Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 57
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 30 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


almohami Pro - Enterprise Legal Management System.png

almohami Pro | Enterprise Legal Management System: almohami Pro, an enterprise legal management system, provides electronic services to law firms and legal departments. This app is available in English and Arabic.

Apache JMeter (standalone).png

Apache JMeter (standalone): Use Apache JMeter to simulate a heavy load on a server, a group of servers, a network, or an object. Analyze overall performance under different load types.

Azure Monitor connector for VIAcode IMS.png

Azure Monitor connector for VIAcode IMS: This app integrates VIAcode Incident Management System with Azure Monitor. VIAcode Incident Management System helps you prioritize, simplify, and streamline management of your Azure operations.

Beacon - Dark Web Search.png

Beacon - Dark Web Search: Using AI and machine learning, Beacon searches dark-web marketplaces, forums, media, and other unindexed sources for evidence of terrorism, hate speech, data breaches, human trafficking, scams, and more.

CentOS 8.0.png

CentOS 8.0: This image offered by Cognosys deploys CentOS 8.0. CentOS, which stands for Community Enterprise Operating System, is a distribution of the Linux operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Cloud SFTP-FTP Server.png

Cloud SFTP/FTP Server: Cloud SFTP/FTP Server gives you native SFTP, SCP (secure copy protocol), and Rsync support, removing the need for you to host your own server. Integrate with cloud storage and quickly get your files where you want them.

Ergo Evergreen Service for Dynamics 365.png

Ergo Evergreen Service for Dynamics 365: Ergo Evergreen Service is a managed service that uses an Azure DevOps environment to configure and extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. The DevOps delivery model allows for rapid prioritization, development, and implementation of changes.

Fortinet FortiTester Application Security Testing.png

Fortinet FortiTester Application Security Testing: FortiTester appliances offer enterprises and service providers cost-effective solutions for performance testing and for validating their network security infrastructure and services.

ioTORQ - Advanced Utility Management and Process Optimization.png

ioTORQ - Advanced Utility Management and Process Optimization Platform: ioTORQ from Panevo integrates multiple data sources, real-time dashboards, and AI-driven analytics to help businesses manage performance, engage stakeholders, and achieve performance gains.

kube-state-metrics Helm Chart.png

kube-state-metrics Helm Chart: kube-state-metrics listens to the Kubernetes API server and generates metrics about the state of the objects. Helm is an application package manager running on top of Kubernetes.

Logical Data Warehouse.png

Logical Data Warehouse: With the Logical Data Warehouse, you can connect multiple data sources and query data using SQL regardless of the source file's format. Integrate your data and create a central data logic.

Mad365 Security Monitoring.png

Mad365 Security Monitoring: This managed service from B2B Technologies provides an analysis program on Azure that analyzes Microsoft 365 log data to flag accounts that have been breached, accounts that are under attack, and accounts that need monitoring.

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 - 24x7 Support.png

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 + 24x7 Support: This image for SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 includes round-the-clock support from SUSE and Microsoft as well as an Azure-tuned kernel for up to 25 percent faster network throughput and 23 percent reduction in average latency.

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 - BYOS.png

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 - BYOS: This image for SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 is a BYOS (bring your own subscription) version that does not include an Azure-tuned kernel.

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 plus Patching.png

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 + Patching: This image for SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 SP5 comes with basic support, including patching. This is a PAYG (pay as you go) subscription.

Sync Public Folders and the GAL to smartphones.png

Sync Public Folders and the GAL to smartphones: CiraSync automatically syncs Office 365 shared contacts and calendars, public folder contacts and calendars, and CRM contacts to the Exchange mailbox so you can access them on your smartphone.

ThinPrint on Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH).png

ThinPrint on Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH): Give your end users fast and seamless printing in all virtual desktop areas with ThinPrint on Remote Desktop Session Host. For administrators, ThinPrint offers easy management. For businesses, it offers cost savings.

WANdisco LiveAnalytics.png

WANdisco LiveAnalytics: WANdisco LiveAnalytics ensures enterprise data in the cloud is always available, accurate, and protected. Automate data migration, replicate changes immediately, and maintain data consistency.

XLSTAT Sensory.png

XLSTAT Sensory: XLSTAT Sensory helps sensory data analysts conduct preference mapping, CATA (check-all-that-apply) and panel analysis, and more. Give your R&D department in-depth insight into your products and consumers.

Zaloni Data Platform.png Zaloni Data Platform: Composed of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled, the Zaloni Data Platform delivers high-value data through an augmented catalog, exceptional governance and security, and self-service access.

Consulting services

10vū Application Modernization Assessment - 7wk.png

10vū Application Modernization Assessment - 7wk: This assessment from 10th Magnitude will provide you with a Platform-as-a-Service architecture implementation road map, an application modernization prescription, a readiness evaluation, and an associated run and transformation cost estimate.

Application Innovation with AKS- 2 Day Briefing.png

Application Innovation with AKS - 2 Day Briefing: In this briefing, expert facilitators from SNP Technologies will discuss Azure Kubernetes Service benefits, use cases, and more. The format will be a blend of PowerPoint-driven lecture, instructor-led demonstrations, and whiteboarding.

Backup for Hybrid Environments- 2 Week PoC.png

Backup for Hybrid Environments - 2 Week PoC: In this proof of concept from SNP Technologies, SNP architects will assess your existing backup solution, deliver a proposed process flow, and set up backup infrastructure for your hybrid environment with Microsoft Azure.

Citrix VDI Solution on Microsoft Azure- 2 Week PoC.png

Citrix VDI Solution on Microsoft Azure - 2 Week PoC: This proof of concept from SNP Technologies offers customers multiple VDI deployment options for Citrix solutions on Microsoft Azure, including virtual apps, desktops, data, and networking.

Demystify AI v2- 1-Day Workshop.png

Demystify AI v2: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Bechtle Logistik & Service aims to help customers understand what artificial intelligence is and, more importantly, what it’s not. Participants will choose four use-case scenarios to explore.

DS Vantage - 4-Wk Implementation.png

DS Vantage - 4-Wk Implementation: This implementation from Visual BI Solutions will establish a greenfield data science lab along with basic services to assist customers in driving productive use of the Microsoft Azure-based solution.

Future Workplace PoC - 100 percent Cloud (4 weeks).png

Future Workplace PoC | 100% Cloud (~4 weeks): Glück & Kanja's proof of concept provides a fast lane to cloud services, implementing the Future Workplace blueprint in your Microsoft 365 tenant. It will dramatically reduce the time and costs to implement and deploy cloud technologies.

IoT Realtime Instore Insight- 4Week Implementation.png

IoT Real-time In-store Insight: 4-Week Implementation: In this engagement, HCL Technologies will implement its Real-time In-store Insights (RII) solution, which uses Microsoft Azure and IoT-powered insights to reimagine the retail space and transform the shopping experience.

Kubernetes on Azure- 1 Week PoC.png

Kubernetes on Azure - 1 Week PoC: In this proof of concept from SNP Technologies, SNP’s application and platform engineers will work with your team to rehost one of your applications in Azure Kubernetes Service, Microsoft’s managed service for Kubernetes.

SAP on Azure- 2 Week PoC.png

SAP on Azure - 2 Week PoC: This proof of concept from SNP Technologies will help enterprises develop a focused strategy to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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