Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 60
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 71 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


128 Technology Conductor.png

128 Technology Conductor: The 128 Technology Conductor is a centralized management platform for distributed 128T Session Smart Routers, and it provides orchestration, global policy management, zero-touch provisioning, and monitoring.

128 Technology Session Smart Router - 100 Mbps.png

128 Technology Session Smart Router - 100 Mbps: The 128T Session Smart Router combines a service-centric control plane and a session-aware data plane, and it offers simple deployment, security policy enforcement, and multi-path resilience.


ActiveMQ: Apache ActiveMQ is a popular open-source messaging and integration patterns server. It supports cross-language clients as well as Java via JMS 1.1.

Azul Zulu for Azure EE - Java 13 on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Azul Zulu for Azure EE - Java 13 on Ubuntu 18.04: Azul Zulu for Azure EE is a collection of certified builds of OpenJDK that are fully compatible with the Java SE standard on x64 reference architecture systems. Please read the FAQ before starting.

CIS CentOS Linux 8 Benchmark L1.png

CIS CentOS Linux 8 Benchmark L1: This image of CentOS Linux 8 is pre-configured by CIS to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Benchmark L1.png

CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Benchmark L1: This image of CIS RHEL 8 is pre-configured by CIS to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

Citrix ADC 12.0 (VPX Express).png

Citrix ADC 12.0 (VPX Express): Citrix ADC, an enterprise-grade application delivery controller, delivers your applications quickly, reliably, and securely, with the deployment and pricing flexibility to meet your business’s unique needs.


Couchbase: Couchbase Server, a NoSQL document database with a distributed architecture, uses the power of SQL and the flexibility of JSON to enable developers to more quickly build applications.


Dolibarr: Dolibarr is an open-source enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management package for small and medium-sized businesses and for foundations or freelancers.


GLPI: GLPI is a web-based application that helps companies manage their information systems. Use GLPI for IT asset management, issue tracking, and service desk functions.


GRAVETTI IoT Edge Analytics and Machine Learning: GRAVETTI provides customers with real-time actionable insight and anomaly detection at the edge. Because the solution is based on machine learning, it can dynamically respond to patterns and environmental changes on an IoT device.

HushHush SSIS Data Masking Components.png

HushHush SSIS Data Masking Components: Enterprises can mask sensitive data with this components pack from Hush Hush. Anonymize names, dates, phone numbers, emails, URLs, and more in order to comply with state regulations, HIPAA, PCI, or other compliance rules.

Integra Office e-Learning.png

Integra Office e-Learning: Integra Office e-Learning combines a learning management system and a collaboration system to deliver training content.


Kafka: A popular tool among developers, Kafka's distributed streaming platform publishes and subscribes to streams of records. It's also used for fault-tolerant storage, and Kafka replicates topic log partitions to multiple servers.


Kajona: Kajona is an open-source content management framework for building and managing websites. With its modular design and integrated template engine, Kajona is easy to extend and customize.

Managed Azure ExpressRoute.png

Managed Azure ExpressRoute: Tata Communications' IZO Private Connect helps enterprises make their IT infrastructure more agile and flexible, and it offers a secure and private connection via Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.


Moodle: Moodle, an open-source learning management system written in PHP, is commonly used for blended learning, distance education, and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces, and other sectors.

Office Academy.png

Office Academy: Office Academy is an e-learning platform about Microsoft products, and it's prepared by qualified Microsoft technology specialists. Office Academy meets the growing demand for opportunities to broaden professional competencies.

OXID eShop on Ubuntu 18.04.png

OXID eShop on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains OXID eShop on Ubuntu 18.04. OXID eShop is a comprehensive e-commerce solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With OXID eShop's template engine, users can digitize their businesses.


PodMe: The PodMe platform offers exclusive, ad-free content from popular podcasts as well as original shows that are made exclusively for PodMe users. This app is available in Swedish.


Predictive ERP: Predictive ERP is an enterprise operations AI platform that controls and executes product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution systems, and enterprise resource planning.

Quorum Cyber - Security Operations Centre.png

Quorum Cyber - Security Operations Centre: Powered by Azure Sentinel, Quorum Cyber's Security Operations Centre is a fully managed incident detection and response service created to protect small, medium, and large businesses across all industries.

Sentinel Command Centre.png

Sentinel Command Centre: Sentinel is a leading alarm and CCTV monitoring platform for alarm-receiving centers and remote video-monitoring centers. The Command Centre component is responsible for all inbound and outbound communication between Sentinel and external devices.


Solr: Solr is a highly scalable NoSQL search platform that offers full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search and analytics, rich document parsing, geospatial search, extensive REST APIs, and more.

SonicWall Analytics-BYOL.png

SonicWall Analytics-BYOL: SonicWall Analytics provides an eagle-eye view into the SonicWall network security environment. At its core is an intelligence-driven analytic engine performing aggregation, normalization, correlation, and contextualization of security data.

SyncConnect VM.png

SyncConnect VM: SyncConnect helps industries, utilities, and original equipment manufacturers monitor, control, and translate data from edge devices, sensors, and SCADA systems, as well as integrate them with all available IoT and cloud platforms.

T-Connect HL7-FHIR on Azure.png

T-Connect HL7/FHIR on Azure: T-Connect HL7/FHIR is an Azure-based replacement for BizTalk HL7 for healthcare organizations. The platform connects, parses, stores, and translates HL7 messages, and it provides on-ramping processes to Azure FHIR API.


X-Cart: This hardened image offered by Miri InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. contains X-Cart, an open-source e-commerce platform based on PHP. X-Cart features customizable store design, responsive design templates, and real-time smart search.

Consulting services

App Modernization using Azure AKS- 2-Wk Assessment.png

App Modernization using Azure AKS: 2-Wk Assessment: Get your enterprise applications ready for the future with this assessment from Cloud IQ Technologies. You'll receive a detailed road map for transforming your apps by using containers, microservices, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Archivierungslosungen aus der Cloud (Archiving from the Cloud).png

Archivierungslösungen aus der Cloud: This assessment from itesys AG will give you an overview of ways to cost-effectively manage your SAP documents with the help of Microsoft Azure.

Azure Cloud Migration Consulting 1- Hour Briefing.png

Azure Cloud Migration Consulting 1-Hour Briefing: Want to accelerate your business's cloud journey? In this briefing, SynapseIndia Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. will help you evaluate the benefits and services of Microsoft Azure.

Azure Data Analytics Platform- 4-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Data Analytics Platform: 4-Wk Implementation: In this implementation, Walkerscott will deliver a data analytics platform on Microsoft Azure and assist in user adoption to drive successful outcomes. This offer caters to finance reporting and other organizational reporting needs.

Azure Databricks- 2 Week Implementation.png

Azure Databricks - 2 Week Implementation: SNP Technologies will implement an Azure Databricks environment over two weeks, modernizing your data warehouse and enabling high performance and global scalability.

Azure Datacenter Service - 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Datacenter Service - 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop, timengo a/s will present you with a road map for how to build new Azure datacenters or move existing datacenters to Azure. Make your infrastructure ready for the future.

Azure Done Right - 5 Week Implementation.png

Azure Done Right - 5 Week Implementation: Arinco's implementation will provide you with a scalable Azure platform that you can use to build your cloud applications. Arinco’s deployment patterns will establish your Azure foundation based on Microsoft’s defined Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure Governance- 6 Week Implementation.png

Azure Governance: 6 Week Implementation: In this implementation, Concurrency Inc. will work with you to build out a governed and managed Azure environment based on best practices from established enterprise organizations and the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure Knowledge Mining - 5 Week Implementation.png

Azure Knowledge Mining - 5 Week Implementation: Knowledge mining helps enterprises make sense of an overabundance of data. Arinco's implementation will amplify your organization’s intelligence with an Azure knowledge-mining solution.

Azure Machine Learning- 1-WK Proof of Concept.png

Azure Machine Learning: 1-WK Proof of Concept: In this free proof of concept, KAISPE LLC will understand your business requirements for asset predictive maintenance, then design a machine model using either Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio or Azure Machine Learning services.

Azure Machine Learning - 2 Hour Assessment.png

Azure Machine Learning - 2 Hour Assessment: In this free assessment, SkyPoint Cloud Inc. will review a customer's business and technical requirements, then provide a recommendation for how to use Azure Machine Learning and Skypoint Cloud services to improve business.

Azure Migrate- 6-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Migrate: 6-Wk Implementation: In this implementation from Provoke Solutions Wellington, the Provoke team will get your business safely and securely to the cloud and help you maximize your existing application, virtual machine, and data technology investments.

Azure Network Readiness 1 Day Assessment.png

Azure Network Readiness 1 Day Assessment: This free networking assessment from Dimension Data, part of NTT Group, involves reviewing the current-state and future requirements of an enterprise network to support the migration of workloads and data to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Security- 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure Security: 3-Week Assessment: In this engagement, Fujitsu Services United Kingdom will assess the customer's Azure environment, then provide recommendations for improving security controls.

Azure Security Enablement – 3 Weeks Implementation.png

Azure Security Enablement – 3 Weeks Implementation: This implementation from SNP Technologies focuses on network and app security, data protection, and identity and access management. The implementation will give customers a centralized way to manage their Azure ecosystem.

Azure Workforce Transformation 10wk Implementation.png

Azure Workforce Transformation 10wk Implementation: This engagement from Technical Youth, a consulting program from Brooksource, will enable you to rejuvenate your organization with junior-level talent trained in Microsoft Azure.

BCX X-Pen-Testing- 2-Week Assessment for Security.png

BCX X-Pen-Testing: 2-Week Assessment for Security: In this assessment from Business Connexion Namibia (Pty.) Ltd., you'll establish your security posture and learn how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security and Azure Sentinel can transform your business.

BizTalk 2020 or Azure Migration 3-Day Assessment.png

BizTalk 2020 or Azure Migration 3-Day Assessment: Does it make sense to upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or migrate to Azure Integration Services? In this assessment, QUIBIQ GmbH will help you determine the best integration architecture for your enterprise.

Cloud Migration- 3 Week Assessment.png

Cloud Migration: 3 Week Assessment: Dotcom Software Projects will perform an as-is assessment of the customer's environment, then provide strategy and guidance for a migration to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Operational Services for Azure- 2Hr Workshop.png

Cloud Operational Services for Azure: 2Hr Workshop: This free workshop from Basefarm will give you a better understanding of how to build an operational model for your public cloud projects and solutions.

Connected Platform- 5 Day Implementation.png

Connected Platform: 5 Day Implementation: In this engagement, Insight will implement Connected Platform, which uses Microsoft Azure to provide a scalable foundation for any smart space. Accelerate your IoT journey with Connected Platform from Insight.

Cost Management - 2 day assessment.png

Cost Management - 2 day assessment: This assessment from XIRUS Pty. Ltd. will optimize your Azure costs by reviewing the services used and their configuration, along with a review of your existing subscription and deployed resources.

EDI in Azure Kickstart- 3-Day PoC.png

EDI in Azure Kickstart: 3-Day PoC: If you're planning to use Azure EDI to integrate your EDI partners and you don't want to take the long road of trial and error, this proof of concept from QUIBIQ GmbH can help you build an Azure EDI solution based on one of your EDI partners and one document.

Executive Risk Workshop - Invest 5HR plus Support.png

Executive Risk Workshop - Invest 5HR + Support: This workshop from Milliman LLP will teach you how to dynamically map risks, validate true risks, identify tipping points, and simplify complexity. Spot where risk models are beginning to fail and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Fast and Low-Risk Migration to Azure- 3-Week Impl..png

Fast and Low-Risk Migration to Azure: 3-Week Impl.: Does cloud migration seem too daunting for your company to pursue? Let ScienceSoft take care of it. In this implementation, ScienceSoft will complete your Azure migration within your timeline.

Financial Cash Prediction with Azure ML- 4Days PoC.png

Financial Cash Prediction with Azure ML: 8-Week PoC: This proof of concept from verovis GmbH will enable clients to make future cash management projections based on historical liquidity data. Predictions will be implemented with Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, and other Azure data services.

Google Analytics connector for a CDP- 10wk imp.png

Google Analytics connector for a CDP: 10wk imp: BitBang's implementation will simplify the creation of your customer data platform on Microsoft Azure, and the connector allows the automated import of all clickstream and online behavior data from Google Analytics to Azure.

Goto Azure DevOps 2-Wk Imp.png

Goto Azure DevOps 2-Wk Imp: Solidify AB's implementation service can help you move from TFS, Jira, Trello, Confluence, Bamboo, Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitLab, Subversion, and many other platforms to Azure DevOps.

ISV Marketplace Concierge Valet 2 to 6 week Imp..png

ISV Marketplace Concierge Valet 2 to 6 week Imp.: This implementation from Zen3 Infosolutions aims to save you time and simplify the publishing of your product listing in the Azure Marketplace. The Concierge Valet service will ensure your technical requirements are met and will provide other expert assistance.

Kubernetes Consulting- 2 Day Assessment.png

Kubernetes Consulting: 2 Day Assessment: Get assistance from Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH for migrating legacy application to Kubernetes. Assistance extends from the initial recording of requirements to application operation support.

Migrate Dynamics AX to Azure – 2 Hour Briefing.png

Migrate Dynamics AX to Azure – 2 Hour Briefing: Incremental Group's free briefing will discuss the process of migrating your on-premises Dynamics AX system to a Microsoft Azure virtual machine.

Migrate Dynamics NAV to Azure- 2 Hour Briefing.png

Migrate Dynamics NAV to Azure: 2 Hour Briefing: Incremental Group’s free briefing will discuss the process of migrating your on-premises Dynamics NAV system to a Microsoft Azure virtual machine.

Mix Reality Experience on Azure- 4 Week POC.png

Mix Reality Experience on Azure: 4 Week POC: Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited's proof of concept will provide mixed-reality industrial training to workers using Microsoft HoloLens. Through artificial intelligence, holograms respond to commands and interact with real-world surfaces.

nopCommerce CMS Imp. on Azure Consulting 10-Hr.png

nopCommerce CMS Imp. on Azure Consulting 10-Hr: In this implementation, Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited will deploy nopCommerce CMS over Azure. nopCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution. This engagement will be delivered remotely.

Oracle Data Migration - 10 Week Implementation.png

Oracle Data Migration - 10 Week Implementation: In this implementation, Blueprint Technologies LLC will help you migrate your Oracle database to Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

People-Centric Proximity Awareness- 4-Hr Workshop.png

People-Centric Proximity Awareness: 4-Hr Workshop: This free workshop from Steepmeadow Solutions LLC will include an introduction to Azure IoT powered by Azure Maps and Azure Digital Twins. The workshop is for technical and business leaders and is held on-site at the client's facility.

Sanctions Testing- 4-week Implementation.png

Sanctions Testing: 4-week Implementation: This implementation from PricewaterhouseCoopers will provide a solution for financial institutions to test the effectiveness and efficiency of sanctions screening systems. The solution uses Azure to quickly deploy and scale resources.

Scaling Azure DevOps- 2 Day Workshop.png

Scaling Azure DevOps: 2 Day Workshop: In this engagement consisting of three workshops, Productive Edge will help you streamline your user experience design and development process by efficiently adopting DevOps practices on Microsoft Azure.

Secure Bank Login 1-Day Proof-Of-Concept.png

Secure Bank Login 1-Day Proof-Of-Concept: This proof of concept from Active Solution Sverige AB will extend your technical solution with a secure BankID login by utilizing Azure Key Vault, Azure Monitor, and the open-source project Active Login.

Secured Document Management and BPM - 5-Wk Imp..png

Secured Document Management & BPM - 5-Wk Imp.: In this engagement, Bitscape will implement its Bitscape Vault document control solution, including required workflows and regulatory reporting, to help your business achieve regulatory compliance.

SQL 2008-R2 to Azure -1 Day Readiness Assessment.png

SQL 2008/R2 to Azure -1 Day Readiness Assessment: It's time to assess your SQL Server deployments and evaluate the impact of maintaining an unsupported version. Incremental Group’s assessment will help you determine if there is a migration option that works for your on-premises SQL Server apps.

Strategy & Planning for Azure- 1-Day Workshop.png

Strategy & Planning for Azure: 1-Day Workshop: Start your Azure journey with a strategy and planning day. This workshop from SYCOR GmbH will define your best strategy, predict possible risks, and plan the first deployment steps.

TCUP Asset Service on Azure - 8 Week PoC.png

TCUP Asset Service on Azure - 8 Week PoC: This proof of concept from Tata Consultancy Services will create a digital twin of your business to monitor and manage your organizational assets. The PoC will also result in asset-modeling tools and an asset data service for real-time synchronization of IoT data.

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