTUMERA: Optumera from Tata Consultancy Services harnesses the power of AI to enable retailers to hyper-localize and optimize their assortment, space, and pricing strategies in an integrated way.

osTicket on Ubuntu 18.04.png

osTicket on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains osTicket on Ubuntu 18.04. osTicket is open-source customer support software. Tickets can be easily managed, prioritized, and assigned to the right departments and agents.

Project Management System - Enovatio Projects.png

Project Management System - Enovatio Projects: Generate reports, Gantt charts, and more with Enovatio Projects, a complete project management system. This app is available in English, German, Polish, Czech, and Slovak. The customer version can also be in any other language.

Prometheus Operator Helm Chart.png

Prometheus Operator Helm Chart: Prometheus Operator provides easy monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services and for deployment and management of Prometheus instances. Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Rubrik - Cloud Edition.png

Rubrik - Cloud Edition: With Rubrik’s Cloud Edition, customers can deploy Rubrik directly into their Azure environment to simplify backup and recovery, mitigate risk, accelerate cloud adoption, and enable automation at scale.

Seeq Software - User License.png

Seeq Software - User License: Seeq is an advanced analytics solution that enables process manufacturers to rapidly investigate and share insights from data in Microsoft Azure, as well as contextual data in manufacturing and business systems.

Sisense Server.png

Sisense Server: Sisense is an analytics platform tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure. Sisense slashes the time it takes to build, embed, and deploy intelligent analytics apps that unleash user creativity and engagement.

Spring Global - Mobile Retail Execution for Field.png

Spring Global - Mobile Retail Execution for Field: Spring Global's suite of apps helps consumer packaged goods manufacturers grow sales. It enables field reps to quickly execute tasks, and it allows managers and executives to track key performance indicators in real time.


Tangiblee: Tangiblee delivers an interactive and on-brand visual experience for every catalog item. Embed the Tangiblee imaging solution into your online catalog to give your customers better context to judge size and scale.

Transmit Security Platform.png

Transmit Security Platform: Transmit Security is a cross-channel orchestration platform provider that abstracts identity, authentication, authorization, and user-risk decisions from applications, devices, security systems, infrastructure, and the cloud.

Zammad on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Zammad on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Zammad on Ubuntu 18.04. Zammad is an open-source customer support system with features for managing communications across telephone lines, email, and social media.

Consulting services

Automated Testing on Azure- 3-Wk Proof of Concept.png

Automated Testing on Azure: 3-Wk Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Data-Core Systems Inc. will create a custom framework to reduce the client's manual effort in test execution and application deployment.

Avaya Aura on Azure - Design Workshop - half Day.png

Avaya Aura on Azure - Design Workshop - 1/2 Day: In this free workshop from Integration Partners Corporation, you'll be able to take advantage of native Azure capabilities to enhance the stability, security, and performance of your Avaya Aura R8 architecture.

AWS - Azure Integration- 3 Days Assessment.png

AWS - Azure Integration: 3 Days Assessment: In this free assessment, Edkal Technologies Inc. will analyze the setup and operational cost of pay-as-you-go billing provisions for Microsoft Azure services in order to achieve Amazon Web Services-to-Azure integration.

Azure App Platform Modernization- 6-Wk PoC.png

Azure App Platform Modernization: 6-Wk PoC: This proof of concept from Computer Enterprises Inc. will help you modernize applications and workloads with Microsoft Azure. Unlock the promise of modern cloud solutions to build and run software at scale.

Azure Cloud Migration- 1-Hr Briefing.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Hr Briefing: In this free briefing, iV4 Inc. will help you understand the value of moving your applications, data, and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Take the first step toward digital transformation.

Azure Cloud Migration- 4-Hr Briefing.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 4-Hr Briefing: iV4 Inc.'s workshop will cover five Azure migration topics: business, resiliency, operations, automation, and security. iV4 cloud solution architects will conduct a pre-workshop interview to determine the Azure services of most interest.

Azure Cognitive Services, 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Cognitive Services, 2-Day Workshop: This workshop from HUDi srl, intended for technical and business leaders, will provide an overview of Azure Cognitive Services and apply one cognitive service to a real business case during the hands-on session.

Azure Consultancy Services- 5-Day Assessment.png

Azure Consultancy Services: 5-Day Assessment: KoçSistem's free assessment will evaluate the customer's infrastructure, applications, and other services for migration to Microsoft Azure. KoçSistem will determine the total cost of ownership and the return on investment.

Azure Migration Assessment- 1 Day On-Site.png

Azure Migration Assessment: 1 Day On-Site: In this assessment, Synoptek Inc. will analyze your infrastructure, application, and other requirements and consider your business model and goals before creating a cloud migration road map.

Citrix Migration on Azure- 2-Days Workshop.png

Citrix Migration on Azure: 2-Days Workshop: Edkal Technologies Inc.'s free workshop will cover the benefits of migrating an on-premises Citrix environment to Microsoft Azure. Architectural design, change identification, a deployment guide, and cost structure evaluation sessions will be included.

Citrix on Azure Pilot Deployment- 3-Wk Imp.png

Citrix on Azure Pilot Deployment: 3-Wk Imp: In this engagement, Edkal Technologies Inc. will conduct a pre-migration inventory, develop a proof of concept, and perform a lift-and-shift migration of an on-premises Citrix environment to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Economic Assessment-5 Weeks.png

Cloud Economic Assessment-5 Weeks: Valorem LLC's broad review of the customer’s datacenter environment will provide cloud readiness, prioritization of workloads for migration to Microsoft Azure, and cost estimates.

Cloud Migration--5 Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration -5 Week Implementation: This implementation from Valorem LLC is for customers who have a pre-identified scenario, workload, application, or subset of an environment to migrate. It comes complete with architecture design and a migration plan.

Data Loss Prevention- 10 day Assessment.png

Data Loss Prevention: 10 day Assessment: In this assessment, Avaleris will determine your organization’s security posture, address professional and personal devices, and identify the Azure security measures required.

Data Platform Modernisation Launchpad- 6-Wk Imp.png

Data Platform Modernisation Launchpad: 6-Wk Imp: In this engagement, Coeo Ltd. will implement its Data Platform Modernisation Launchpad, which uses Coeo's robust, repeatable framework to migrate, modernize, and optimize data platforms on Microsoft Azure.

Data Wrangling using Azure Data Factory- 1-Wk POC.png

Data Wrangling using Azure Data Factory: 1-Wk POC: Data wrangling is mapping and transforming raw data to make it suitable for data analytics and machine learning. In this proof of concept, Data-Core Systems Inc. will collect a sample dataset, execute a mapping data flow, and use a wrangling data flow.

Fortinet on Azure - Design Workshop - half Day.png

Fortinet on Azure - Design Workshop - 1/2 Day: In this free virtual or on-premises workshop, experts from Integration Partners Corporation will design Fortinet security and networking solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Free Azure Environment Assessment - 1 day.png

Free Azure Environment Assessment - 1 day: In this free assessment of your Azure subscription, XIRUS Pty Ltd. will deliver a detailed snapshot of your environment. XIRUS will identify areas for you to focus on and will provide recommendations for next steps.

Going serverless with Azure - 2 hours briefing.png

Going serverless with Azure - 2 hours briefing: Do you want to build a solution without worrying about servers? This free briefing from InterWorks will give you the big picture when it comes to Azure serverless architecture.

Health Monitoring and Risk Management- 6-Week PoC.png

Health Monitoring and Risk Management: 6-Week PoC: In this free proof of concept, WaveAccess will build an Azure-based prototype to prove whether a challenge of your insurance or healthcare business can be solved using accumulated patient data.

Intelligent Cloud Readiness - 3 Week Assessment.png

Intelligent Cloud Readiness - 3 Week Assessment: In this assessment, Arinco will define the Azure technologies that would most benefit your business. Arinco will then deliver a road map to help you adopt Azure and future-proof your information technology.

Juniper on Azure - Design Workshop - half Day.png

Juniper on Azure - Design Workshop - 1/2 Day: Are you looking to deploy Juniper Networks virtual appliances on Microsoft Azure? In this free workshop, experts from Integration Partners Corporation will meet your needs for design and configuration services.

Microsoft Secure Score - 1 Week Assessment.png

Microsoft Secure Score - 1 Week Assessment: In this assessment, experts from Integration Partners Corporation will help you correctly define your security policies, secure your data, and identify the most critical controls that should be applied in your environment.

Multi-Cloud Integration- 3-Days Assessment.png

Multi-Cloud Integration: 3-Days Assessment: By the end of this free assessment from Edkal Technologies Inc., the client will understand the benefits of Azure Active Directory single sign-on integration as well as options for optimizing infrastructure and cost.

Retail Analytics- 8-Week Implementation.png

Retail Analytics: 8-Week Implementation: Motifworks’ offer is an accelerated route to achieve your defined business outcomes during the pre-assessment solution stage, utilizing services such as Azure Data Lake, Azure Machine Learning, and Microsoft Power BI.

SBC Configuration in Azure - 1 Wk Implementation.png

SBC Configuration in Azure - 1 Wk Implementation: In this implementation, experts from Integration Partners Corporation will deploy and configure a virtual session border controller as an Azure virtual machine to enhance enterprise business communications capabilities.

SQL 2008 to Azure Migration- 3-Days Assessment.png

SQL 2008 to Azure Migration: 3-Days Assessment: In this free engagement, Edkal Technologies Inc. will provide a lift-and-shift migration assessment of SQL Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure. Customers will receive security updates until they're fully upgraded to supported releases.

SQL 2008 to Azure Optimized Migration- 3-Wk Imp.png

SQL 2008 to Azure Optimized Migration: 3-Wk Imp: In this free engagement, which includes an assessment, a proof of concept, and an implementation, Edkal Technologies Inc. will migrate a customer's SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 to a subscription-based Azure virtual machine.

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