Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 101
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


365 Mechanix - D365 Marketing & Stripe Integration.png

365 Mechanix - D365 Marketing & Stripe Integration: Collect payments from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing events using the Stripe payment gateway. The solution components are deployed into your environment with no data sovereignty concerns. Get up and running in no time.


75F: Make your buildings smart, healthier, and more efficient. Leverage cloud technology to manage the energy loads and comfort for your entire building. Save an average 41.8 percent in energy costs, manage multiple spaces, and react instantly when needed, such as increasing outdoor ventilation during a pandemic.

Abnormal Location Detection AI for Overhead Power Transmission Lines.png

Abnormal Location Detection AI for Overhead Power Transmission Lines: This solution from Tecnos Data Science Engineering Co., Ltd., available only in Japanese, uses AI technology (deep learning) to detect abnormal parts such as rust on power lines by using videos of power lines. Let AI improve the accuracy of abnormality detection.

AI Service Desk.png

AI Service Desk: Next-gen AI for service is here. Aisera’s AI Service Desk provides deep integration, pre-trained workflows, and conversational AI to deliver an end-to-end service experience. Works with existing service desk solutions for IT, HR, customer service, and more, to be proactive, personalized, and predictive.

Application Health.png

Application Health: A turnkey solution, Application Health provides a fully automated deployment motion. From New Signature, this is a service for deploying, managing, and supporting your custom-built applications.

 Application Health.png

Application Management: Application Management service is designed to complement your existing IT services. By monitoring and updating your critical business services, your IT team members can focus on providing user support. This solution from New Signature provides proactive expert teams for both cloud-based and on-premises systems.


ARMED: United Data Technologies provides companies with a single, comprehensive platform to manage and monitor their entire cyber risk management program with real-time visibility of security controls. The platform enables radical transparency that is centrally available and easily consumable for members of leadership and technical teams.

AWM Frictionless.png

AWM Frictionless: AAWM Frictionless is a lightweight autonomous shopping solution. It lets retailers quickly implement low-cost and low-contact frictionless experiences, allowing customers to shop as normal and check out by simply walking out of the store. Maximize in-store employee hours, increase ROI, and eliminate person-to-person checkout.

Azure WVD Managed Services for Non-Profit USA.png

Azure WVD Managed Services for Non-Profit USA: For nonprofit 501(c) charity organizations in the USA, Finchloom provides managed services for Windows Virtual Desktop management. When you add this managed service, Finchloom manages your WVD hosts for you. This way, you don't have to take care of the internal workings.

Beacon on Azure.png

Beacon on Azure: Designed specifically for financial developers in capital markets, Beacon lets you securely build, test, and deploy analytics at enterprise scale. Reduce time to market for deploying solutions with Beacon’s cross-asset data model for banks, asset management, insurance, and commodity trading companies.

Block WMS.png

Block WMS: Block WMS from Hasar Sistemas, available only in Spanish, allows you to manage the total inventory of a warehouse and account for all entry and/or exit of merchandise to the warehouse. Manage processes efficiently: reception, storage, picking, preparation, dispatch, returns, inventories, replacements, movements, and more.

BSys Form OCR.png

BSys Form OCR: Automate and accelerate administrative processes with this solution from BerényiSoft. Gain information from invoices, delivery notes, and other documents; upload data into software that manages documents; identify and process index data in multipage documents; gain a huge amount of information from documents; and more.

CallCabinet Compliance Recording.png

CallCabinet Compliance Recording: CallCabinet’s cloud-based platform, Atmos, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to deliver award-winning compliance call recording, AI-powered voice analytics, quality assurance, and agent evaluation tools to businesses of any size. Atmos securely captures Microsoft Teams communications.

CentOS 6.10.png

CentOS 6.10: This CentOS 6.10 image is a 100 percent compatible rebuild of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is for people who need enterprise-class operating system stability without the cost of certification and support.

Chivalry - Medieval Warfare on Windows Server 2016.png

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Windows Server 2016: Besiege castles and raid villages in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a first-person game with a focus on multiplayer. Featuring competitive online combat that seeks to capture the experience of truly being on a medieval battlefield. Wield an arsenal of up to 60 weapons.

Chrysalis eJudiciary.png

Chrysalis eJudiciary: Chrysalis eJudiciary brings digital transformation to the legal system, creating a completely web-based environment that brings together the judiciary, government agencies, the legal sector, and the public. It enables virtual and even mobile courts for areas without web access and is secure, customizable, and scalable.

Churn Mitigation ML Models.png

Churn Mitigation ML Models: ElectrifAi’s solution identifies customers likely to churn (either directly by predicting the churn event or indirectly by analyzing network experience) and mitigates customer churn by contacting customers for each marketing campaign.

 Chrysalis eJudiciary.png

Coherence Business Licensing: Coherence Business Licensing from CrimsonLogic is a robust platform offering a one-stop system for automating all aspects of the business licensing process. Government agencies can now free up time spent on manual work and focus more on compliance, insights, and collaboration, while the user-friendly solution eliminates the need for in-person visits by business owners.

Communication and Collaboration.png

Communication and Collaboration: For small and medium businesses, KandOffice can help to develop and improve the systems your company needs. As an IT service provider, KandOffice can be part of your success by offering a three-step process for helping you innovate and differentiate with analysis, licensing, and training.

Connect (early access).png

Connect (early access): Connect by P3MO is a cloud collaboration software solution that allows you to visualize, interact with and ultimately control your business transformation from any location. Connect provides business stakeholders and transformation teams with one source of the truth for their transformation data. This enables increased collaboration.

 Churn Mitigation ML Models.png

ContractAi: ContractAi from ElectrifAi empowers risk reduction and accelerates decision-making. Know what’s in your contracts – and do something about it – at a moment’s notice. Using advanced artificial intelligence, ContractAi automatically reads, understands, and analyzes large volumes of contract data in any condition, from any system enterprise-wide.

Application Health.png

CSP Subscription Management: CSP Subscription Management, from New Signature, delivers account servicing, Microsoft support ticket creation, and non-technical subscription support for usage-based Microsoft Azure subscriptions.

  Churn Mitigation ML Models.png

Customer Engagement Models: Customer Engagement Models from ElectrifAi empowers marketers to make timely and accurate decisions about customers. Integrating seamlessly with most CRM platforms, ElectrifAi helps you make content, campaign, and offer decisions at critical touchpoints. Drive measurable impact with practical AI.

Customer Insight Manager (CIM).png

Customer Insight Manager (CIM): CIM, powered by Datanomers' advanced NLP, fuels your contact center with omni-channel conversation analytics to empower you with proactive insights so you can prevent customer attrition, up-sell/cross-sell, and keep your customers happy. CIM is an AI platform that understands your customers’ attitudes.

  Application Health.png

Data Hub Management: Data Hub Management, from New Signature, provides Level 2 and 3 support teams to complement your existing IT. This service ensures your data environment is continually improved and handles operational activities so your IT team can focus on user support.

Datadog Agent.png

Datadog Agent: Datadog monitoring agent will enable you to collect detailed information on applications running inside your virtual machine instances. Provision your VMs with Datadog agent and provide your API key. Datadog is a monitoring service for scaling cloud infrastructures that bridges data from servers, databases, apps, and other tools.

Dataiku Enterprise Ready AI.png

Dataiku Enterprise Ready AI: Dataiku is an AI and machine learning platform, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Easily monitor data projects prepared in Dataiku and ensure compliance with GPDR, CCPA, or custom policy frameworks with a common, collaborative platform.

Digital Authentication & Onboarding Solution.png

Digital Authentication & Onboarding Solution: iiDENTIFii is a remote biometric digital authentication and automated onboarding technology platform. It fulfills the needs of customer-focused organizations that need to authenticate and onboard customers. This technology can authenticate and automatically onboard a person in less than 30 seconds.


DymaxIO: DymaxIO uses its patented I/O reduction technology to increase performance, transfer rates, and IOPS and improve latency. Reading and writing optimizations lead to an increase in IOPS performance up to 18 times, transfer rates up to 22 times, and a decrease in latency spikes up to 8.5 times.

ECS Charging.png

ECS Charging: ECS (Evolved Charging Suite) from Openet identifies different chargeable aspects on a service provider (operator) 5G and earlier generation networks. It allows them to release more granular value from their network by user device type, location, usage, and more. ECS creates charging data records for these services.

Everest Digital Law - LGPD.png

Everest Digital Law - LGPD: This application, available only in Portuguese, presents the Brazilian data protection law (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data - Law No. 13.709 / 2018), formatted for better understanding and reading. It includes expert comments on the main points of emphasis.

Forcepoint Email Security V8.5.png

Forcepoint Email Security V8.5: This enterprise email and data loss prevention solution from Forcepoint offers inbound and outbound protection against malware, blended threats, and spam. Scan Exchange Online email content from within Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and get visibility and enforcement of DLP policies, incident management, and more.

Garry’s Mod Game Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Garry’s Mod Game Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Garry's Mod is a physics-based sandbox game, and its base game mode has no set objectives. The player can spawn non-player characters, ragdolls, and props, and interact with them. Tidal Media Inc. provides you this specially hardened server for Azure – Garry's Mod Game Server.

Genesys Engage CX Contact.png

Genesys Engage CX Contact: CX Contact is an outbound campaign management solution that uses a built-in self-service email and SMS content management system. Built for business users that need no database manipulation skills in order to create an omnichannel contact strategy, CX Contact drives engagement and customer loyalty.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.10.01.png

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.10.01: GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure delivers intelligent network traffic visibility for workloads running in Azure and enables increased security, operational efficiency, and scale across virtual networks. With this solution from Gigamon, organizations can optimize costs with up to 100 percent visibility for security.

Imprivata Identity Governance Solution.png

Imprivata Identity Governance Solution: Get fast, secure, role-based access to systems and applications built for healthcare. Identity Governance works seamlessly with Microsoft productivity solutions to merge Imprivata’s purpose-built healthcare capabilities into the security and scale of Microsoft’s cloud platform.

INDEXIMA Analytics Engine.png

INDEXIMA Analytics Engine: Indexima is an analytics engine built to query big data on Azure. Indexima lets companies access all their data to simplify and accelerate analytics thanks to a unique indexing engine combined with machine learning. Query all your data directly at the source, in volumes of tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.

Inimco.Facts Standard.png

Inimco.Facts Standard: Inimco.facts is an IoT SaaS solution for manufacturers who need data on machine status and performance reporting. With instant, single-glance data, Inimico.facts is secure and scalable, offers fast and easy deployment, and is available from any location, computer, or mobile device.

Insurgency - Game Server on Windows Server 2016.png

Insurgency - Game Server on Windows Server 2016: Insurgency is a highly competitive multiplayer tactical first-person video game. Take to the streets for intense close-quarters combat. Tidal Media Inc. provides you with an Insurgency dedicated game server specially hardened for Azure.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Game Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Left 4 Dead 2 - Game Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This co-operative action horror first-person game takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps, and cemeteries of the deep south, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns. The server is fully preconfigured and runs automatically when you start the virtual machine.

MediaKind Engage.png

MediaKind Engage: This solution from MK Systems USA delivers high-quality, over-the-top (OTT) delivery and live user engagement through web conferencing applications. Fully deployed in Azure, MediaKind Engage provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for media-based events. It is a comprehensive service for OTT applications.

Movable Type Advanced.png

Movable Type Advanced: Movable Type from SKYARC is a social publishing platform equipped with powerful functions that help users publish information online. Movable Type includes a highly flexible system for managing website files and images, as well as functions anyone can use to build web content easily.

MultiChain 2 Community with Support.png

MultiChain 2 Community with Support: Deploy a supported MultiChain 2 Community node on Azure. The template is for companies wishing to run their own MultiChain Community node, with a support contract and without the hassle and complication of managing it on-premises. The template also includes a secure HTTPS proxy and web-based dashboard.

Myddleware - App Synchronisation Server on Ubuntu.png

Myddleware: App Synchronisation Server on Ubuntu: Tidal Media Inc. presents a specially hardened and preconfigured server for Azure. Connect your applications and exploit your data better while cutting down on IT expenses and/or handling your data yourself. Myddleware is the platform that facilitates data migration and synchronization.

nDivision Self Service Pricing Portal.png

nDivision Self Service Pricing Portal: nDivision uses intelligent automation, AI, and cognitive agents to provide services ranging from Azure IaaS migrations to comprehensive managed services and end user help desk services. Incidents that cannot be fully automated through automation are resolved by talented, experienced, U.S.-based resources. 

NeuroPilot MLKIT Ready VM.png

NeuroPilot MLKIT Ready VM: NeuroPilot is MediaTek’s AI ecosystem. It embraces the advantages of “edge AI,” which means the AI processing is done on-device rather than relying on a fast internet connection and cloud service. This makes the AI work faster, while also keeping the information about how you use the device entirely private.

New Relic Infrastructure.png

New Relic Infrastructure: New Relic Infrastructure agent provides flexible, dynamic monitoring of your entire infrastructure, from services running in the cloud or on dedicated hosts to containers running in orchestrated environments. Consolidate and analyze data from across your technology stack so you can see it in one place.

On-site issue share.png

On-site Issue Share: This solution from JMA Systems, available only in Japanese, is a problem improvement sharing service that transforms “problems” and “improvements” in the field into corporate assets. Improve capabilities by sharing on-site improvement activity data, such as maintenance, safety, and improvement, at manufacturing sites.

OPC Policy.png

OPC Policy: OPC from Openet Telecom Sales enables operators to more easily manage policy requirements of service quality, speed, and quota (volume) settings at a mobile device, session and application level for 5G telecommunication company environments. Get a great user interface that provides operational cost advantages.

Openet PCC (Policy & Charging Control).png

Openet PCC (Policy & Charging Control): Openet's Combined Policy Control and Charging for 5G is a combined set of services that provides synergy between Openet's Policy and Charging Control functions for telecommunication companies. These functions, when combined, provide an easier and faster launch of end-to-end telco services.


Phidélity: Phidélity, from Crimson Logic, is a suite of security tools for your document hardcopies that offers technology to help prevent counterfeiting, forgery, and leakage. This printing solution works with nearly all common printers and includes features like watermarks, microprint, cryptomarks, and more to protect your organization.


PowerHub: PowerHub is a remote energy management platform for companies, which guarantees control, insights, and important information for its operation. You view data that helps you make quick decisions, ensuring your company's energy efficiency. Track your consumption, demand, and power factor in charts.

RAAD Supply Chain Risk Platform.png

RAAD Supply Chain Risk Platform: RAAD is built on Microsoft Azure technologies and tools to provide end-to-end supply chain models and visualizations with flexible, multidimensional information overlays and built-in risk analysis and mitigation functions. Customers can achieve true end-to-end supply network visibility built from their data

Remote Diabetes Management with Azure IOT for FHIR.png

Remote Diabetes Management with Azure IOT for FHIR: Harness real-time device data and longitudinal health records to triage patient risk for diabetes. The KenSci AI-driven Remote Diabetes Management solution, powered by Azure IoT Connector for FHIR, helps care teams remotely manage their at-risk diabetes population using real-time device data.

SaaS Dataguise Data Discovery + Protection.png

SaaS Dataguise Data Discovery + Protection: SaaS Dataguise Data Discovery provides a no-code, easy-deployment solution for security and compliance with the most popular privacy regulations. Dataguise scales to perform at multi-petabyte scale for businesses of all sizes and offers automated visibility and control with dashboard management.


Sajaya ERP: This solution helps enterprises to manage and control their resources to increase profitability and decrease cost. Designed to comply with international standards and specialized for the Arab region, Sajaya ERP can serve multiple sectors including commercial, industrial, and enterprise projects.

Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool.png

Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool: This forecasting and data analytics software from SAFIO Solutions helps companies optimize inventory and cash flow through improved forecasting and demand planning. Utilizing a proprietary platform, SAFIO Solutions integrates a client’s vital data into a single, convenient, and user-friendly interface.

Saviynt Express - Enterprise IGA for Azure, AzureADj.png

Saviynt Express: Enterprise IGA for Azure, AzureAD: Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration platform extends and complements governance in Azure Active Directory, adding intelligent access, risk-based access certs, and group management. Azure integration and connectors to non-Microsoft apps increases ROI and lowers cost of ownership.


Shop Book and Pay.png

Shop Book and Pay: Shop Book and Pay from Change Healthcare is SaaS-based ecommerce for healthcare, bringing a consumer-style approach to the healthcare world. Help patients find providers, purchase tests or procedures, and book appointments with a familiar shopping-cart experience.

Smartenance - Digital maintenance management.png

Smartenance - Digital maintenance management: This solution from Festo SE & Co. manages and documents your maintenance tasks in the office, either as a mobile maintenance schedule in the app or using the web browser application. Intelligent user management and teamwork make your maintenance management efficient.


SMS SENDER: Use this solution from BerényiSoft as a web shop for marketing aims and to send SMS messages about discounts, coupons, and giveaways. It can also be used by suppliers to notify the customer about delivery times, as a service to notify the customer if a product is ready to be picked up, and more.

SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya.png

SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya: This upgrade to Avaya video conferencing incorporates Microsoft Teams to allow you to expand beyond meetings and file shares. Within the same ecosystem, Microsoft Power Tools allow you to automate tasks and create and output business intelligence reports, creating a fully formed, feature-rich collaboration platform.

 SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya.png

SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Cisco: This upgrade to Cisco WebEx video conferencing incorporates Microsoft Teams to allow you to expand beyond meetings and file shares. Within the same ecosystem, Microsoft Power Tools allow you to automate tasks and create and output business intelligence reports, creating a feature-rich collaboration platform.

 SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya.png

SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Video Conferencing: Use Microsoft Teams to optimize and route voice and video traffic for a generational leap in global collaboration services. The sleek new design offers a clean interface to access new features. The compliance features in Office 365 have been built into Teams, enabling an unmatched experience.

 SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya.png

SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Zoom: This upgrade to Zoom video conferencing incorporates Microsoft Teams to allow you to expand beyond meetings and file shares. Within the same ecosystem, Microsoft Power Tools allow you to automate tasks and create and output business intelligence reports, creating a fully formed, feature-rich collaboration platform.

Supply Chain Forecast - Inventory.png

Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory: Use this self-service AI/ML supply chain planning tool from ToolsGroup to generate forecasts and ensure product availability. Simply provide the historical demand and the engine will select and apply the forecasting algorithm that best fits the characteristics of your demand for each item in each market.

Teams Governance and Security Platform.png

Teams Governance and Security Platform: Simplify and automate the manual approach to governing and managing Microsoft Teams. MessageOps developed Team Captain, a simple and easy-to-use Teams governance platform, to provide a single pane of glass into your Teams environment with at-a-glance statistics.

TensorFlow for .NET.png

TensorFlow for .NET: This solution enables the use of LostTech.TensorFlow for commercial purposes. Build computation graphs and run them in sessions, use Keras-style high-level APIs, build fast data pipelines, keep logs and model checkpoints, use estimators and the full power of tf.contrib, and more.

The Forest 2 Game Server on Windows Server 2016.png

The Forest: Game Server on Windows Server 2016: As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore and survive in this terrifying first-person survival horror simulator. Tidal Media has specially hardened and preconfigured this server for Azure.

TimeSheets for SharePoint.png

TimeSheets for SharePoint: 6th Street Consulting’s Timesheets for SharePoint is an add-in that allows companies to record and track employee time entries down to the tenth of an hour and automatically calculates the available amount of PTO, sick, vacation, and holiday time off. Any business can benefit from the simple, intuitive, modern user interface.

Trade Facilitation Platform.png

Trade Facilitation Platform: Trade Facilitation Platform (TFP) is designed for your trade facilitation management needs. With a set of core and add-on modules and the flexibility to deploy as SaaS or on-premises, TFP coordinates processes among customs, OGA, and the trade community.

Transact Attendance.png

Transact Attendance: Transact Attendance makes monitoring easy for faculty, while providing a simple check-in method for students. A quick tap of their student ID on a mobile or wall reader checks students in. Get centralized cloud deployment for easy access and integration with your existing systems.

Verint Interaction Recording for Microsoft Teams.png

Verint Interaction Recording for Microsoft Teams: This is an integrated, secure compliance recording solution for centrally capturing, storing, retrieving, and analyzing Microsoft Teams voice calling, chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, and other modes of collaboration across front, middle, and back-office environments.

WhiteSource Essentials.png

WhiteSource Essentials: Gain full control over your open source components by receiving the data and insights you need, when you need them. WhiteSource provides full visibility of your open source components, generates alerts on both security vulnerabilities and compliance issues, and offers actionable remediation insights in real time.

WVD Assist.png

WVD Assist: This tool from Lanstatus lets admins support Windows Virtual Desktop users by giving them the capability to easily shadow users, send messages to one or many, and remotely log off bugged sessions at the click of a button. You can also check the status of servers at a glance, enable or disable logins to a specific host, and more.


x4catalog: x4catalog from xalution is a built-in, feature-rich catalog automation solution integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Automate the entire process around supplier catalogs and support their extended administration. Make querying and tracking easy and provide full transparency for smooth, multi-client-capable data processing.

Consulting services

4-Wk Azure Implementation or Azure Migration.png

4-Wk Azure Implementation or Azure Migration: EBLA’s team of cloud experts will help you design and execute a comprehensive Microsoft Azure cloud strategy that will fast track your digital transformation. This service will help your organization move infrastructure, applications, and business processes to Azure.

Azure DevOps and Terraform, 8 Wk Implementation.png

Azure DevOps and Terraform, 8 Wk Implementation: Xello offers a foundational infrastructure-as-code project, built in HashiCorp Terraform and deployed into Azure DevOps, with the blueprint to continue to grow and scale. Integrate infrastructure seamlessly into your CI/CD pipelines and accelerate your application modernization.

Azure DevOps with GitHub 2 - 4-week implementation.png

Azure DevOps with GitHub: 4-week implementation: Wintellect (Microsoft Gold DevOps partner and IAMCP Worldwide Microsoft Channel Partner of the Year), helps you put in place the foundations of a modern DevOps practice. After this four-week implementation, you can deliver better software, faster, with higher quality, and at a lower cost.

Azure Digital Estate Governance 6wk Implementation.png

Azure Digital Estate Governance 6wk Implementation: Protiviti offers Azure Digital Estate Governance implementation, a six-week project to design and implement your Azure digital estate, and/or governance and security for your existing digital estate in a holistic, secure, automated, and cost-effective way.

Azure Kubernetes for beginners - 1-day workshop.png

Azure Kubernetes for beginners: 1-day workshop: Awara IT’s workshop is intended for beginning users and broadens the understanding of Microsoft cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of businesses. It can be carried out online or offline and is suitable for any industry and any project scope.

Azure ML for beginners - 1-day Workshop.png

Azure ML for beginners: 1-day Workshop: Awara IT’s workshop is intended for beginning users and broadens the understanding of Microsoft cloud technologies. This workshop is intended for users who will solve business tasks and use existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends with Azure Machine Learning.

AZURE S4H Discovery Package - 8-week Implementation.png

AZURE S4H Discovery Package: 8-week Implementation: This implementation from Techedge is a packaged service that includes the setup of a copy of your SAP ECC system on Azure and the execution of a system conversion to SAP S/ 4HANA. In less than eight weeks you will access your own SAP S/ 4HANA sandbox environment on Azure.

Azure Security Model Design - 8wk implementation.png

Azure Security Model Design - 8wk implementation: This Azure Security Model Design implementation is a consulting service from Protiviti. The eight-week project will be conducted by a team of Azure architects who will work with your security team to identify how you can utilize Azure services to fulfill your security model.

Azure Synapse 2-Hour Briefing.png

Azure Synapse 2-Hour Briefing: MAQ Software offers its Azure Synapse Briefing, with an overview of the benefits of analytics provided by Azure Synapse and Power BI. From setup to optimization, the MAQ technical consultant will cover all the functional and technical benefits for your business.

 Azure Synapse 2-Hour Briefing.png

Azure Synapse 2-week POC: MAQ Software will evaluate your current business requirements and build a solution that enables key stakeholders to get actionable insights through Azure Synapse and Power BI. Get a thorough understanding of Azure Synapse and its functional and technical benefits for your business.

Big Data for beginners - 1-day workshop.png

Big Data for beginners: 1-day workshop: Awara IT’s workshop is intended for beginning users and broadens the understanding of Microsoft cloud technologies that will empower daily operations of businesses. Learn more about big data concepts, approaches, and productivity and understand how to convey technology value to your partners.

Cloud Transformation Services - 3wk Assessment.png

Cloud Transformation Services: 3wk Assessment: Vology will perform a review of your existing systems and environment, then create a migration plan including specific requirements and Azure components in compute services, networking, storage, and more. This service includes a free assessment of the first 50 workloads.

Data Platform Modernization - 2 Week Assessment.png

Data Platform Modernization: 2 Week Assessment: This assessment uses Datametica Solutions’ automation tool, Eagle. This planner offers a foundational understanding of the existing data warehouse and provides a robust migration strategy. Eagle provides optimized data model recommendations and also assists in reviewing its impact.

 Data Platform Modernization - 2 Week Assessment.png

Data Platform Modernization: 8 week Implementation: Datametica Solutions enables faster data platform modernization using its Automated Migration suite. As part of the project, a comprehensive plan will be created which will include assessment of current infrastructure, architecture, and analysis; proposed Azure environment and topology; and more.

Going Digital - 2 Week Briefing.png

Going Digital: 2 Week Briefing: NS:GO is New Signature’s end-to-end approach to building digital operating models to transform your business. A holistic approach, this consulting offer is a guided, step-by-step process to help you be successful by embracing cloud-native digital operations with minimal hassle.

Initial 2-Hr Assessment - Moving to the Cloud.png

Initial 2-Hr Assessment: Moving to the Cloud: This assessment from Keystone Technology Consultants is for customers considering moving to the cloud. It will deliver a roadmap to using services such as Microsoft Azure, Azure Active Directory, Azure Backup, and more. Get a roadmap on how to move your business to the cloud.

IoT Azure Assessment - 5 days work session.png

IoT Azure Assessment: 5 days work session: Swisscom’s IoT System Assessment for Azure provides a concrete, cloud-based architecture proposal for your individual IoT applications and plans. This five-day workshop includes a detailed analysis of expected costs, recommended mapping, and plans to implement a proof of concept.

Migration to Azure Cloud - 2-day workshop.png

Migration to Azure Cloud: 2-day workshop: SA Technologies’ two-day workshop, Migration to Azure Cloud, is designed to assess your readiness for migration and create a migration plan. This engagement may be done on site or remotely, for convenience, and ensures you are ready for a smooth migration to Azure.

SQL Health and Risk Audit- 3day assessment.png

SQL Health and Risk Audit: 3 day assessment: This three-day SQL audit from Qubark is an opportunity to have Guillaume Kieffer (one of 200 SQL Server Microsoft Certified Masters) review your Azure SQL Server environment. The results of risks, problems, and recommendations will help proactively improve stability, safety, and performance.

Vology Azure Assessment & Migration Service - 3-wk.png

Vology Azure Assessment & Migration Service: 3-wk: Vology's migration services take a system architect-level approach for planning and executing all aspects of your cloud migration, which is underpinned by its Office of Innovation. Vology will assess your workloads and determine the appropriate technical steps to transition those workloads.


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