Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 126
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 110 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Alight_target.png Alight’s project management platform based on Microsoft SharePoint provides effective task and document management. creates user roles, preconfigured project plans, activities, and templates depending on the project type.


Anitian Compliance Automation: FedRAMP: Quickly and confidently protect and certify cloud workloads. Running within your Microsoft Azure tenant, Anitian’s Compliance Automation platform unlocks a fast path to secure your new or existing workloads in Azure.


APN Intranet: The implementation of a new intranet does not have to be expensive or labor intensive. APN Promise offers a ready-made and tested solution that can be functional in your organization within a few days.


Baking on Demand: PreciTaste's app manages retail baking inventory and labor. Sensors monitor live inventory and customer traffic to build a sales forecast, enabling AI-driven decisions on what to bake and when.


Basic profiler offering: Replace and improve your risk-profiling questionnaire. Banks, asset managers, and robo-advisors can benefit from everyoneINVESTED’s investment risk profiles, which reduce dropouts during onboarding.


BIND App: New Business Dimensions offers a statutory reporting platform for the financial sector. BIND is a data aggregation engine and reporting platform for delivering standardized reports according to local and European Union regulations.


CloudVector EE: Continuously discovering and securing APIs across services and clouds, CloudVector by ArecaBay is a full-featured API threat protection platform that provides shadow API prevention, deep risk monitoring, and remediation.


Colligo Engage Email Manager for Microsoft 365: Enabling automated and self-serve capture of metadata, Colligo simplifies saving emails and attachments into SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive while working in Microsoft Outlook.


COVID-19 Vaccine Management - High-Risk Population: BroadReach Consulting’s app helps protect high-risk populations who should receive priority for vaccination. The solution uses machine learning and predictive analytics based on outlier lab tests and various predictive algorithms.


DaltreyID: Eyes, voices, faces, and fingertips are unique to everyone. Eliminating the need for passwords, passes, and PINS, this intelligent middleware platform provides biometrics as a service.


Data Science Virtual Lab - Generation 1: TrustAI provides this virtual machine installed with Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 LTS, preconfigured and tested for data science. Ubuntu 18.04 is a free, open-source distribution of Linux based on the Debian operating system.


Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Solution: Using cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning models, CogniTensor’s solution is a combination of correlation analytics and prediction dashboards to assist you with your supply chain management objectives.


Digilytics Revel FS solution built on Microsoft Azure: The typical lending process in the mortgage industry requires considerable manual intervention. Digilytics Revel streamlines the entire loan origination process.


Digital Brick 365: Based on Microsoft 365 learning pathways, WEBSCIENCE's platform supports enterprise-level adoption of Microsoft 365, offers over 800 pieces of training content, and includes tips and best practices. Digital Brick 365 is available only in Italian.


Digital Services: Drive measurable digital productivity outcomes in your business with this end-to-end transformation solution. Digital Services provides digital presence, mobility, service automation, and internal web portals.


Digital Workplace tailored for Microsoft 365: Fueling digital transformation, QueryNow's Exalt is an easy-to-use digital workplace solution for Microsoft 365. Deliver your digital workplace in less than 30 minutes.


Dom Digital Chile: Connecting to local government services, Dom Digital allows municipalities to process all construction procedures online, including permits, electronic signatures, and online payments. This app is available only in Spanish.


Drupal with CentOS 7.9: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Drupal with CentOS 7.9. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web, making it easy to create, manage, and publish content.


Drupal with CentOS 8.3: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Drupal with CentOS 8.3. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web, making it easy to create, manage, and publish content.


Drupal with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Drupal with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web, making it easy to create, manage, and publish content.


Drupal with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Drupal with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web, making it easy to create, manage, and publish content.


Eigen Ingenuity Oil & Gas Digitalization platform: Built for engineers and managers who need to make decisions in asset-heavy industries, Eigen Ingenuity combines a digital twin to link all your information, search functionality, and visualization capabilities in one solution.


Empowered Employee Platform for SMBs: Powered by Microsoft Azure, Powernet's Empowered Employee platform provides your staff with secure access to their own modern desktop environment.


Extract Filer: Using optical character recognition, computer vision, machine learning, and AI, Extract Filer can sort documents, extract information, and enter it into your document management systems and content management systems.


FUEL Online Training Solution: FUEL creates, implements, and manages online learning academies. By combining cutting-edge technologies with the practicalities of sustaining limited IT infrastructure in developing countries, FUEL is accessible to even the most remote learners.


Graspway Data-Driven e-Learning (Spanish version): This e-learning platform allows you to create, edit, and manage your users and courses, organize training content, and monitor the progress of your students. This solution is available only in Spanish.


H-Scale for Payers: This next-generation healthcare data integration and management platform addresses big data processing, data quality monitoring, data streaming, security, and advanced analytics. H-Scale is built on Microsoft Azure.


IamOK Corporate: A solution for contact tracing and social distancing, IamOK identifies devices through an anonymous digital ID and provides profiling functionality for security management through dashboard reports.


ignio AI.Assurance: This autonomous assurance product leverages AI and machine learning to provide high-level automation through all stages of software testing. ignio AI.Assurance also improves release cycle agility through self-healing tests.


In control with Building Insight: Building Insight collects relevant data from building management systems, including sensors, smart meters, access systems, and weather data. Building managers can use the dashboards and real-time models to respond to changes. This app is available only in Dutch.


Joomla with CentOS 7.9: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Joomla with CentOS 7.9. Joomla is a content management system that enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.


Joomla with CentOS 8.3: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Joomla with CentOS 8.3. Joomla is a content management system that enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.


Joomla with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This preconfigured image by Cognosys provides Joomla with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Joomla is a content management system that enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.


JSC Koll 365 Industrial Maintenance: Optimized for industrial maintenance, Koll 365 helps manage tasks, including prevention, remediation, improvement, and maintenance. This app is available only in Swedish.


LibreNMS Image: Puppeteers provides this ready-to-run image of LibreNMS preconfigured for Microsoft Azure. LibreNMS is an open-source and fully featured network monitoring system.


Micro Focus SMAX on Microsoft Azure: Powered by machine learning and AI-driven analytics, Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is an application management suite for IT service management, IT asset management, and enterprise service management.


Nephos Cloud Desktop: Offering one place for people to access any application, Nephos Workspace makes it easy for organizations to embrace new technologies and the cloud without worrying about security or a compromised user experience.


odoo: opensource ERP and CRM: Linnovate Technologies offers this preconfigured image containing Odoo. Odoo is an open-source ERP solution with several modules for various business requirements, including CRM, sales, warehouse management, project management, financial management, and HR management.

OneclickaiAugmentedForcasting.png Augmented Forecasting: Boosted with external signals, such as events, weather, markets, macroeconomics, and social media, OneClick Forecast operationalizes AI in business planning for increased efficiency.


OpenVINO DL Streamer – Edge AI Extension Module: This microservice is based on Intel’s Video Analytics Serving, which delivers video analytics pipelines built with OpenVINO DL Streamer. Developers can send video frames to the AI extension module for detection, classification, and tracking.


OSIsoft Cloud Service (OCS): OSIsoft’s OCS is a SaaS platform used to aggregate, analyze, and share IIoT edge data and plant operations data (OT). The platform is cloud ready and quickly bridges the gap from OT to IT.


Patient Flow: Using powerful predictive analytics, Allscripts’ integrated suite helps healthcare providers optimize capacity planning and discharge forecasting. Patient Flow improves bed management, housekeeping, transport operations, and communication.


PRM One: Drive strategic engagement with ChannelAssist, a configurable channel manager platform for partner relationship management (PRM). ChannelAssist provides end-to-end development and management of channel engagement and incentive programs.


Productivity X: Productivity X is a cloud-based service that provides an intelligent assistant integrated into apps and tools, including your SAP S/4HANA and Microsoft 365 systems. This app is available only in German.


RecBuddy:’s platform helps you modernize accounting processes by using automated reconciliation powered by applied AI. RecBuddy enables accountants to certify transactions and rectify discrepancies that occur in a ledger. The included dashboard integrates with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.


Retail Employee Experience Platform: The Progress Retail platform provides a one-stop experience for modern retail employees, including dynamic learning, task management, and company communication to every team member within a retail organization.


Revit to Augmented Reality - Construction QA App: Argyle’s plug-in for Autodesk Revit automates the QA process for Revit BIM models by converting them to augmented reality holograms for use with Microsoft HoloLens 2 on Argyle’s Azure-based cloud. Speed inspection, promote first-time quality, quantify and track errors, and more.


Secure Internet Service: Secure Internet Service is a tool that allows you to connect safely to the internet from an electronic medical record terminal and browse and handle various files. This app is available only in Japanese.


ServiceNow IT Asset Management (on ServiceNow DC): ServiceNow’s IT Asset Management lets you optimize hardware, software, and cloud costs while reducing risk. Automate workflow action from a native configuration management database and get a complete view of IT resources across on-premises and cloud environments.


Shopperations: Shopperations is an easy-to-use marketing, planning, and budget management system for CPG brands and their agencies. With a few clicks, you can track sources of funds, standardize tactical planning, automate reporting, and more.


ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams: Part of the ShortPoint framework, this app provides easy-to-build design elements and features, allowing you to provide additional features within Microsoft Teams. Extend your environment with tiles, animations, background videos, and more.


Smarter SPLA: Smarter SPLA (service provider licensing agreements) from The Business Software Center provides improved SPLA reporting for hosted service providers. Smarter SPLA provides a painless method of tracking usage, generating reports, and exporting reports to the billing system.


Solita Agile Data Engine for Azure Synapse Analytics: Solita’s Agile Data Engine is an integrated DataOps development and operations environment for designing, building, deploying, and running cloud-based data warehouse solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics.


Spyglass Connected Factory: Mariner’s Spyglass Connected Factory provides alerting, monitoring, analysis of overall equipment effectiveness, and more. This virtual production manager also logs performance levels, events, and compliance metrics.


StoreVue Signage: Advantech’s cloud platform is designed to help the retail industry simplify ad broadcasts and manage interactive digital signage. StoreVue Signage provides cost-effective performance and delivers state-of-the-art content distribution solutions.


StoreVue Store BI: Advantech’s cloud-based business intelligence service is designed for retail store managers seeking to better understand store traffic. StoreVue Store BI integrates with several store analytics solutions and includes heatmaps and analysis of store traffic for more efficient retail management.


Trasix: Trasix offers its cloud-based platform for the fashion and sporting goods industry, enabling seamless line planning, merchandizing, B2B order management, and presentation of 3D samples.


Trust Evaluation System: Proposal (TES PRO): Trust Evaluation System: Proposal (TES PRO) is a blockchain-based proposal evaluation system that specializes in tracking qualitative evaluations performed by team members. The system outputs quantitative evaluation scores, price evaluation scores, and more. This app is available in South Korea.


VZOR Stress Monitor: VZOR’s Stress Monitor service performs load tests and stress tests on mobile and web apps. Stress Monitor executes different navigation flows and determines the maximum service capacity in high-demand scenarios, with a goal of improving user experience. This app is available only in Spanish.


VZOR Suite 360: VZOR’s Suite 360 is a comprehensive, unified monitoring platform for processes, apps, and information and communication technology infrastructure. Reduce the total cost of operation and consolidate monitoring data with Suite 360. This app is available only in Spanish.


Web Filtering Proxy: Diladele’s Web Filtering Proxy runs natively on Microsoft Windows for easy integration with Active Directory. The app provides a secure web proxy, decrypts HTTPS traffic, filters HTTP requests, and inspects the contents of downloaded HTML pages. The app is managed using a Microsoft Management Console snap-in.

Consulting services


2-Hour Data Sprint Exploration Assessment: Are you ready to break down the silos and unlock the power of your data? In the Razor Data Sprint, you will learn about the possibilities of data, how other businesses are using data, and what actions you can take to drive your data strategy.


2-Week Assessment Cloud Ready: Using Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Azure DevOps, Viseo Consulting will quickly move your company to the cloud. Viseo Consulting will assess your IT environment and determine what to migrate.


3-Week - HANA on Azure Assessment (AT): ITPC is a single point of contact for organizations in Austria that want to take advantage of the upcoming SAP S/4HANA transformation to leverage the benefits of SAP on Microsoft Azure for a datacenter transformation.


3-Week - HANA on Azure Assessment (IN): ITPC is a single point of contact for organizations in India that want to take advantage of the upcoming SAP S/4HANA transformation to leverage the benefits of SAP on Microsoft Azure for a datacenter transformation.


5-Day Business Assessment for Cloud Roadmap: Axians offers a comprehensive business assessment for organizations looking to maximize their cloud strategies. Axians will survey your current application ecosystem and determine the technical feasibility of migrating to Microsoft Azure.


5-Week implementation of DataSight reports: Innofactor DataSight enables you to get actionable insights from your data with the implementation of an Azure-based Microsoft Power BI reporting environment and dashboards for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data.


8-Week - SAP on Azure Implementation (AT): Migrating your SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure helps you simplify infrastructure management, improve time to market, and lower your costs. Based in Austria and available in some European countries, ITPC AG can take care of all your SAP infrastructure challenges.


8-Week - SAP on Azure Implementation (IN): Migrating your SAP landscape to Microsoft Azure helps you simplify infrastructure management, improve time to market, and lower your costs. Based in India and available in some Arabian Peninsula countries, ITPC India Pvt. Ltd. can take care of all your SAP infrastructure challenges.


APN Server Migration to Azure 5-Day Proof of Concept: Relying on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, APN Promise will develop a proof of concept to migrate your on-premises server infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.


App Modernization: 3-Week Assessment: To enable your organization for its migration journey, Slalom Build will move your applications using Microsoft Azure platform as a service and help you innovate with the power of Azure.


Application Modernization: 10-Day Assessment: Devoteam will advise you on how to modernize your applications in Microsoft Azure. This assessment is based on Gartner's main drivers of application modernization, best practices, and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.


Axians Azure Cloud Managed Services: Onboarding your team into the Microsoft Azure Lighthouse environment, Axians’ services allow you to extend your IT team, cover additional operational hours, and expand your expertise with Microsoft-certified engineers.


Azure Cloud Adoption Strategy Workshop - 4 Hours: Learn about the fundamental concepts of cloud technologies in this workshop from first frame networkers AG. The certified Microsoft Azure experts will help you plan your Azure adoption journey. This service is available in German.


Azure Cloud Migration Assessment - 1 Week: Certified professionals at NewWave are ready to assist your business with your cloud migration needs. Deliverables include a cost optimization plan, a backup and disaster recovery plan, and a fully detailed plan to migrate to Microsoft Azure.


Azure Data Platform - 2-Hour Briefing: Bridgeall will help you understand how to benefit from a data platform on Microsoft Azure. Bridgeall’s Azure data platform services include Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Analysis Services.


Azure Data Platform & Analytics: 4-Week Briefing: QUANTIQ will migrate your existing data warehouse and advanced analytics workloads to Microsoft Azure. QUANTIQ will use fully managed services to deploy solutions for BI, reporting, and real-time analytics.


Azure Enterprise Blockchain: 1-Day Workshop: This free workshop will clarify how the SICCAR platform, an innovative blockchain platform built on Microsoft Azure, enables secure data sharing and extends Azure capabilities with distributed ledger technology.


Azure Governance & Oversight: 1-Day Workshop: In an interactive setting, DynTek specialists will help you create a plan for Microsoft Azure cloud governance by taking an in-depth look at the people, processes, and technologies currently in place within your organization.


Azure IoT data hub 8-Week Implementation: Conclusion will implement an IoT data hub by using Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Explorer, and Azure Functions. The outcome will support mission-critical systems and a large number of devices.


Azure Managed Services: Claranet provides managed services for your Microsoft Azure instance, including all-day incident monitoring and management, as well as expert advice on infrastructure, automation, workloads, and project planning. This service is available only in Spanish.


Azure Migration Implementation - 10 Weeks: Ready to migrate your on-premises services to Microsoft Azure? Newwave will help with the full migration, including technical documentation, cost optimization using Azure Cost Management + Billing, and monitoring.


Catalyst Quickstart + WANdisco: 4-Week Implementation: With BlueGranite's engagement, you can keep the most innovative workloads by seamlessly moving your big data to Microsoft Azure. This implementation focuses on migrating distributed file system data.


Cloud Transformation: 2-Hour Workshop: ZS Associates’ cloud transformation workshop is the first step in your Microsoft Azure journey. The workshop will include an overview of the health and life science industry’s best practices and next steps for you.


Cloud-native app development: 8-Week Implementation: Altoros will help you quickly launch a new product on the market and ensure smooth operation on Microsoft Azure. Altoros provides an end-to-end software product delivery package under the supervision of its engineers.


Create Data Lakes in AWS S3 With Dynamics 365 Integration: With this integration, you can periodically update your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data onto an AWS S3 Data Lake. Create this integration in minutes without coding and specify the update intervals.


Data Platform: 2-Week Implementation: Communicate Norge developed a foundation for a data platform built on Microsoft Azure technologies, enabling easy access to your business data. This offer is available only in Norway.


Digital Identity and Access Mgmt Assessment: 8 Weeks: AdNovum will review the maturity of your identity and access management (IAM) strategy. The interactive workshops will help your teams enhance their skills in IAM, cybersecurity, and Microsoft Azure.


FSI Cloud Security: Free 1-Day Workshop: Tailored to financial services clients, this free AirGate cloud security workshop will help you understand the benefits of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 security to identify, protect, and remediate against threats and risks.


HeroPath: 8-Week Data Modernization Implementation: Fueled by Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and Microsoft Power BI, Lixar IT’s HeroPath Accelerator is a solution for migration to Microsoft Azure and creation of a modern data platform. Lixar IT will implement HeroPath in eight weeks.


Kickstarter Windows Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Proof of Concept (NL): A specialist in end-user computing, Login Consultants Nederland has developed a comprehensive toolkit and best practices for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments. The Kickstarter quickly enables cloud-based desktops and applications.


Kickstarter Windows Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Proof of Concept (NO): A specialist in end-user computing, Basefarm has developed a comprehensive toolkit and best practices for Windows Virtual Desktop deployments. Basefarm’s Kickstarter quickly enables cloud-based desktops and applications. This offer is available in Norway.


LOGIN APPS & DESKTOPS on Windows Virtual Desktop: 5-Week Implementation: Login Consultants Nederland can implement a fully fledged virtual Windows workspace on Microsoft Azure. Running on Windows Virtual Desktop, this solution delivers virtual apps and desktops that are accessible from any location and any device.


Microsoft Access Consulting: 1-Hour Assessment: IT Impact will review your Microsoft Access database online and suggest upgrades and improvements, including moving to Microsoft Azure. IT Impact will identify bugs and issues that might cause crashes, slow speed, or low performance.


Migration & Integration Framework: 1-Hour Briefing: Adatis’ multi-purpose framework and reference architecture help deliver data migration and application integration projects without the need to develop multiple solutions or implement two sets of transformation logic.


ML Predictive Excellence: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Drive healthcare outcomes for clinical insights, supply chain reliability, and administrative processes with Pariveda's healthcare-focused machine learning rationalization and prototyping offer.


Now2Cloud CAF: 4-Week Assessment: Aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Microland’s service helps enterprises evaluate and make the right choice of cloud technologies to maximize business benefits.


Planning DW Azure Migration: 2-Week Implementation: Cerion delivers modern data platforms and data warehousing solutions on Microsoft Azure. Cerion will guide you through a three-step planning process to migrate your on-premises SQL Server data warehouse solution to Azure.


Platform Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: QUANTIQ’s experts will review your specific needs and will modernize your existing apps on Microsoft Azure. This offer includes migrating apps to Azure, automated patching and maintenance, streamlined workflows, and auto-scaling your cloud usage.


Remote Development: 3-Day Workshop: In CGI Germany’s three-day boot camp, you will learn everything you need to know about development in distributed teams, including how to use GitHub, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Teams, and Visual Studio Live-Share. This offer is available only in German.


S/4HANA on Azure 100 users: 4-Week Implementation: GROUPE HISI will develop, qualify, and place into production an implementation of SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure. This offer includes consulting and services for configuration of Azure infrastructure, OS, database, SAP, backups, and more.


Security (Threat Protection) 2-Day Assessment: datac Kommunikationssysteme will analyze your needs and define a customized solution for identity and access management built on Microsoft 365. This offer is available only in German.


SMART on FHIR Accelerator - 10-Week Implementation: DataArt will implement its accelerator to extend existing electronic health information solutions with SMART (substitutable medical applications, reusable technologies) on FHIR (fast healthcare interoperability resources) capabilities and FHIR APIs on Azure.


SophosWall: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Reliance Infosystems will integrate its solution built on Sophos Security for Microsoft Azure into your Azure network to provide insights into your network security posture. Experience network threat visibility, protection, and response for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.


SQL Server Consultancy - 4-Hour Implementation: DATAMAZE SRL will help you manage your SQL Server infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, including optimization of your SQL instances, security configuration, and more. This offer is available only in Italian.


SQL Server: Database Health Check - 4-Hour Assessment: DATAMAZE SRL will analyze the configuration of your on-premises or Azure-hosted databases to ensure performance, security, and reliability. This offer is available only in Italian.


SQL Server: Migration to Azure - 8-Hour Assessment: DATAMAZE SRL will determine the infrastructure and planning requirements for migrating your SQL Server infrastructure to the cloud. This offer is available only in Italian.


SQL Server: Server Health Check - 8-Hour Assessment: DATAMAZE SRL will analyze your Azure-based SQL infrastructure to identify areas to mitigate risk and improve performance, cost, and availability. This offer is available only in Italian.


SSL Inspection 4: A10 Networks offers this hands-on course to provide users with the necessary skills to implement a system for inspection of SSL traffic. SSL Inspection 4 includes two A10 Advanced Core Operating System devices configured in a base environment for students to use during classroom discussion and lab exercises.


The Digital Decarbonization: 8-Week Assessment: Atos International SAS will provide insight into your current and desired IT decarbonization practices. Get a roadmap detailing how you can achieve your desired decarbonization maturity by adopting cloud services on Microsoft Azure.

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