Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 54
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 129 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AiKaan IoT Edge Monitoring and Control.png

AiKaan IoT Edge Monitoring & Control: AiKaan's IoT edge application-monitoring and device-monitoring solution helps organizations manage and maintain IoT edge infrastructure, which includes devices, applications, and networks that are deployed remotely and running complex edge applications.


Ai-Knowie: Ai-Knowie is an intelligent, enterprise knowledge-based engine. It ingests a high volume of your documents and data in various formats and enriches the content with Azure Cognitive Services and machine learning. It then provides insights via Power BI dashboards and Azure Cognitive Search.

Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA).png

Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA): Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA) is a chatbot built on Microsoft Teams that uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks. AVA learns users' workflows to answer and prompt questions about daily tasks.

Appsian ASP Single Sign-on.png

Appsian ASP Single Sign-on: Appsian Security Platform for PeopleSoft with single sign-on directly integrates with SAML identity management solutions (Azure, Active Directory, OKTA, Shibboleth, etc.) for seamless PeopleSoft access. It ensures maximum productivity, maximum security, and access control.

Aridhia DRE Workspaces.png

Aridhia DRE Workspaces: Aridhia Digital Research Environment facilitates secure, auditable, and reproducible research, allowing data sharing with role-based access control for collaborators and research groups. Collaborative workspaces provide the project space in which to perform data analysis.

Arista CloudEOS Router.png

Arista CloudEOS Router: The Arista CloudEOS Router is a multi-cloud and multi-hypervisor virtual router that empowers enterprises and cloud providers to build scalable hybrid networks.


askEddi: askEddi is a school improvement platform that provides visualization of school data (attendance and attainment) to benefit teachers, data managers, and school leaders. It eliminates the need for paper systems and gives teachers more time to act and deliver impact where it matters.


ATKey.Card: ATKey.Card is a smart badge-type security card that can communicate with the host through various interfaces, including FIDO2, FIDO U2F, and customized OTP (one-time password). In addition, after a fingerprint match, it can be used for location tracking, password-free Azure Active Directory login, and more.

Attendant Console for Teams and Skype for Business.png

Attendant Console for Teams and Skype for Business: Mida Attendant Console is a web-based solution that helps your receptionist/operator give your customers great service. It provides you with real-time smart reporting systems and supports most legacy private branch exchanges, easing migration to Microsoft Teams.


AWM Smart Shelf: AWM's ecosystem of solutions reinvents the retail space by improving operational efficiencies, increasing sales, and reducing waste. It includes AWM Frictionless, a cashierless checkout application; Automated Inventory Intelligence; Dynamic Shelf Edge LED Technology; Ad Exchange; and more.

AXS GUARD Firewall - VPN - WAF - IAM for Azure.png

AXS GUARD Firewall - VPN - WAF - IAM for Azure: AXS GUARD is a complete platform that contains everything to protect people, network infrastructure, and applications against the complex and advanced threats on the internet. It combines NG Firewall, IPS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and other networking protection tools.


BioVolume: BioVolume is a 3-D imaging solution that helps visualize and measure subcutaneous tumor growth in pre-clinical oncology research. It was conceived to enable faster, smarter, and more confident decisions regarding identifying and developing new cancer therapeutics.

BitDam Breach and Attack Simulation.png

BitDam Breach and Attack Simulation: BitDam's goal is to stop malware before malware stops you. The BAS tool simulates cyberattacks to test your email defenses, enabling you to measure how well your organization is protected. Get set up in minutes and discover your current level of protection.

Blockmason Link - Free Account.png

Blockmason Link - Free Account: Link enables software developers to build apps that seamlessly interact with the blockchain through web-based APIs. Any software capable of using a web API can use the Link app, with no special libraries, tools, or blockchain knowledge required. Link features continuous, automated security monitoring.

Calyps CALAI v1.png

Calyps CALAI v1: CALAI upends planning and scheduling by applying AI to big data, generating far more accurate predictions than traditional statistical methods. It uses all of a client’s internal data and relevant external data to generate its outcomes. This app is available in English, French, German, and Italian.

Canopy CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Canopy CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: Canopy CMS is an open-source content management system that lets users build professional PHP-based websites. It includes powerful user and admin dashboards and is highly configurable.

Celebal Technologies - Digital Assistant EKAA.png

Celebal Technologies - Digital Assistant, Ekaa: Ekaa is an AI chatbot that automates HR, IT, sales, and administrative operations. Ekaa integrates with data source systems like Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Jira, and Azure SQL to enable instant customer service and much more.

CIS PostgreSQL 11 on CentOS Linux 7 Benchmark - L1.png

CIS PostgreSQL 11 on CentOS Linux 7 Benchmark - L1: This image of CIS is pre-configured by CIS to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmarks. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides developed and accepted by government, business, industry, and academia.

ClickHouse on Ubuntu 18.04.png

ClickHouse on Ubuntu 18.04: ClickHouse is an efficient, column-oriented database management system. It optimizes hardware resources to process billions of rows per server per second, generating results for complex queries almost instantaneously. Its storage format makes executing queries more efficient.

Cloud Journey CoEm.png

Cloud Journey CoEm: Cloud Journey, available only in Spanish, helps your company choose the best cloud adoption model. The process includes the structuring of the cloud adoption model, the selection of models, and the creation of the implementation plan, then implementation and management of the cloud.


CloudOps: This managed cloud operations service is adapted for workloads in the cloud and replaces traditional IT operations. The cloud allows you to try services, start and stop applications whenever you wish, or run your systems 24/7. Monitoring and incident management are always in place.

Confluent Enterprise platform (Apache Kafka).png

Confluent Enterprise platform (Apache Kafka): Confluent Platform offers a more complete set of development, operations, and management capabilities to run Kafka at scale on Azure for mission-critical applications and workloads. Confluent also enables hybrid data streaming and a bridge to Azure cloud scenarios.

CouchDB on Ubuntu 18.04.png

CouchDB on Ubuntu 18.04: CouchDB is a NoSQL database that helps users quickly store and retrieve data from either the cloud or their servers. Based on JSON, CouchDB supports binary data and allows applications to write data without locking the database.

Digital Distribution Center.png

Digital Distribution Center: Lenovo’s Digital Distribution Center (DDC) is an IoT solution that helps retail, manufacturing, and logistics operations optimize distribution through its real-time scalable package detection, tracking, and validation.

Digital Trust Platform.png

Digital Trust Platform: The Craxel Digital Trust Platform enables companies to organize, share, search, and make massive volumes of encrypted data securely accessible.

Docker Community Server with CentOS 7.5.png

Docker Community Server with CentOS 7.5: This image offered by Cognosys contains Docker Community Server with CentOS 7.5. Docker Community Server is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

Docker Community Server with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Docker Community Server with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This image offered by Cognosys contains Docker Community Server with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Docker Community Server is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

Drupal on CentOS.png

Drupal on CentOS: This ready-to-run image offered by Websoft9 contains Drupal on CentOS. With Drupal, you can create and develop a website on your personal computer, then upload your creation to an online webhost.

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance.png

EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance: EcoSys provides accountability and visibility into the utilization of enterprise financial, human, and equipment resources, allowing you to maximize returns and margins across your project's ecosystem.

Eleven01 Virtual Machine.png

Eleven01 Virtual Machine: This Ubuntu-based virtual machine contains one Eleven01 node network, including a sample supply chain decentralized application (DApp) for interaction with the Eleven01 blockchain.

EncompaaS Enterprise Compliance.png

EncompaaS Enterprise Compliance: EncompaaS is a Software-as-a-Service compliance platform that delivers intelligent, automated governance across all your on-premises content repositories, cloud repositories, and cloud application services.

End to End Data Estate Modernization.png End to End Data Estate Modernization: This managed service offering from Neal Analytics assists customers with their Azure deployments. From AAD to Zookeeper, Neal Analytics can help you manage assets and reduce cloud costs.
Evolution CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Evolution CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Evolution CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Evolution CMS is a developer-centric content management system that allows users to customize virtually everything. It's an ideal framework to securely deploy websites and apps.

Flamenco Manager for remote farm on Windows - ATLG.png

Flamenco Manager for remote farm on Windows - ATLG: This easy-to-deploy image contains Flamenco Manager and Blender running on Windows Server 2016. Flamenco is the render management software used by the Blender Animation Studio.

Follett Aspen SIS.png

Follett Aspen SIS: Aspen Student Information System is a centralized platform for hosting and managing student data. Aspen eliminates the need for multiple databases and streamlines the process of reporting student data, creating instructional plans, and applying guidelines.

Footmarks SmartTracking - Asset Tracking for CPGs.png

Footmarks SmartTracking - Asset Tracking for CPGs: Footmarks helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands increase visibility into their retail execution and compliance rates. Footmarks can track assets, such as displays, across millions of retail locations.

Fortinet FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service.png

Fortinet FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service: The FortiWeb Cloud WAF Software-as-a-Service enables rapid application deployments while addressing compliance standards and protecting mission-critical hosted applications. Protect your apps from today's threats, including the OWASP Top 10.

Fugue - Cloud Security and Compliance.png

Fugue - Cloud Security and Compliance: Fugue provides immediate visibility into cloud misconfiguration and potential compliance violations, empowering engineers to build and operate secure Azure infrastructure that upholds enterprise policies.

Grafana Helm Chart.png

Grafana Helm Chart: Grafana, an open-source metric analytics and visualization suite, lets you visualize time series data that supports various types of data sources. Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes.

HID Crescendo Card.png

HID Crescendo Card: The Crescendo C2300 serves as a high-security smart card for IT and physical access, enabling organizations to implement zero-trust security architecture and leave passwords behind.

High-precision AI verification.png

High-precision AI verification: Ridge-i Co. Ltd.'s high-precision artificial intelligence technology uses multiple surveillance cameras to determine who is where at any time. This app is available only in Japanese.


HIQ: Robotina d.o.o.'s HIQ allows hotels and other businesses to manage smart buildings over Microsoft Azure. Data from automation (sensors and actuators) is transferred to Azure IoT Hub and then to a SCADA system, where it's processed and displayed.

HitHorizons B2B API.png

HitHorizons B2B API+: HitHorizons' API can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics to provide data on more than 60 million European companies. Expand your understanding of companies you work with and partnerships you are exploring.

Hybr SDX Datacenter - Cloud and Cost Management.png

Hybr SDX Datacenter – Cloud and Cost Management: Hybr is a hybrid cloud management and automation platform that helps enterprises manage multiple clouds and on-premises datacenters in a unified self-service portal.

Igneous DataDiscover - File Analytics As-a-Service.png

Igneous DataDiscover | File Analytics As-a-Service: DataDiscover offers a simple way to see, analyze, and act on all your network-attached storage (NAS) file data.
Visualize all your file data in an interactive dashboard, even if you have billions of files and petabytes of data.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services - BYOL.png

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services - BYOL: Informatica's integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) is composed of a growing number of data management products, including the AI-driven CLAIRE engine and a microservices architecture.

Intech Cloud Concierge.png

Intech Cloud Concierge: Intech Cloud Concierge Infra (ICCI) from Integration Technologies is a managed service that helps customers onboard, operate, and support Microsoft Azure environments.


iQCloud: iQCloud provides a service-centric view of your on-premises and cloud resources to enable you to plan migrations, manage hybrid clouds, update your configuration management databases, or audit disaster recovery plans.

Jenkins with Windows Server 2019 Free.png

Jenkins with Windows Server 2019: This image offered by Cognosys deploys Jenkins with Windows Server 2019 on Microsoft Azure. Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration tool for software development.

JFrog Cloud Pro X.png

JFrog Cloud Pro X: JFrog Cloud Pro X features JFrog Artifactory and the security scanning tool JFrog Xray. Cloud Pro X empowers DevOps teams to increase their efficiency and deliver high-quality software faster.


KOSMISCH: KOSMISCH supports application development and cloud transformation by enabling migration at the application level rather than just a lift and shift. This app is available only in Japanese.

Limesurvey with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Limesurvey with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This image offered by Cognosys deploys LimeSurvey with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Microsoft Azure. LimeSurvey is an open-source online application for developing surveys, collecting responses, and exporting data.

Logstash Exporter Container Image.png

Logstash Exporter Container Image: Logstash Exporter makes it easy to export Logstash metrics in Prometheus format. Logstash is a server‑side data processing pipeline that ingests data from multiple sources simultaneously, transforms it, and then sends it to a "stash" like Elasticsearch.

M4B Wave 2 Professional.png

M4B Wave 2 Professional: M4B WAVE 2 Professional is a content management and monitoring solution designed for large companies and retail networks whose goals are to serve their customers multimedia advertising content.


Machine QC: MachineSense's Machine QC application provides system calibration and quality control for IoT and industrial systems.

Managed cPanel Admin Edition.png

Managed cPanel Admin Edition: Get a fully managed Linux server running the latest version of cPanel Admin Edition. This offer from Media3 Technologies covers up to five accounts.

Managed cPanel Premier Edition.png

Managed cPanel Premier Edition: Get a fully managed Linux server running the latest version of cPanel Premier Edition. This offer from Media3 Technologies covers up to 100 accounts.

Managed cPanel Pro Edition.png

Managed cPanel Pro Edition: Get a fully managed Linux server running the latest version of cPanel Pro Edition. This offer from Media3 Technologies covers up to 30 accounts.


mastt01: Mastt consolidates contract, financial, and reporting processes into an enterprise system for the construction and defense industries. The system is deployed via the cloud and accomplishes everything your spreadsheets can't do.


MeetingRoomMap: MeetingRoomMap consists of add-ins for Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint that show the locations of your meeting rooms and coworkers on a custom map.

MidaRec - recording web-based console for Teams.png

MidaRec – recording web-based console for Teams: Need a compliant, plug-and-play recorder for Microsoft Teams that can store your conversations for years? Try MidaRec, a secure, web-based console. Simply download MidaRec and you'll soon be able to register any Teams call.

mobile app reporting presence.png

mobile app reporting presence: Track and report attendance at work with Integrated Solutions Sp. z o.o.'s mobile application, which utilizes Azure Active Directory. This app is available in Polish and English.

Moodle on CentOS.png

Moodle on CentOS: This image offered by Websoft9 contains Moodle 3.7, Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.6, and PHP 7.2 on CentOS 7.8. Moodle lets educators, administrators, and others create personalized learning environments.


Mydatamatcher: When selling products and spare parts from one business to another, you must quickly react to client quote requests. Mydatamatcher's special matching algorithms help set you apart from your competitors.

New Relic Digital Performance Management for Azure.png

New Relic Digital Performance Management for Azure: New Relic provides actionable performance insights and comprehensive visibility for your Azure deployments with a robust set of integrations. Monitor your applications, infrastructure, and end user deployments.

Nextcloud on CentOS.png

Nextcloud on CentOS: This ready-to-run image offered by Websoft9 contains Nextcloud 17.0.1rc1, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.6, and Apache 2.4 on CentOS 7.8. Nextcloud is an open-source file-syncing and file-sharing solution.

Node.js 12 with CentOS 7.5.png

Node.js 12 with CentOS 7.5: This image offered by Cognosys deploys Node.js 12 with CentOS 7.5 on Microsoft Azure. Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment for developing tools and applications.

Odoo on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Odoo on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Odoo on Ubuntu 18.04. Odoo is a customizable open-source suite of business applications, including warehouse management software, project management tools, and communication solutions.

OmniSci Open Source Edition.png

OmniSci Open Source Edition: Whether you're a freelancer writing code, a data science professional who wants to try before you buy, or a chief information officer supporting an enterprise, OmniSci makes it easy for you and your team to get started with big data analytics.

PHP 7.1 On Windows Server 2019 Free.png

PHP 7.1 On Windows Server 2019: This image offered by Cognosys deploys PHP 7.1 with Windows Server 2019 on Microsoft Azure. PHP is a popular scripting language for web development.

PlanetVerify HR.png

PlanetVerify HR: PlanetVerify HR is an easy and secure way for new employees to send you their personal data through their own device, saving time and money for your human resources team.


PowerPPM: PowerPPM, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, offers all the core features of a modern project and portfolio management solution, and it works seamlessly with Microsoft Project Online.

Prometheus Operator Container Image.png

Prometheus Operator Container Image: Prometheus Operator provides easy monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services and deployment, as well as management of Prometheus instances. Prometheus is used for event monitoring and alerts.

Python 3.6 with CentOS 7.7.png

Python 3.6 with CentOS 7.7: This image offered by Cognosys deploys Python 3.6 with CentOS 7.7 on Microsoft Azure. Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, and it's suited for rapid application development.

Python 3.8 with CentOS 7.7.png

Python 3.8 with CentOS 7.7: This image offered by Cognosys deploys Python 3.8 with CentOS 7.7 on Microsoft Azure. Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, and it's suited for rapid application development.

Python 3.8 with Ubuntu 19.04.png

Python 3.8 with Ubuntu 19.04: This image offered by Cognosys deploys Python 3.8 with Ubuntu 19.04 on Microsoft Azure. Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, and it's suited for rapid application development.

Quest Enterprise Reporter.png

Quest Enterprise Reporter: Enterprise Reporter Suite helps you keep your Microsoft environment secure and compliant. Comprehensive access assessments and built-in reporting provide deep visibility into Azure resources, users, groups, permissions, and more.

RandS Web Application Firewall (WAF).png

R&S Web Application Firewall (WAF): R&S Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects critical business applications from complex attacks while respecting data privacy requirements.

Rencore Oversight.png

Rencore Oversight: On October 1, 2019, Microsoft introduced new licensing plans for Microsoft Flow, now known as Power Automate. Rencore Oversight helps administrators and individuals responsible for IT costs understand the impact of the licensing changes.


ReviewSpotter: ReviewSpotter is online reputation management software that enables businesses to aggregate, visualize, and draw insights from customer feedback. Do away with bulky notebooks and start applying sentiment tracking powered by artificial intelligence.


sales-i: This sales intelligence and enablement platform uses your invoicing data to identify actionable insights so you can maximize revenue from your customer base while improving your sales team’s efficiency.


Simcenter Star-CCM+: Simcenter STAR-CCM+ improves engineering simulations with animation and automation capabilities. Directly from the interface, you can build and execute a sequence of simulation actions without macros.

Software Defined Mainframe.png

Software Defined Mainframe: Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) from lzLabs GmbH allows customers to run mainframe workloads on x86 or the cloud without recompilation or data reformatting. This enables incremental modernization and reduces the risks associated with mainframe migration.

SQLite on CentOS 7.5.png

SQLite on CentOS 7.5: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains SQLite on CentOS 7.5. SQLite is an embedded database engine used for storing data locally on application software.

SQLite on Ubuntu 18.04.png

SQLite on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains SQLite on Ubuntu 18.04. SQLite is an embedded database engine used for storing data locally on application software.

Takeflite Regional Airline Software.png

Takeflite Regional Airline Software: Designed for regional airlines and aviation companies, Takeflite's integrated software solution encompasses distribution management, passenger service, departure control, flight operations, business intelligence, and more.


Talox: Talox brings commercial real estate leasing and asset management into a single place, helping real estate owners and brokers increase efficiency and gain deeper insights so they can maximize revenues and asset values.

Techforce AI RPA-CE.png

Techforce AI RPA-CE: is a unified workforce platform that enables end-to-end business process digitization with a human-in-the-loop approach for approvals and reviews.

Tempered Networks Conductor Managed v2.2.png

Tempered Networks Conductor Managed v2.2: The Tempered Networks secure networking platform can eliminate the complex, disruptive, and time-consuming provisioning steps associated with traditional IT solutions like firewalls and virtual private networks.

TimeandSpace - Workforce Management & Access Control.png

Time&Space - Workforce Management & Access Control: Track attendance, absences, project time, and more with Time&Space, a workforce management platform to increase productivity and reduce your administrative burdens.

TTMS Connected Factory 4.0.png

TTMS Connected Factory 4.0: TTMS Connected Factory uses Microsoft Azure services to enable manufacturers, online retailers, and other industries to make better business decisions through analyzing data from sensors, robots, and other sources.

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.png

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS: Ubuntu Server is a popular Linux platform offering strong scale-out performance for cloud environments. Updates and patches for Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS will be available until April 2021.

Vandis Managed ExpressRoute.png

Vandis Managed ExpressRoute: This managed service provider offering will establish an ExpressRoute connection to Microsoft Azure. ExpressRoute lets you connect your organization’s on-premises infrastructure with the cloud.

Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Fortinet.png

Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Fortinet: Vandis’ managed service provider team will connect branch sites, datacenters, and cloud environments within an SD-WAN solution powered by Fortinet and Azure Virtual WAN.

Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Palo Alto Networks.png

Vandis Managed VWAN Powered by Palo Alto Networks: Vandis’ managed service provider team will connect branch sites, datacenters, and cloud environments within a solution powered by Palo Alto Networks and Azure Virtual WAN.

Volterra Node.png

Volterra Node: This offer from Volterra Edge Services sets up a Volterra node for VoltMesh and VoltStack.

V-OS Cloud Identity.png

V-OS Cloud Identity: Building on the patented V-OS Virtual Secure Element, V-Key has developed a highly secure framework that integrates with mobile apps to secure them against advanced persistent threats, Trojans, and rootkits.

Whirla Smart Office.png

Whirla Smart Office: Whirla Smart Office is an IoT platform for analyzing hot desk operations and flexible office spaces. It's designed to optimize office maintenance costs and increase space efficiency.

Ziti Edge - Developer Edition.png

Ziti Edge - Developer Edition: This image combines Ziti Controller and Ziti Gateway to form a zero-trust entry point into your security group or serve as a zero-trust proxy to other hosted services.

Consulting services

1-Day BI to AI Readiness Assessment.png

1-Day BI to AI Readiness Assessment: Divergence.AI's assessment is for companies transitioning from traditional analytics using a data warehouse and business intelligence to Microsoft Azure and artificial intelligence.

Architecting your solution - 1 Week Assessment.png

Architecting your solution - 1 Week Assessment: Following technical best practices, InterWorks will help you build a cost-effective and optimized architecture for any use case. Start a new system or improve your current one in this weeklong assessment.

Are you ready for the cloud - 1 week assessment.png

Are you ready for the cloud? - 1 week assessment: This assessment from InterWorks will help you understand why it's important to move to the cloud, what you need to do in order to get there, and how Microsoft Azure can benefit your company.

Azure Blockchain Tokens and TTF - 2 Day Workshop.png

Azure Blockchain Tokens & TTF: 2 Day Workshop: In this workshop from Envision Blockchain Solutions, participants will learn how to digitize their assets, define properties and behaviors for their assets, and establish a business ecosystem that governs their tokens.

Azure Cost Optimization - 2-Wk Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 2-Wk Assessment: If you have migrated to Microsoft Azure but you don’t believe you are receiving the full value it offers, an Azure optimization assessment from Navisite can identify areas that could be improved.

Azure Data Integration - 1 week assesement.png

Azure Data Integration - 1 week assessment: Using Azure Data Factory, InterWorks' assessment will help you increase productivity and accelerate your time to market.

Azure Data Integration and Migration Sol. - 7Wk Imp.png

Azure Data Integration & Migration Sol.: 7 Wk Imp.: Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited (CIS) will implement a configurable data integration hub able to receive, process, and match personal data from any source, any database type, and any business partner.

Azure Exchange Server Check-Up - 2-Day Assessment.png

Azure Exchange Server Check-Up: 2-Day Assessment: In this assessment, Qualysoft will analyze your system and present you with a comprehensive health report about your Azure Exchange Server. To protect your data, no data will be transported outside your physical location.

Azure Integration Services - 1 week assesement.png

Azure Integration Services - 1 week assessment: InterWorks' assessment will give you insights into Azure Integration Services, determine your system landscape, discuss the value of the integration platform, and provide you with solutions for a current business challenge.

Be happy with SAP on Azure - One-hour assessment.png

Be happy with SAP on Azure: One-hour assessment: itesys AG's free assessment will give you an overview of SAP on Azure, show you the road map to the cloud, clarify your needs, and advise you on the opportunities that Microsoft Azure can create.

Cloud Adoption Courtesy Services - 1-Hr Workshop.png

Cloud Adoption Courtesy Services: 1-Hr Workshop: In Insight's free workshop, customers will be able to choose one courtesy service. Insight will help get the service up and running and then help optimize the customer's Azure investment.

Cloud Clinic - 4-Hour Workshop.png

Cloud Clinic: 4-Hour Workshop: Venture 1 Consulting Limited's free workshop is dedicated to understanding your key IT and business challenges and identifying a potential cloud strategy to address them.

Cloud Performance Optimisation - 10-day Assessment.png

Cloud Performance Optimisation: 10-day Assessment: In this assessment, SCC will provide proactive cost optimization and performance assurance on your public cloud and hybrid cloud environments. This will help you monitor resource use and build cost governance policies.

Cloud Readiness Assessment - 3-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 3-Day Assessment: In this engagement, KCOM Group PLC will assess where you're at on your cloud journey and review that information against the factors that lead to a successful cloud adoption.

Cloud strategy and roadmap - 8-Wk Assessment.png

Cloud strategy and roadmap: 8-Wk Assessment: In this engagement, Tech Mahindra Limited will assess your infrastructure and the applications hosted in that environment, then provide recommendations for migration, storage, workload consolidation, and more.

Cloud Strategy and Vision - 3-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Strategy and Vision: 3-Day Assessment: KCOM Group PLC will work with your stakeholders to prepare you for your cloud journey, including identifying potential risks and choosing the right first project so you can quickly demonstrate value.

Cognitive services development - 2 weeks PoC.png

Cognitive services development - 2 weeks PoC: This proof of concept from InterWorks can help you determine how to use Azure Cognitive Services to create applications that can see, speak, identify, and digitize your paper documents.

Crayon AI Envision Session - 2day Workshop.png

Crayon AI Envision Session: 2-day Workshop: Collaborate with Crayon's team in this on-site workshop to evaluate two use cases and your current AI strategy. Recommendations will be based on use cases hosted on Microsoft Azure and utilizing leading learning technologies.

Host public services on Azure - 1 week assessment.png

Host public services on Azure - 1 week assessment: This assessment from InterWorks will involve a service review, a back-end review, and a presentation about Microsoft Azure and the opportunities it offers.

Improve Employee efficiency - 2 week Assessment.png

Improve Employee efficiency: 2 week Assessment: KCS Inc. will assess your IT infrastructure, processes, employee communication, and document storage, then submit a detailed proposal of its professional services, the solution, Azure cloud sizing, and the tools required.

Insights and Performance Monitoring - 2 weeks PoC.png

Insights and Performance Monitoring - 2 weeks PoC: This proof of concept from InterWorks involves Azure Application Insights and performance monitoring. The proof of concept will help you identify challenging business scenarios and determine the best approach for your organization.

Intelligent MandA Due Diligence - 4-Wk Assessment.png

Intelligent M&A Due Diligence: 4-Wk Assessment: Avanade will assess your technology landscape to create transparency, accountability, and efficiency in post-merger IT operations.

Migration Service - 4-Wk Implementation.png

Migration Service: 4-Wk Implementation: Move workloads to Microsoft Azure with speed and accuracy, and ensure cost-performance optimization. SYNTEGRA's implementation service covers pre-migration tasks, migration to Azure, and testing.

Modern Workplace Maturity Assessment - 5 Days.png

Modern Workplace Maturity Assessment: 5 Days: In this assessment, CWSI's consultants will guide you through a program to develop and implement a modern workplace strategy using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security.

MS SQL Migration - 1 Day Assessment.png

MS SQL Migration: 1 Day Assessment: Do you want to move your SQL Server to Microsoft Azure? In this free assessment, AppsRent will study your infrastructure architecture to overcome your database challenges and help you prepare an action plan.

Network optimisation on Azure - 2-hr Assessment.png

Network optimisation on Azure: 2-hr Assessment: Colt's free assessment of your connectivity services will help you prepare your network for optimized cloud application performance. Colt's network solution professional will review your network needs and recommend the best course of action.

SaaS Integration with Azure Logic Apps 5-Days POC.png

SaaS Integration with Azure Logic Apps 5-Days POC: In this proof of concept, NeosAlpha will analyze integration requirements, work on solution design, and build two simple integration flows between Software-as-a-Service applications like Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SAP Concur.

Services for Azure Sentinel - 3-Wk Assessment.png

Services for Azure Sentinel: 3-Wk Assessment: Let Insight help you take advantage of cutting-edge technology from Microsoft to strengthen and simplify your security. In this engagement, Insight consultants will assess your environment and develop plans for deploying Azure Sentinel.

Start your Digital Transformation - 4hr Workshop.png

Start your Digital Transformation: 4 Hr Workshop: Plan the start of your digital transformation with this free workshop from Adatis. The workshop will identify at least one feature of your IT landscape for which a cloud service proof of concept can be planned and executed.

Track and Monitor - 1 Day PoC.png

Track and Monitor: 1 Day PoC: Readify will deliver a proof of concept for Telstra Track and Monitor, an IoT solution built on Microsoft Azure that provides automated and mapped visibility of your moving assets at scale.

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