Customer review: Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop
Published Oct 04 2023 06:00 AM 1,340 Views

ITProCloud GmbH's Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop, an app published in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, uses automation and scaling to help organizations lower their resource costs. It allows administrators to deploy new session hosts, capture images from golden masters, configure auto-adapt scaling, automatically maintain session hosts and pools, and manage role-based user sessions.

Microsoft interviewed Klaus-Peter Stumpf, IT Administrator for Azure Virtual Desktop at Donner & Reuschel AG, to learn what he had to say about the product.


What do you like best about Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop?

We are using Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop to automate our AVD infrastructure. What we like most is the solution's automated OS and software lifecycle. It ensures that we can easily image and deploy session hosts and keep them up to date – for multiple hosts, subscriptions, and tenants.


How has the product helped your organization?

Since we’ve adopted Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop, we can provide internal and external users faster access to data and applications, including maintenance. The easy administration of AVD allows our IT staff to focus on the business instead of on configuring IT. Hydra also effectively leverages Azure resources, which makes it cost-efficient for the full environment.


How are customer service and support?

ITProCloud service is incomparable in IT. We always receive fast answers to questions – even if we ask non-product-specific questions. ITProCloud not only helped us to run the solution, but it also helped us to improve our overall Azure Virtual Desktop environment. New feature requests are also proofed and implemented very fast.


Any recommendations or insights to other users considering this product?

Start directly! It is a perfect match for Azure Virtual Desktop. You can test the solution extensively and stop using it anytime without further obligations. Also, it’s very attractive that Hydra is license-free for smaller environments.


What is your overall rating for this product?

5 out of 5 — definitely. From the solution to support and further development, we are completely satisfied and clearly recommend Hydra for Azure Virtual Desktop.


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