Office 365 apps fail to authenticate after last Active Directory password change

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I recently hit a problem after I was forced to change my AD password. I can still open Office apps, but they fail to authenticate against some Microsoft 365 services. I'm hoping someone may be able to help.


Persistently asks for me to "provide password to connect", I click on the prompt, but the password box is just blank with no option to enter credentials (see below).


Word & Excel

Opens OK and allows me to save files to my company SharePoint site, but does not allow any saving to my personal OneDrive (see below).


I've rebooted and deleted the O365 Windows credentials from Credential Manager, but still no luck. My AD account is not locked out and I can access both and OneDrive through a web browser on the same Windows 10 device without any issues. This seems to be a purely app based issue.


In the past I've seen this sort of thing fixed by removing the local profile, but I'd rather avoid the sledge hammer approach if possible, thanks in advance...



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Are you still having this problem, if not, can you post the fix?