Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 159
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 100 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Ansible Runtime for IT Automation.png

Ansible Runtime for IT Automation: This preconfigured image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides version 2.11.1 of Ansible, an IT automation platform, on Ubuntu 20.04. Also included are Docker 20.10.7 and Python 3.8.6.

AWX Server Ready with Support from Linnovate.png

AWX Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This instance from Linnovate Technologies provides AWX, a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of the Ansible IT automation platform. The AWX dashboard displays all that’s going on in your Ansible environment.

Azure Data Science Hub - DSVM.png

Azure Data Science Hub - DSVM: This image offered by Ntegral provides Ubuntu 20.04.2 on an Azure virtual machine with several tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling, and development. Jupyter Hub, Anaconda, CUDA Toolkit, and PyTorch are among the preinstalled tools.

Caption Starter.png

Caption Starter: Automatically turn speech into text and add captions to videos with Scriptix Subtitle Editor. Upload videos of up to 1 gigabyte in size and use Scriptix Subtitle Editor's high-accuracy speech-recognition models in 13 languages.

ElasticHQ Server Ready with Support from Linnovate.png

ElasticHQ Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This offer from Linnovate Technologies provides an ElasticHQ server on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. ElasticHQ serves as a monitoring and management platform for Elasticsearch clusters. Stay on top of your cluster health with real-time analytics information.

Element Unify.png

Element Unify: Element Unify enriches siloed IT, OT, and ET data with context, providing industrial data teams with a foundational component for their data architecture so they can address today’s use cases and be ready for new ones as they emerge.

GOTOP ComputerVision.png

GOTOP ComputerVision: GOTOP Information Inc.'s ready-made interface helps customers understand Microsoft Azure Computer Vision and how to use it to search content, automate text capture, and analyze images and videos. This offer is available only in Chinese.

Helin Cloud Remote CCTV Monitoring.png

Helin Cloud Remote CCTV Monitoring: Helin Data's remote monitoring solution helps industrial operations stay in control of remote assets with live video, Azure storage, playback recordings, and automated alerts.

Nebula Cloud Labs.png

Nebula Cloud Labs: Nebula Cloud Labs enables enterprises and educational institutions to set up sandbox environments across engineering, scientific, and IT disciplines. Train students, conduct demos, or deliver proofs of concept.

Node.js Server (CentOS).png

Node.js Server (CentOS): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Node.js on CentOS Server 8.3. Node.js is an open-source runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications.

Node.js Server (Ubuntu).png

Node.js Server (Ubuntu): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Node.js on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Node.js is an open-source runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications.


OrangeHRM: This image from Niles Partners provides OrangeHRM, a human resources platform for managing time and attendance, leave, recruiting, performance, and employee information. Also included are Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP.


ProFile: ProFile is a browser-based file-transfer application that enables you to upload, share, and receive files of any size. This offer requires the deployment of the Mevitco ProFile Container in your Azure subscription.

securiCAD Enterprise.png

securiCAD Enterprise: securiCAD Enterprise offers threat modeling with automatic model generation, automated risk assessments, and suggested mitigations. It can be deployed on-premises, air-gapped, or in a cloud environment with access controls and permission controls for sensitive information.


Solr: This image from Niles Partners provides Solr, a NoSQL search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Solr is enterprise-grade, secure, and highly scalable, with fault-tolerant distributed search and indexing.

Talkey - solution for secure communication.png

Talkey - solution for secure communication: Talkey's email and file encryption functions give you control over how your data will be handled by third-party devices. Disable recipient forwarding, limit the amount of time your message will be visible, restrict the number of views, and set other options.


ThinkAutomation: ThinkAutomation is an on-premises process automation system for workflow orchestration. Automate form building, data integration, threat monitoring, web scraping, API gateway management, sentiment analysis, translation, and more.


Vocean: Quickly gather feedback from customers, partners, or employees with Vocean, a platform that facilitates ideas, ensures that participants' voices are heard, and solves business-critical problems.

Windows Server 2016 Small.png

Windows Server 2016 Small: This preconfigured image from Belinda CZ s.r.o. provides a lightweight version of Windows Server 2016. Use it as an application server or a dev-test environment, or use it for low-traffic websites and web apps.

Zoho Projects.png

Zoho Projects: Zoho Projects is project management software for businesses of all types and sizes. Access Zoho Projects from within Microsoft Teams or from the apps section of your Office 365 account, and import Office users to your Zoho Projects portal.

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NET Application Modernization-2-Hour Workshop.png

.NET Application Modernization: 2-Hour Workshop: Hexaware can help you eliminate commercial database and middleware costs by adopting open source on Microsoft Azure and getting total-cost-of-ownership benefits of 50 percent. Achieve these benefits using Hexaware’s AMAZE.

Active Directory- 2-Wk assessment.png

Active Directory: 2-Week Assessment: T-Systems’ survey service helps you identify infrastructure opportunities that will determine which applications are worth migrating and connecting to Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This offer is available only in Hungarian.

Agile Experience-10-weeks Implementation.png

Agile Experience: 10-Week Implementation: Programmer's provides an ideal set of expertise, talent, and technology to help you execute your digital strategy and implement your digital products on Microsoft Azure. From idea to business value delivery, Programmer's will work with your team.

App Identity Evaluation- 8 H Workshop.png

App Identity Evaluation: 8-Hour Workshop: adaQuest will help you secure and manage your application estate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Get insights, recommendations, and next steps with a strategic plan based on approaches recommended by Microsoft security experts.

App Mod Services- 2 week Assessment.png

App Mod Services: 2-Week Assessment: Softura is your trusted partner to modernize your legacy systems and applications. Softura’s Connected Apps solution on Microsoft Azure is a framework to build regular services on a common data pipeline with standard security features.

AVD Quick Start- 4-Day Proof of Concept.png AVD Quick Start: 4-Day Proof of Concept: Bytes’ Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop offering provides an initial environment for testing/proof of concept, including an overview of Azure concepts. Bytes recommends completing the Azure Foundation Quick Start as a prerequisite.
Azure Backup- 2-Day Implementation.png

Azure Backup: 2-Day Implementation: Get continuity for your digital business with Dendrio and Microsoft Azure Backup. Dendrio can help integrate your applications and get them up and running in no time after a disaster, with virtually no loss of data.

Azure Cloud Security Services- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Security Services: 4-Week Implementation: Neway specializes in helping organizations optimize their security posture through a multi-cloud security platform built on Microsoft Azure that encompasses security controls, policy enforcement frameworks, and threat intelligence.

Azure Landing Zone Design- 7-Day Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone Design: 7-Day Implementation: Together with Fujitsu’s experts, create your landing zone based on individual requirements, needs, and business strategies. The structured Fujitsu approach makes it possible to plan in a targeted manner. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Maturity Check- 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Maturity Check: 1-Week Assessment: With this offering, Positive Thinking Company will perform an audit of your cloud environment. It is created for clients who have already built a Microsoft Azure environment and want to know its strengths and weaknesses.

Azure OSS- 6-Week Implementation.png Azure OSS: 6-Week Implementation: Insight will help you deploy a subset of your OSS application portfolio to Microsoft Azure. Insight will do so by using its library of Infrastructure as Code modules, source code scaffolding tools, reference architectures, and cloud deployment best practices.
Azure OSS App Modernization- 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure OSS App Modernization: 3-Week Assessment: This Insight offering will help you effectively plan and budget for migrating OSS applications to Microsoft Azure using a formalized migration plan. Insight will define groupings of source applications based on the stack.

Azure Security Audit- 2-Day Assessment.png

Azure Security Audit: 2-Day Assessment: In this engagement, delaware will take a closer look at your Microsoft Azure environment, tools, and configuration. With the information acquired and the findings from the audit, delaware will create and give you an action plan with recommendations.

Azure Security Envisioning- 10-Hour Proof of Concept.png

Azure Security Envisioning: 10-Hour Proof of Concept: White Hat Consultores will help you implement Microsoft Azure Security Center and enable Azure Sentinel. The tenant will be configured with security solutions, tested, and demonstrated. This offer is available only in Spanish.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Day Workshop: TD-K will evaluate your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop in relation to your IT environment. TD-K will demonstrate how Azure Virtual Desktop works in practice so you can get an idea of what it's like to work with. This offer is available only in Danish.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 2-Day Assessment.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Day Assessment: Cambay’s offering will provide you data and recommendations for a readiness assessment to deploy Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Cambay will also demonstrate how Azure Virtual Desktop workloads can be configured and managed.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Proof of Concept: glueckkanja-gab will demonstrate what a secure managed modern workplace environment based on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop looks like. Get a fast and reliable first experience with Azure Virtual Desktop based on your own needs.

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept: Let Segment assist your company with a proof of concept of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Get insights into what Azure Virtual Desktop is and experience how easy it is to access your resources through a browser.

Azure VMware Solution- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution: 4-Week Implementation: Logicalis can enable a fast migration path on a familiar platform, delivering quicker time to value, as there is no need to retrain or hire new staff. Ultimately, Microsoft Azure VMware Solution is a safe and scalable entry point into Azure.

Azure Well Architected Review (2-3 Hours).png

Azure Well Architected Review (2-3 Hours): Review and remediate your cloud to meet Microsoft Azure best practices with a review led by Logicworks Solutions architects. The Well Architected Review is designed to help you identify and fix potential issues with your Azure environment.

BI Modernization for Retail- 5-Day Assessment.png

BI Modernization for Retail: 5-Day Assessment: Cambay Consulting will review your business intelligence reporting solutions and determine the effort required to modernize them with a migration to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Strategy- 3-Hour Briefing.png

Cloud Strategy: 3-Hour Briefing: risual will help your organization determine its level of readiness for the adoption of cloud services and how those services align with your security and compliance requirements.

Cloud Strategy- 8-Week Assessment (Health).png

Cloud Strategy: 8-Week Assessment (Health): In this assessment, Shaping Cloud will analyze and map your healthcare organization's information and communications technology infrastructure, then plot a road map for cloud adoption so you can transform your legacy workloads.

Cloud Strategy- 8-Week Assessment (Legal Sector).png

Cloud Strategy: 8-Week Assessment (Legal Sector): In this assessment, Shaping Cloud will analyze and map your legal firm's information and communications technology infrastructure, then plot a road map for cloud adoption so you can transform your legacy workloads.

Cloud Strategy- 8-Week Assessment (Public Sector).png

Cloud Strategy: 8-Week Assessment (Public Sector): In this assessment, Shaping Cloud will analyze and map your organization's information and communications technology infrastructure, then plot a road map for cloud adoption so you can transform your legacy workloads.

Coforge VirtSpace Digital Workspace- 3-Week Implementation.png

Coforge VirtSpace Digital Workspace: 3-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Coforge will implement VirtSpace to deliver a virtualized Windows and Office 365 ProPlus experience while reducing IT overhead with built-in security and management features.

Coforge's Cloud Migration Services- 4-Week Implementation.png

Coforge's Cloud Migration Services: 4-Week Implementation: Coforge will provide comprehensive professional services to help your enterprise migrate complex and critical applications to the cloud. Fast-track your migration so you can benefit from future-proof infrastructure and greater flexibility.

Compliance- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Compliance: 8-Hour Workshop: adaQuest's workshop will give you the insights you need to better govern and safeguard your corporate data. The automated discovery process will analyze your data for sensitive information and intellectual property, unused or stale data, and risky or suspicious activities.

Data Management Strategy- 6-Week Assessment.png

Data Management Strategy: 6-Week Assessment: HSO will assess your company's data maturity level, then create a high-level design of a quality and data governance framework. HSO will also set up architecture and identify use cases for advanced data insights.

FY21_AllSegments- 10-Day Implementation.png

FY21 All Segments: 10-Day Implementation: Mverge, part of the G-ABLE Group, will provision an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster and perform other configuration work. Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a fully managed OpenShift service jointly operated with Red Hat.

FY21_Azure DevOps- 2-Week Implementation.png

FY21 Azure DevOps: 2-Week Implementation: Mverge, part of the G-ABLE Group, will provision Azure DevOps and configure a standard pipeline for application deployment and integration with Azure DevOps tools. On-the-job training will be provided.

Hybrid Cloud Security- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud Security: 8-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, adaQuest will use Microsoft Azure Security Center to help organizations gain insights into active threats and vulnerabilities related to their hybrid workloads. adaQuest will also explore Azure network security capabilities.

Hydra Mobile App Accelerator- 10-Week Implementation.png

Hydra Mobile App Accelerator: 10-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Neudesic will implement Hydra, its accelerator for mobile app development. Hydra guides users through the process of assembling mobile-centric templates to quickly generate the code of a mobile application.

Infrastructure Assessment (3 Days).png

Infrastructure Assessment (3 Days): With a lift-and-shift approach and the help of tools, Fujitsu will analyze your IT infrastructure and compare your current costs with those of a future cloud operating model. This offer is available only in German.

Lumen Azure Synapse Assessment- 4 Weeks.png

Lumen's Azure Synapse Assessment: 4 Weeks: Lumen's assessment will result in a road map for migrating your legacy data warehouse workloads to Microsoft Azure Synapse. Drive your digital transformation initiatives with the consulting expertise of Lumen.

Security- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Secure Work From Anywhere: 8-Hour Workshop: adaQuest will show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to simplify day-to-day work, provide meeting experiences to connect teams remotely and on-site, and manage and secure any device.

Security- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Security: 8-Hour Workshop: In this workshop from adaQuest, you'll gain visibility into threats across email, identity systems, and data, plus clarity and support on how to upgrade your security posture for the long term.

SharePoint to Azure Files- 2-Day Assessment.png

SharePoint to Azure Files: 2-Day Assessment: Has your organization outgrown SharePoint for file storage? Cambay Consulting will work with you to document your SharePoint environment and put together a comprehensive plan to move your workloads to Microsoft Azure Files.

Teams- 4-Week Assessment.png

Teams: 4-Week Assessment: In this engagement, adaQuest will determine how Microsoft Teams can increase your business's agility and efficiency. adaQuest will gather data from your IT environment and prepare a cost analysis for a migration to Teams.

VMware on Azure Journey- 30-Day Proof of Concept.png

VMware on Azure Journey: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Rackspace's proof of concept is based on a proven delivery methodology to engineer a secure, stable, and scalable environment for VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure.

Workforce Optimization- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Workforce Optimization: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Byte Computer will deliver a proof of concept of its solution for predicting customer traffic in retail stores. The solution's algorithm recognizes seasonality change and trends, and it can suggest the ideal layout of employees for customer service.

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Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 13 (Container)

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Project Management Solution for Construction

Quortex Streaming Solution

RightCloud Accelerate Azure Kubernetes Platform

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.6

SKYDIV Desktop Client: Thin client system for large-scale users

SKYSEA Client View: Client operation management software

STORM Cloud Optimizer

Supply Chain Intelligence Platform

TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

Ubicua Xperience: Factory connected

UiPath Test Manager

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Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM - Ubuntu20.04

YAC for SharePoint and O365

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