Azure Marketplace new offers – February 9, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 112 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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AC3 Cloud Management Managed Service.PNG

AC3 Cloud Management Managed Service: The AC3 managed services team will help you manage your Azure subscriptions by providing workload maintenance using best practices, all while letting you maintain access control.

Adobe Acrobat Sign.PNG

Adobe Acrobat Sign: Save time by sending, signing, and tracking documents directly in Microsoft 365 apps and more with Adobe Acrobat Sign. Recipients can sign on any device or browser you choose, no need for additional accounts or software downloads.

Adobe Commerce.PNG

Adobe Commerce: Adobe Commerce offers a strong portfolio of cloud-based merchant solutions that integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. The platform’s flexibility lets customers add other solutions and is supported by solution and technology partners worldwide.

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform.PNG

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform: Adobe Real-Time CDP brings data sources from across your organization together to create unified customer profiles and deliver consistent experiences across devices and channels. It’s available in B2C, B2B, and B2P (business to person) editions.

Apache Cassandra.PNG

Apache Cassandra: tunnelbiz provides Apache Cassandra pre-configured on Ubuntu. This open-source, no-SQL database management system is designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure.

beqom Total Compensation Management.PNG

beqom Total Compensation Management: beqom lets HR and sales leaders in large enterprises manage rewards and total compensation packages. This secure, centralized compensation management software is fully configurable and integrates with common HR suites.

Better Digital Health Platform.PNG

Better Digital Health Platform: Better Platform is an openEHR-based digital health platform with low-code tools for building applications. By separating clinical data from applications, Better Platform provides an open and modular approach to digitizing healthcare.

Bsure Insights.PNG

Bsure Insights: Get insight into and control of your Microsoft 365 licenses with Bsure Insights. This managed application collects info about all your licenses and the users in your Azure Active Directory to help you identify unused licenses and explore license use with a company-wide report.

Cobalt - On-Demand Satellite Imagery and Analytics.PNG

Cobalt - On-Demand Satellite Imagery and Analytics: Cobalt from Spiral Blue lets you request satellite imagery of the area you choose, then perform analytics. Images from a rapidly expanding network of satellite providers are captured within 12 hours and delivered in as quickly as one day.

Consul on CentOS.PNG

Consul on CentOS: Consul is a fully featured mesh solution that solves security challenges surrounding microservices and cloud infrastructure. This virtual machine offer from AskforCloud uses service identities and traditional networking practices to securely connect applications in any environment.

Cosmo Tech Sample Simulation for Bonsai.PNG

Cosmo Tech Sample Simulation for Bonsai: This inventory management sample from Cosmo Tech simulates a small supply chain tasked with optimizing inventories and maximizing profit despite uncertain demand and storage limitations.  

Data Analytics as a Service.PNG

Data Analytics as a Service: SELA delivers data analytics solutions on Azure using cloud-native services like Databricks, Synapse, and Microsoft Power BI. Typical projects include implementation of dashboards and reports after deployment.

Data Modernization as a Service.PNG

Data Modernization as a Service: SELA will help you modernize and expand your database systems, assessing and migrating from Microsoft SQL Server, Cosmos DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other platforms.

FTP Server on Debian 10.PNG

FTP Server on Debian 10: Tidal Media provides a file transfer protocol (FTP) server on Debian 10, with a comfortable interface for ease of use. With it, you can let other people add, modify, or delete files as needed to keep projects up to date.

FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal.PNG

FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal: This file transfer protocol (FTP) server on Debian 10 Minimal from Tidal Media lets you easily view, upload, and download files using intuitive web and mobile device interfaces. With it, you can easily control settings such as bandwidth, storage, access, and permissions.

Hashicorp Vault on CentOS.PNG

Hashicorp Vault on CentOS: HashiCorp Vault is an identity-based secrets and encryption management system that helps reduce the risk of breaches and data exposure. This open-source solution from AskforCloud provides secure access and control while making sensitive data auditable.

Hive Advanced Analytics for Midmarket.PNG

Hive Advanced Analytics for Midmarket: Measure the effectiveness of your enterprise video webcasts with Hive Advanced Analytics. This package lets you dig into detailed metrics for each video event, including participation, quality of experience (QoE), and viewers over time.

Intelligent Customer Data Analytics Platform.PNG

Intelligent Customer Data Analytics Platform: This platform from Verofax makes products interactive to provide real-time marketing and operational insights. Create engaging shopping experiences and achieve unmatched conversion results on your promotional campaigns.

Mail Server Nginx on Ubuntu 21.04.PNG

Mail Server Nginx on Ubuntu 21.04: Improve email service and performance with Mail Server Nginx on Ubuntu 21.04 from Tidal Media. This mail service provides easy scaling and load distribution, and lets you choose a mail server based on rules.

Mail Server Nginx on Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal.PNG

Mail Server Nginx on Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal: Nginx is a web server and mail proxy that runs on Unix and Linux operating systems. This build on Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal from Tidal Media is easy to configure and can handle a large number of connections.

Mail Server Ngnix Debian 10.PNG

Mail Server Ngnix on Debian 10: Mail Server Nginx on Debian 10 from Tidal Media can be used as a web server or HTTP proxy and can also handle email via SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocols. Even if you don’t expect to handle thousands of simultaneous requests, you can benefit from its high performance.

MssgPort App.PNG

MssgPort App: CONPORT’s corporate messaging solution for Microsoft Teams helps you reach the right audience with configurable groups and templates. Save resources with recurring configurations and avoid information gaps with predefined, scheduled, and logged messaging processes.

Nefolo SaaS Audit.PNG

Nefolo SaaS Audit: Your business is likely using software as a service (SaaS) you don’t know about because users sign up for it directly. Nefolo will connect to your email service, analyze activity, and determine which software is being used, as well as who pays for it.


neonkube: neonkube from Neonforge is a full-stack, production ready Kubernetes distribution aimed at developers who deploy services to Kubernetes. It provides everything needed to run production services, with a greatly improved developer experience, and runs the same anywhere, on any device.

Ntirety Managed MDR Sentinel.PNG

Ntirety Managed MDR Sentinel: Ntirety Managed Detection and Response proactively ensures your infrastructure, networks, and critical applications are secure and compliant. Using Microsoft Sentinel, it mitigates today’s risks and strengthens your security posture for imminent and present threats.

Packer on CentOS.PNG

Packer on CentOS: Packer is an open-source tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source image. This package from AskforCloud bridges the gap between image factories and deployments, allowing development and security teams to work together.

QuickMetrix ORM software.PNG

QuickMetrix ORM software: QuickMetrix is a customer engagement solution for consumer brands that focuses on online reputation management, social media listening and analytics, and brand and consumer insights. It can be used by multiple teams such as PR, marketing, and customer service.

Rancher on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS.PNG

Rancher on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS: Rancher is a Kubernetes management tool that deploys and runs clusters anywhere, on any provider. It provisions from a hosted provider, provides compute nodes, and installs Kubernetes, or imports existing clusters running anywhere else.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Minimal.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Minimal: Red Hat Linux offers the benefits of open-source such as community-driven upstream innovation, delivered with enterprise-level support. This image from Ntegral is always monitored, up to date, and built to work immediately when installed.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7 Minimal.PNG

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7 Minimal: Red Hat Linux offers the benefits of open-source such as community-driven upstream innovation, delivered with enterprise-level support. This image from Ntegral is always monitored, up to date, and built to work immediately when installed.

Serenity Digital Twin Platform Private Preview.PNG

Serenity Digital Twin Platform (Private Preview): Digital twins help your business gain insights to drive better products, optimize operations and costs, and create breakthrough product experiences. Serenity Digital Twin Platform easily onboards and customizes IoT data to replicate physical or digital assets.

Strapi CMS on Azure.PNG

Strapi CMS on Azure: Strapi is a content management system featuring content versioning, a workflow system, and seamless integrations. It’s ideal for mobile app dynamic elements, website blog posts, and configuration data for your backend. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others, but not MongoDB.

Terraform on CentOS.PNG

Terraform on CentOS: This virtual CentOS machine from AskforCloud includes Terraform, an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. It can manage existing service providers as well as custom, in-house solutions.

Xoriant CloudIO Accelerator.PNG

Xoriant CloudIO Accelerator: Use CloudIO Accelerator from Xoriant to create a data model, design a user interface, and set the behavior of individual elements of your application. This low-code technical foundation lets you build enterprise applications iteratively while rapidly modernizing legacy apps.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Analytics Workload Cloud Migration 3-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Analytics Workload Cloud Migration: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Knowledge Delivery Services will demonstrate how moving analytics workloads to Microsoft Azure can help your business quickly deliver powerful insights by giving more people access to critical business data.

Azure Databricks with Lakehouse 2-Week Quick Start.PNG

Azure Databricks with Lakehouse: 2-Week Quick Start: This engagement from Blueprint Technologies will enable your organization to perform high value analytics in Azure. A team of experts will help you quickly identify needs, define goals, and prepare your Azure Databricks environment for immediate use.

Azure Industrial Metaverse as a Service 8-Week Workshop.PNG

Azure Industrial Metaverse as a Service: 8-Week Workshop: VBIC will evaluate your environment and estimate the cost and timeline of an industrial metaverse-as-a-service enterprise solution employing Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Mixed Reality Services, Microsoft Mesh, and more.

Azure Networking and Security Appliance Workshop.PNG

Azure Networking and Security Appliance Workshop: This workshop from Solutions4Networks starts with an evaluation of your network security firewalls to create an Azure migration plan. Deliverables include a comprehensive deployment and integration plan and cost analysis documentation.

Azure Virtual Desktop 4-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Build your virtual workspace with confidence with a proof of concept from Netrix centered around best practices that will help you understand the functional, technical, and security capabilities of Azure Virtual Network and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Bechtle Azure Checkpoint 3-Day Engagement.PNG

Bechtle Azure Checkpoint: 3-Day Engagement: Bechtle AG will analyze your Azure use and optimize management by including security recommendations to bring your licenses into compliance and reduce costs. This offer is only available in metropolitan areas of France.

Bechtle Mission Azure Go to Cloud 3-Day Engagement.PNG

Bechtle Mission Azure Go to Cloud: 3-Day Engagement: Bechtle AG will present a cloud migration strategy so you can anticipate the costs of migrating, deploying, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. This offer is only available in metropolitan areas of France.

Birlasoft IntelliVision 6-Month Implementation.PNG

Birlasoft IntelliVision: 6-Month Implementation: Brillasoft’s IntelliVision platform enables direct video and image processing with reduced bandwidth consumption during workplace safety monitoring and activity recognition. This edge-based system helps achieve network latency of less than one second.

Citrix on Azure.PNG

Citrix on Azure: Implementation: Citrix helps enterprises publish virtual desktops and manage virtual applications. MetaAge can provide complete consulting services to help Azure customers import Citrix mechanisms to Azure Virtual Desktop to take advantage of other value-added Azure applications.

Content Modelling and Azure Integration 2-Day Workshop.PNG

Content Modelling and Azure Integration: 2-Day Workshop: Learn to leverage’s powerful content modeling platform to create, organize, and mange content. Easily create reusable content components, establish clear hierarchies, and set up automated, streamlined workflows.

Custom Proof of Concept 3-Hour Consultation.PNG

Custom Proof of Concept: 3-Hour Consultation: Andaze can help your organization achieve its goals and identify challenges using Azure and provide the approximate cost of a proof of concept. Examples of challenges include cloud cost optimization, data governance, and multi-source data integration.

Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR 5-Week Workshop.PNG

Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR: 5-Week Workshop: Available in Australia and New Zealand, this workshop from Fusion5 can help you achieve your broader security objectives and identify current threats. Together, you’ll strengthen your approach to security using several Microsoft products.

Microsoft Extended Detection and Response MXDR 2-Week Workshop.PNG

Extended Detection and Response (XDR): 2-Week Workshop: Netrix will help you understand Microsoft Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, which provide a single, unified interface to collect, detect, and respond to threats across a wide variety of security solutions.

FastForward for Azure Modern Data Platform.PNG

FastForward for Azure Modern Data Platform: Implementation: The Nexer Insights Modern Data Platform provides a secure, collaborative data environment. It treats all your data as one unified solution to give you trusted data, structure, and principles with total scalability and endless integration possibilities.

Hackathon Training Cloud-Native Data AI Lab 3-Day Workshop.PNG

Hackathon Training Cloud-Native Data/AI Lab: 3-Day Workshop: Work with engineers from AP Communications to create a data/AI prototype onsite in three days after a one-month preparation period. This workshop is only available in Japan.

Legacy Migration to Azure Cloud - Consultancy and Assessment.PNG

Legacy Migration to Azure Cloud - Consultancy and Assessment: Zone24x7’s customized cloud migration service provides a smooth transition to Microsoft Azure for your organization. The migration plan includes moving existing on-premises applications, services, data, and user roles.

Lifetime Customer Value.PNG

Lifetime Customer Value: Implementation: Available in Brazil and Portugal, this Portuguese-language solution from Leega Consulting and Informatics allows your company to set a monetary value to the relationship with each of your customers.

Managed Azure Infrastructure.PNG

Managed Azure Infrastructure: KodingTech specializes in providing managed services for Azure infrastructure, which can help your organization save time and resources. Services include monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and problem resolution, and deployment and configuration.

Microsoft Azure Security and HIPAA Readiness 1-Day Workshop.PNG

Microsoft Azure Security and HIPAA Readiness: 1-Day Workshop: BlueVoyant’s HIPAA readiness workshop will help you align key components of the HIPAA Security Rule 45 compliance checklist with Azure security tools and capabilities to better protect your healthcare organization’s digital estate.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 2-Week Proof of Concept.PNG

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Netrix will demonstrate how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides comprehensive endpoint security for preventing, detecting, investigating, and responding to advanced threats before deployment and training.

Modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Workshop.PNG

Modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics: 1-Day Workshop: celver AG will demonstrate how Azure Synapse Analytics can be used to build a modern analytics platform quickly, securely, and easily. This workshop is only available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

NextGen Windows 3-Day Workshop.PNG

NextGen Windows: 3-Day Workshop: Available in Argentina, Canda, Spain, and the United States, this workshop from Netrix will help you understand the end user computing options in Microsoft Azure and how these solutions can be used to deliver a secure and productive desktop experience from anywhere.

Red Hat OpenShift on Azure.PNG

Red Hat OpenShift on Azure: Consultation: MetaAge provides integrated Microsoft Azure and Red Hat OpenShift so your enterprise can handle complex container scheduling and command work. This offer includes consulting, maintenance, and service, and is only available in Taiwan.

Sentinel Security 4-Week Implementation.PNG

Security with Microsoft Sentinel: 4-Week Implementation: Linktech Australia offers an accelerated program to help your organization implement Microsoft Sentinel and review and manage its threat detection and response capabilities. This offer is only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Small to Medium Landing Zone 1-Week Deployment.PNG

Small to Medium Landing Zone: 1-Week Deployment: BCN Group will provision, deploy, and configure a set of standardized Azure environment templates to kickstart your organization’s Azure journey. This deployment is only available in the United Kingdom.

Veeam on Azure.PNG

Veeam on Azure: Implementation: Veeam backup and replication software can help your enterprise back up cloud data to take advantage of the elasticity and storage space advantages of Microsoft Azure. This offer from MetaAge is only available in Taiwan.

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Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services: 1-Day Briefing

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Business Expense Reporting Solution

Capgemini Computer Vision: 4-Week Briefing

CI SmartCIte

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) 7.2.16

CyberSage - Threat Modeling Automation


dSense - Real-Time Location Data Digital Twin Solution

Elevate Security Platform

HCL PMEC Solution on Azure for 5G-Enabled Airports

HCL Data Security for Cloud: 2-Hour Briefing

Honeywell Pro-Watch Access

IoT Cloud Connector CMP Mobile

Listen to CEM

LOGEX Financial Analytics Suite

Maison - Sales Automation for Pharma

Maison - Sales Force and Services Automation for ISPs

MCS - Patient Management Solution

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure: 1-Day Assessment

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Briefing

Microsoft Security License Utilization and Commercial Assessment: 2-Week Engagement

Migration to Azure: 4-Week Assessment


Oracle Utility Carbon: Proof of Concept

Oracle Utility Myriad: Proof of Concept

Oracle Utility Trellis: Proof of Concept

Pegatron 5G Private Network Solution

Pillr SOC as a Service

Prep Assistant

Private 5G - TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser (CPOA)

Private 5G Sub-6 and mmWave

Private AI Text De-identification

Secure Cloud Management Platform

Smart Planner

SME Boost

StackGuardian Enterprise

Station Assistant

TCS Personalization Framework Leveraging Azure: 8-Week Assessment

Trellix Central Management System (BYOL)

Trellix Network Security (BYOL)

Virtual Machine Solution on Azure

VMWare Capacity Assessment

YubiKeys by Yubico

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