Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 119
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 100 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



AlgoTrader Saas Offering: AlgoTrader's WIRESWARM is a platform for trading digital assets and cryptocurrency. It allows financial institutions to maintain a single, always-on connection with all major digital asset liquidity providers, such as exchanges, brokers, over-the-counter desks, and market makers.

Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Ready to Use: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides Apache Web Server 2.4.41 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Common features in Apache include load balancing, URL rewriting, session tracking, and geolocation based on IP address.

Apache Web Server with CentOS 7.7.png

Apache Web Server with CentOS 7.7 Ready to Use: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides Apache Web Server 2.4.6 on CentOS 7.7. Common features in Apache include load balancing, URL rewriting, session tracking, and geolocation based on IP address.

Archive360 - Archive2Azure.png

Archive360 - Archive2Azure: With Archive360's Archive2Azure, you can consolidate, archive, manage, and search content across several repositories, including email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, file systems, Microsoft SharePoint, content service platforms, social media, and Microsoft Office 365.

Basware InvoiceReady.png

Basware InvoiceReady: Procure-to-Pay for midmarket: Basware InvoiceReady allows midmarket companies to cost-effectively automate invoice processing. The solution captures invoices electronically, routes them to customizable workflows for approval, and matches them to purchase orders and contracts.

Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft.png

Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft: The Blue Cedar Accelerator enables one-click integration of Microsoft Intune and other programmable control services into custom or third-party ISV mobile apps. Just upload a mobile app binary to Blue Cedar and configure the Intune controls you want to integrate.

Bringoz SaaS Platform.png

Bringoz SaaS Platform: Bringoz is a cloud-based platform that lets businesses build, scale, and optimize their logistics operations. Bringoz features automated dispatch and planning, route optimization, 360-degree visibility, and dashboards for data-driven decision making.

C dot AI Adoption Bot.png

C.AI Adoption Bot:'s Cai, a chatbot that integrates with Microsoft Teams, offers tips to improve your employees' Teams skills. Instead of providing the same learning content to all, Cai adjusts to each learner's needs and existing knowledge. This app is available in German.

CentOS 7.8 Free.png

CentOS 7.8 (Free): This free pre-configured image from Cognosys provides CentOS 7.8. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

CentOS 7.9.png

CentOS 7.9 - Minimal Edition: This pre-configured image from Virtual Pulse provides a minimal version of CentOS 7.9. CentOS is a popular Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and used by organizations for development and production servers.

Cleareye PPP Loan Forgiveness.png PPP Loan Forgiveness Processing Engine:'s PPP loan-forgiveness processing engine automates lenders' forgiveness application processing and solves the most time-consuming and error-prone part of the Paycheck Protection Program: business rule validation and document verification.

CloudMoyo customized dashboards.png

CloudMoyo customized dashboards for retailers: CloudMoyo's customized dashboards bring interactive data visualizations to your retail business. Track average margins, average transaction value, sales per square foot, return on investment, sell-through rate, and more.


DefinedData: DefinedData provides high-quality, off-the-shelf AI datasets available in various languages and domains. Developers can use these datasets to achieve faster time to market for their AI products.

Dia-AI Powered Automation.png DIA-AI Powered Automation: 2-Week Assessment: UST’s DIA, an AI-powered platform built on the Microsoft Bot Framework, simplifies core business functions like HR, finance, sales, and IT operations. DIA can speak, listen, understand, and learn from your users with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.
Docker CE with CentOS 7.7.png

Docker CE with CentOS 7.7 Ready to Use: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides Docker CE with CentOS 7.7. Docker Community Edition (CE), formerly known as Docker Engine, is an open-source, community-supported version of the Docker containerization platform.

Docker CE with CentOS 8.0.png

Docker CE with CentOS 8.0 Ready to Use: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides Docker CE with CentOS 8.0. Docker Community Edition (CE), formerly known as Docker Engine, is an open-source, community-supported version of the Docker containerization platform.

Docker CE with CentOS 8.3.png

Docker CE with CentOS 8.3: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides Docker CE with CentOS 8.3. Docker Community Edition (CE), formerly known as Docker Engine, is an open-source, community-supported version of the Docker containerization platform.

Dubber Unified Call Recording.png

Dubber Unified Call Recording for Microsoft Teams: Businesses in regulated industries, such as banking, government, insurance, and financial services, can securely and compliantly record calls with Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and Voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams.

EchoGo Service.png

EchoGo Service: EchoGo, an autonomous echocardiography suite (Core and Pro), uses AI to support cardiac imaging diagnosis. Unlike traditional software, there is no need for manual selection of scans or manipulation of contours. EchoGo Core automates this and delivers a report within minutes.


EHNOTE: EHNOTE, an electronic health record system, streamlines clinical and business workflows for hospitals, delivering value-based care and patient engagement tools.


factoHR – Retirement Benefits_Solution: factoHR is a plug-and-play retirement benefits platform for managing pensions, superannuations, provident funds, and more. factoHR enables businesses to automate their daily administrative functions and simplify workforce benefit discussions.


FalconLink on Azure: FalconLink from Tokyo Electron Device Ltd. helps field service operators diagnose and solve problems by sharing the screen of customers' devices via a web browser. This helps avoid misunderstandings that can arise from over-the-phone support. FalconLink is available only in Japanese.

GCHQ Security Awareness.png

GCHQ Security Awareness Training and Phishing: The Cyber Risk Aware platform measures the level of human cyber risk in a business. It mitigates this risk by raising staff awareness through phishing simulations and other training, enabling clients to meet compliance and security accreditation statuses.

Haltdos WAF Enterprise.png

Haltdos WAF Enterprise: Haltdos Web Application Firewall is an intelligent web application and API protection solution that acts as a front end for your web infrastructure. It constantly analyzes traffic to detect behavioral and anomaly inconsistencies for accurate attack detection and mitigation.

HxGN OnCall Public Safety Portfolio.png

HxGN OnCall Public Safety Portfolio: Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's HxGN OnCall Public Safety Portfolio provides public safety agencies with a cohesive set of solutions designed to increase operational agility and quickly adapt to changing demands. Build safer, more resilient communities.

IBM Hybrid Cloud.png

IBM Hybrid Cloud, Connect IBM Power with Azure: Connectria's fully managed hybrid cloud provides an ideal platform for IBM Power workload augmentation and modernization. Run your existing IBM i and AIX workloads with ultra-low latency to Microsoft Azure without rewriting or refactoring.

Icertis DiscoverAI Application.png

Icertis DiscoverAI Application: Harness the power of AI to automatically digitize legacy and third-party contracts. Quickly process legacy and third-party contracts at scale while reducing risk and improving the accuracy of attribute and clause extraction.

Icertis Experience.png

Icertis Experience for Microsoft Teams: This solution provides the ability to manage contracts and access the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform. Gain visibility into contract actions and exceptions with automatic Microsoft Teams notifications and alerts.

Icertis NegotiateAI.png

Icertis NegotiateAI Application: Give your business the AI-powered insights it needs to optimize contract negotiations. Consistently negotiate better terms and outcomes, reduce time spent manually authoring and reviewing lengthy contracts, ensure compliance, and more.

Icertis Obligation.png

Icertis Obligation Management Application: Reduce risk and improve compliance at scale. The Icertis Obligation Management Application transforms how organizations identify, create, manage, and fulfill obligations that were previously hidden in complex contract language.

Icertis Sourcing.png

Icertis Sourcing Application: Streamline the source-to-contract process, ensure supplier compliance, and minimize risk with Icertis. Boost productivity and improve user adoption with self-service contracting, create new opportunities for savings across sourcing categories, and improve performance.

Icertis Visualize AI.png

Icertis Visualize AI Application: This solution, built on top of the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform, enables users to quickly find and load a large volume of contract data, navigate relationships, and easily discover patterns. Get a much more insightful view of your contract portfolio.

Insights Accelerator.png

Insights Accelerator: Using innovative computer vision and artificial intelligence, FortressIQ delivers process insights that empower enterprises to improve operations, employee and customer experiences, and business processes.

KSI - MissionKeeper.png

KSI - MissionKeeper: MissionKeeper lets you deliver live video and data from drones, submersible robots, dash cams, and other IoT devices. With MissionKeeper, multiple remote users can see the same video and data feeds, facilitating informed, team-based decisions.

LAMP With CentOS 8.3.png

LAMP with CentOS 8.3: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides a LAMP stack on CentOS 8.3. The stack includes PHP 7.4.13, Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37, and MariaDB 10.3.17.

LMS powered by Moodle.png

LMS powered by Moodle platform on CentOS 8.2: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides Moodle 3.9 on CentOS 8.2. Moodle is a learning management system used for distance education and other e-learning projects.


Locus - AI Platform for Logistics Optimization: Locus Dispatcher is an automated and intelligent route planner that uses deep learning to simplify the distribution of goods. Locus Dispatcher helps logistics companies improve fulfillment and increase efficiency in their supply chains.


Logmill: Logmill, an error-tracking and software-monitoring tool from Rare Crew, improves the software development experience with detailed error and sensor messages together with analytics.

Lumeta Community Edition.png

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.1.0.0: FireMon's Lumeta CloudVisibility delivers security, endpoint discovery, and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises. As a context-driven security intelligence solution, Lumeta CloudVisibility eliminates blind spots and replaces them with visibility into mobile, virtual, and cloud assets.

MariaDB 10 With CentOS 8.3.png

MariaDB 10 with CentOS 8.3: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides MariaDB 10.5.8 on CentOS 8.3. MariaDB Server is a popular open-source relational database made by the original developers of MySQL.

Mia - Workplace Virtual Assistant.png

Mia - Workplace Virtual Assistant: MiHCM's Mia is a virtual assistant to use with Microsoft Teams. Mia helps organizations increase productivity, improve employee engagement, and execute HR requests. Employees can use analytics to assess their productivity, health, and well-being.

Next js The React Framework.png

Next.js: The React Framework: This ready-to-use React Framework from Linnovate Technologies includes an intuitive page-based routing system (with support for dynamic routes) and automatic code splitting. Both static generation (SSG) and server-side rendering (SSR) are supported.

Nginx with CentOS 7.7.png

NGINX with CentOS 7.7: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides NGINX 1.16.1 on CentOS 7.7. NGINX is an all-in-one API gateway, cache, load balancer, web application firewall, and web server.

Nginx With Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS.png

NGINX with Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides NGINX on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS. NGINX is an all-in-one API gateway, cache, load balancer, web application firewall, and web server.

Nginx With Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.png

NGINX with Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides NGINX 1.18.0 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. NGINX is an all-in-one API gateway, cache, load balancer, web application firewall, and web server.

Nuvolos cloud.png Nuvolos from Alphacruncher is an online self-service platform for blended education (online and on-site) and quantitative scientific research. It provides a browser-based platform for educators, students, and researchers that dramatically improves education efficiency.

OpenJDK 8 with CentOS 7.7.png

OpenJDK 8 with CentOS 7.7: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides OpenJDK 8 on CentOS 7.7. OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).

OpenJDK 11 with CentOS 7.7.png

OpenJDK 11 with CentOS 7.7: This pre-configured image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides OpenJDK on CentOS 7.7. OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).

Payroll Hub for Microsoft.png

Payroll Hub for Microsoft: This solution from Infra Hub integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with KeyPay and Zoho People for efficient payroll management. It can help streamline your entire payroll process and keep track of pay runs, travel expenses, timesheets, and more. 


Peltarion – AI and Deep Learning Platform: Get a low-code, collaborative graphical cloud platform to add intelligence to your products without having to hire a dedicated in-house AI team. With the Peltarion Platform, you can deploy AI models with one click and build commercially viable AI-powered solutions at speed and at scale.

Power Translate.png

Power Translate: Sagra Technology’s solution is an indispensable tool that will help you translate display elements (such as titles, headers, and name of measures) placed in Microsoft Power BI reports. The app provides two types of translations: automatic and manual.

QuotaGuard Shield Static.png

QuotaGuard Shield Static IPs: QuotaGuard Shield is a HIPAA-compliant, PCI-compliant solution that routes HTTPS and secure SOCKS traffic through a pair of load-balanced static IP addresses. It is built to handle traffic that needs full end-to-end protection of sensitive information.

RTSP Webcam on IoT Edge.png

RTSP Webcam on IoT Edge: This module from is developed from a USB-to-RTSP sample and ms-iotkithol-jp to be able to run on IoT Edge. The module runs as an IoT Edge container named RtspWebCam. Using this module with WeDXit makes it easy to configure.


Securrency Compliance Oracle: Financial institutions can use the Compliance Oracle to share qualifications (compliance-related attributes) for client accounts (or blockchain wallets) without sharing the identity of the client. Core capabilities include an attestation registry and a policy engine.


ServiceNow Security Operations on Azure: Enable security teams to natively integrate Microsoft security technology like Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Security Center, and more via Microsoft Graph with the ServiceNow Security Operations platform.


SkyKick Cloud Manager for Microsoft 365, Azure & other SaaS: Built for IT service providers, SkyKick Cloud Manager automates workflows to improve help desk productivity and administer thousands of tasks across devices and SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS environments.

Slack to Teams migration.png

Slack to Teams migration: AVAMIGRATRON from AVASOFT is an automated solution for migrating businesses from Slack to Microsoft Teams. AVAMIGRATRON moves Slack public, private, and external shared channels to newly created or already present Teams channels based on business needs.


STEMuli: STEMuli connects students to virtual workplace learning experiences facilitated by Fortune 500 companies and their corporate mentors seeking to fill talent shortages and develop a diverse workforce pipeline. STEMuli also compiles students' achievements into a digital portfolio.

TAAP Visitor Book.png

TAAP Visitor Book: This is a solution for organizations of any size that want a digital contactless visitor book that eliminates the need to touch a pen, paper visitor book, or digital kiosk. Visitors can sign in and out safely and securely by simply scanning a QR code using their own phones.

Testable Test Runner.png

Testable Test Runner: This modern distributed load-testing platform lets you start up test-runner virtual machines in your Microsoft Azure account and register them with Testable cloud so they can execute your distributed load tests. Let Testable handle coordinating test execution and more.


TRANSITiQ - Smart Solutions for Public Transit: At the core of TRANSITiQ is a powerful data-processing and report-generating component that takes you inside the performance of your fleet. Use this set of pre-built statistical visualization tools to gain a better perspective on system performance.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Minimal.png

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Minimal: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Minimal. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Minimal includes the minimal set of packages needed to begin. It's a lean and fast version of Ubuntu designed for automated deployment.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Minimal.png

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Minimal: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Minimal. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Minimal includes the minimal set of packages needed to begin. It's a lean and fast version of Ubuntu designed for automated deployment.

Unified Streaming Origin for VOD.png

Unified Streaming Origin for VOD & Live: Unified Streaming Origin enables you to reach all viewers and devices from a single source file. It's suitable for any OTT video-streaming workflow and is trusted by OTT platforms and national broadcasters.

Where's Free.png

'Where's Free?' enterprise software pack: This COVID-safe scheduling solution will reassure both employers and employees that their working environment is safe. It extends the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, making it easier to arrange meetings, book rooms, and find desks.

white duck.png

white duck Cloud Control for Azure: Cloud Control is a self-service portal for controlling cloud resources. With Cloud Control, you can easily and quickly launch and stop Microsoft Azure resources, such as virtual machines, for your enterprise users or end customers.

WordPress with CentOS 8.3.png

WordPress with CentOS 8.3: This pre-configured image from Cognosys provides WordPress 5.6 on CentOS 8.3. MariaDB 10.3.17, Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37, and PHP 7.4.13 are also included. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.

XenData Cloud File Gateway.png

XenData Cloud File Gateway: With XenData’s Multi-Site Sync service, files and folders stored in Microsoft Azure Blob storage may be synchronized across multiple gateways. It provides file sharing across multiple sites and applications running in the cloud, boosting productivity.

Consulting services

2 Week Azure Cloud Accelerator.png

2-Week Azure Cloud Accelerator Workshop: In this consultation, Polaris Solutions will help your team navigate Microsoft Azure-native development. Automate the building, testing, and deployment of your application to start off on the right foot. Polaris will work side by side with your development team to give life to your new project.

3 week Migrate SAP Analytics.png

3-Week Migrate SAP Analytics to Azure Assessment: TekLink will help you devise a strategy and roadmap assessment for migrating your company’s SAP Analytics to Microsoft Azure. The Azure platform will provide a data foundation that can be used for advanced analytics, self-service, and other analytical and machine learning applications.

4 week Azure Platform Migration.png

4-Week Azure Platform Migration Assessment: TekLink’s offering includes a Microsoft Azure migration assessment of your architecture and will provide a migration roadmap based on your requirements. The roadmap includes a technical architecture and a sizing document for your target landscape that meets security and compliance requirements. 

5-week implementation of Microsoft Azure Security.png

5-Week Implementation of Microsoft Azure Security: TekLink will help implement Microsoft Azure Security Center for your Azure systems. Azure Security Center addresses the challenges of rapidly changing workloads and sophisticated attacks. It provides your organization with tools to strengthen security posture and achieve a secure hybrid landscape. 

10 Wk Implementation Azure Cloud.png

10-Week Implementation Azure Cloud (SAP migration): TekLink will help you implement modern cloud analytics as a change agent for creating self-service analytics and data consumption from anywhere. Give your decision makers a platform for gathering transactional, IoT, and third-party data in a central cloud data warehouse.

10 Wk Implementation Teradata.png

10-Week Implementation Teradata Analytics to Azure: TekLink will help modernize and migrate your Teradata analytics to Microsoft Azure. TekLink’s approach, along with scalable and powerful Microsoft technology, will enable both rapid deployment and an affordable, self-service analytics platform. 

Agile with Confidence.png

Agile with Confidence: 2-Week Assessment: Polaris Solutions will provide a true picture of the state of your organization and how well your teams are using your investment in Microsoft Azure DevOps to deliver valuable software. Polaris will also uncover ways to increase momentum and improve your teams’ ability to produce working software.

Application Modernization.png

Application Modernization 2-Day Workshop: Polaris Solutions will work with members of your IT team in this workshop to establish a clear picture of the application targeted for modernization. Create a future-state roadmap that balances the benefit of and investment in Microsoft Azure with the application’s ability to serve business needs.

Automated System Hardening.png

Automated System Hardening: 1-Week Assessment: This offering from Mindtree will help keep images updated as soon as new vulnerabilities are discovered. The solution has automated more than 300 CIS rules for Windows and Linux on Microsoft Azure, and it reduces the manual hardening effort, which can negatively affect project timelines.

Azure Defender for IoT implementation.png

Azure Defender for IoT: 10-Week Implementation: Manage cybersecurity risk to your operational systems and get a clear understanding of your operational technology space with this offering from PwC. Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT enables visibility into corporate elements that are often poorly understood yet house significant business value.

Azure Sentinel Accelerator- 5-Day Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Accelerator: 5-Day Implementation: This accelerator is part of BlueVoyant's services that are designed to maximize your investment in Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender security technologies. Get a detailed analysis of your environment, actionable security insights, and much more.

Cloud Adv Integrated Security.png

Cloud Adv. Integrated Security: Alpha Data will perform a fit-gap analysis on your environment and score your security, networking, identity and access management, disaster recovery, and backup. Alpha Data will then implement Cloud Advanced Integrated Security, powered by Fortinet and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Cloud Assessment - 2 Week.png

Cloud Assessment - 2 Weeks: Consultative and technical DevOps experts from Applaudo Studios will assess, craft, and document your cloud strategy with the goal of driving business value from Azure. Securely unlock your potential to best position your company using the Azure platform.

Cloud Infra Expert.png

Cloud Infra Expert: 10-Hour Consultation & Assessment: This offering from ClinkIT will focus on migration, implementation, and deployment on Microsoft Azure. ClinkIT harnesses the power of Azure Active Directory interoperability in modernizing workstations and workflows, protecting against data leaks and cyber threats, and achieving growth. 

Cloud Native 3 Week implementation.png Cloud-Native 3-Week Implementation: K8Support by Linnovate is a fast, simple, and secure way to deploy Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure. Speed deployment of new features while improving application reliability, security, and infrastructure durability. Make things easier and more efficient for your developers to use and maintain.
Cloud Strategy and Business Case.png

Cloud Strategy & Business Case: 8-Week Assessment: Shaping Cloud’s strategic service will provide you with direction on your digital journey. Shaping Cloud will conduct business analysis, map and cost your information and communications technology infrastructure, and plot a roadmap for cloud adoption.

Continuous Workplace.png Continuous Workplace: With its Continuous Workplace offer, Broad Horizon will assess your company's application landscape and IT infrastructure, then devise a personalized, intelligent, and intuitive online work environment. This offer is available in English and Dutch.
Customer Experience- 4 Week Strategy.png

Customer Experience: 4-Week Strategy Assessment: Rightpoint will bridge the gap between your brand and customer expectations through experiences that bring the promise of your brand to life. Whether it's a new website or improved CRM tools, Rightpoint will ensure that your customers are met with engagements that help tell your story.

Data & AI Quickstart.png

Data & AI Quickstart: 1-Month Implementation: Tallan’s Quickstart offering is a collection of repeatable assets that, when combined, will empower people, processes, and technology to ensure the maximum value of your data. Tallan’s Quickstart includes pre-configured Microsoft Azure Data Lake storage, support for real-time data feeds, and more.

DevOps 1 Week Pipeline Accelerator.png

DevOps 1-Week Pipeline Accelerator Proof of Concept: Automate your releases with an end-to-end delivery pipeline solution from Polaris Solutions. This proof of concept will allow you to use Microsoft Azure, GitHub, and Azure DevOps to simplify the release, testing, and monitoring of your applications.

Ent Secure Landing Zone.png

Ent Secure Landing Zone: 2-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Modality will implement a secure Microsoft Azure landing zone via a click-to-deploy template. The environment will be built using zero-trust principles, ready for your new or migrated workloads.

FastTracktoValue.png FastTracktoValue Implementation for Icertis ICI: CloudMoyo's FastTracktoValue offer will help customers prepare to onboard contracting processes to the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform, which will free up resources to provide strategic business and process input.
Fortinet FortiGate Azure Implementation.png

Fortinet FortiGate Azure Implementation: 3 Days: Intellect Information Technology will work closely with your organization to plan how you can better secure your Microsoft Azure environment. Whether you seek to move some in-house servers to the cloud or secure your deployment, Intellect Information Technology has the needed skills and experience.

Hadoop to Azure.png

Hadoop to Azure with LiveData: 4-Week Implementation: Motifworks uses WANdisco Live Data Migrator to achieve a migration with zero downtime and data loss. WANdisco LiveData Migrator is a self-service automated data lake migration optimized for Microsoft Azure.

Implement NetSuite Analytics on Azure.png

Implement NetSuite Analytics on Azure in 10 Weeks: TekLink will assist in blueprinting, migration methodology, and implementation to migrate your analytical data from Oracle NetSuite to Microsoft Azure Synapse with the help of third-party ETL tools. Your Oracle NetSuite ERP analytical data will be available in Azure Synapse and related data lakes.

Implementation of DevOps and Compliance.png

Implementation of DevOps and Compliance: 4 Weeks: Utilize the power of Microsoft Azure to collaborate, code, and deploy your applications securely to the cloud with AIMDek. AIMDek’s solutions include management and implementation of DevOps, computation, integration, storage support, security, containers, governance, databases, and networking.

IoT Data Monitoring.png

IoT Data Monitoring: 6-Week Implementation: Sword will help you carry out a first project that allows you to collect your data from various sources (IoT, database) to process in bulk and supervise that data in real time. This implementation is based on Microsoft Azure SaaS solutions and Microsoft cloud consumption licensing. The service is available only in French.

Migesa CAF.png

Migesa CAF: 10-Week Implementation: Migesa's Cloud Adoption Framework is designed for a successful migration to Microsoft Azure. It provides the documentation and tools that business decision makers need to achieve short, medium, and long-term goals. This service is available only in Spanish.

Mortgage and Lending Services.png

Mortgage & Lending Services Cloud: 1-Week Assessment: Learn from Invati’s experts. Get a comprehensive cloud migration assessment of your on-premises business applications and identify opportunities to improve productivity by cloud migration. Invati provides solutions for the mortgage services industry.

Predictive Analytics Jumpstart.png

Predictive Analytics Jumpstart with Azure Synapse (4-Week Proof of Concept): Deliver on your vision with this engagement from Hanu, which will involve an assessment, a proof of concept, a workshop, and knowledge transfer. Learn about predictive analytics implementation challenges, how to mitigate them, and more.

Pricing Engine.png

Pricing Engine: 2-Hour Briefing: Learn about state-of-the-art capabilities in pricing, offers, and promotions management. In this briefing, Grid Dynamics will cover different maturity levels of dynamic pricing solutions and how to incorporate promotions and competitive data into your pricing decisions.

X CELERATE eForms.png

X.CELERATE eForms: AI/ML Account Opening 6-Week Proof of Concept: Xoriant’s eForms accelerator helps streamline your business account opening processes with Microsoft Azure and AI and machine learning capabilities. eForms also leverages Xoriant's SmartCapture, which helps check supporting electronic documents.

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